Insolvent? Email about being “gifted” $21,500. Many permanently operate in a state of “insolvency” having Long Term Debt

I wanted to share this email I sent to a Corporate Executive my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN swears “gifted” him $21,500 because he is INSOLVENT and this Executive is his good friend.

My ex-husband’s testimony is quite interesting and is from the public hearing in Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom on April 2, 2014.
Do you think my ex-husband is believable and what he testified to under oath is plausible or just a bunch of garbage?

Do you wonder why my ex-husband was not ordered to comply with the requests to PROVE his expenses and all his sources of income, assets and other interests so it can be determined if he is “insolvent?” Do you think it is justice that my spousal support was reduced to zero anyway, WITHOUT PROOF of what he testified to including what he swore “under the penalty of perjury” on many documents? Do you think this is what the law intends and mandates?

Here is the email:

Dear Anand Gala,
Since this is the New Year, I just want to make sure you STILL REFUSE to respond to my emails regarding whether the following testimony by Mark F. Hassman is true regarding the company check you wrote for $21,500 to Bank of America to pay off his Lexus car loan as he swore under oath you “gifted” to him.
This is not legal advice but it is my understanding that whether you respond honestly or remain silent and do not respond to this email at all could have ramifications for you personally as well as from a corporate perspective.

Also, why would you reasonably not want to respond as to the truth of Mark F. Hassman’s testimony so I can comply with the law and rectify my invalid divorce and post judgment spousal support modifications made?
I hope you decide to respond this time now that we are in a New Year and I hope you realize the importance of honesty, following the law and having a valid divorce and a lawful spousal support award. This is why I need this information. Here is Mark F. Hassman’s testimony from the hearing:

When MR. HASSMAN was asked: How come you didn’t disclose that personal loan on your Income and Expense Declaration that you just recently file?
MR. HASSMAN responded on line 4: There is not source of repayment that has been determined yet.

Then when asked: So they just GIFTED IT TO YOU?
MR. HASSMAN responded on line7: Yes, I—they have been—I have been helpful over the years in providing advice and He’s a friend.

Then when asked: So would you say it could be repayment for services that you provided previously?
MR. HASSMAN responded on line11: Umm, I don’t view it that way. It’s just a friend.

Then when asked: So you got a loan from a friend with no repayment period, who wrote a company check with the same address as the company you no longer work for?
MR. HASSMAN responded on line16: If you want to look at it that way, uh-huh, that’s correct.

Then when asked: But your testimony is that this $21,500 that paid off your car loan for a car that you now own free and clear had nothing to do with any kind of repayment?
MR. HASSMAN responded on line 21: That’s correct.

Then as the transcript continues to show MR. HASSMAN swore it was just a COINCIDENCE that the address on the $21,500 company check made out to Bank of America to pay off his Lexus car loan is the same address as the company he was laid off from as of January 1, 2014.
Many thanks,
Sara Hassman

Tomorrow, I will post a letter my ex-husband’s Mother, Elaine Adelberg from Baltimore, Maryland has refused to respond to showing the SOURCE OF INCOME my ex-husband used to pay off a $55,000 personal loan he had with her for many years.

My ex-husband paid her $55,000 AFTER he swore he was “insolvent” (not defining the meaning of insolvent he was using). His Mother did not report this loan and any interest she received to IRS so I was advised to notify the IRS to make sure I was not involved in some loan scheme due to my joint tax returns during my marriage.

Individuals and companies can operate PERMANENTLY in a state of INSOLVENCY if they have LONG-TERM DEBT which my ex-husband has due to approximately $225,000 of student loans and apparently 501c3 and other agreements he has made with Religious Organizations and a California Boarding High School.

My ex-husband also has a $222, 500 loan with
and her husband MJ KNITTER of KNITTER PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (an architecture and planning firm) and has loans with others.

It appears all these loans are related to what is believed to be my ex-husband’s STUDENT LOAN PONZI SCHEME and his sophisticated, premeditated plan to cheat me out of my property, income and other interests from my marriage of over 20 years which still is not legally completed and finalized; therefore, technically and legally we are still married.

Remember, my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN, is a CPA, CFO who received his MBA from Harvard and spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, IPO.
He knows how to LEVERAGE DEBT AND INCOME and understands the tax laws and apparently how to violate them too as many documents show he has not disclosed all of his sources of income, debts, expenses and other interests which is my understanding and common sense, not legal advice, IS REQUIRED by the community property and other laws at the time of divorce.

How can you divide marital property 50/50 if all of it is not disclosed? Any reasonable person knows you cannot. It is my understanding the law requires all property each spouse HAS OR MAY HAVE an interest in MUST BE DISCLOSED.
Then TOGETHER the spouses must establish the net worth of all the marital property and then divide it 50/50 which is OBJECTIVE and REASONABLE.

The concealed Companies and other concealed information appears on joint tax returns, trust documents and other documents too but apparently my ex-husband thinks the laws do not apply to him, since he handled our marital finances.

Do you think my ex-husband was trying and is STILL trying to cheat me since I was very sick and having seizures due to his emotional abuse and the parental alienation during the time of the divorce?
It is a MIRACLE I survived and all my legal skills came back to me too from when I clerked for a wonderful and honest judge.

Do you think my ex-husband never expected me to survive and thought no one would put the TRUTH together and then EXPOSE it?

What about Judge Claudia Silbar, Law Firms, Religious Organizations and others who have helped my ex-husband conceal all this community property; do you think they also never thought I would survive and all my skills would come back and all of them could then SHARE the community property which I have been deprived of receiving and ALSO continue to abuse my Children instead of letting them know I have wonderful values and character and they lied to force them to alienate me so all of us would suffer from parental alienation and be less likely to figure out the truth?

My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN swore the documents are WRONG that show he paid off his $55,000 loan to his mother and also swore the State of Pennsylvania is WRONG for listing him as an Officer in a company in Pennsylvania which he concealed during the divorce and since then too. He also concealed companies is Delaware and California that list him as an Officer but; he has not stated these States are wrong but still refuses to disclose this information upon many requests. Judge Claudia Silbar has refused to order he comply with requests to disclose this information and refuses to adjudicate these concealed companies.

To make matters worse:
My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN filed a complaint against the Private Investigator who found and testified about these concealed companies and presented the State records PROVING they exist and my ex-husband is listed as an Officer. The complaint was dismissed due to my ex-husband’s false allegations. Think this is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by my ex-husband? Think my ex-husband is “credible” as Judge Claudia Silbar stated and “thinks” there is not income to pay spousal support?

On a lighter note, did you see the beautiful full moon last night?

So far the New Year is going great!!! I met some very nice and interesting people and we are getting together again soon.

Also, hummingbirds discovered my bird feeder and they are so much fun to watch and are beautiful too. My youngest Son, like me loves birds but; he knows so much more about them than I do. I wish he was here to watch the hummingbirds with me and tell me some interesting facts. Well, maybe soon.
I know he is being threatened or brainwashed because he, along with my other Children would never cuss, be disrespectful and alienate me all of a sudden around the time of the divorce.
I am so glad to be bringing out more of the truth in this New Year!!!

Since my youngest Son and my Daughter were on their school track team I have a wonderful quote from an Olympic track star: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” –Steve Prefontaine

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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