Intentionally putting Children and their Loving Mother in HARM’S WAY

Intentionally putting Children, Teens and Young Adults and their loving, nurturing law-abiding Mother IN HARM’S WAY; is this professional, religious, loving, compassionate or an act of a TERRORIST? 

Is intentionally FAILING TO PROTECT others when you have a duty and also the resources and knowledge to help them, is this a criminal act or what our laws intend?

When an alienating father; family law firms even the one representing the loving, nurturing, compassionate law-abiding Mother; a family law Judge; a synagogue and other Jewish Organizations; a Church and other religious organizations; a court appointed therapist; a college prep boarding high school; executives; an accounting firm; a trust and estates law firm; the current spouse; relatives of the Loving Mother and Children and of the father too ALL WILLFULLY and INTENTIONALLY put the loving, nurturing, compassionate law-abiding Mother and her Children IN HARM’S WAY by creating and/or aiding and abetting in acts to destroy the loving bond of the Mother and Children AND cause them to be abused in many ways and suffer from financial, psychological, emotional and many other harms which experts have PROVEN and many have written about for decades citing how Parental Alienation is an epidemic problem in the United States;
ANY reasonable person with a sound mind who is capable of LOVE knows they MUST BE STOPPED.


It is pure evil and corruption but they think they are entitled to behave this way and refuse to even have a reasonable discussion which is typical of TERRORISTS as many TERRORIST organizations have shown today.

Many Terrorists just hide behind their prestigious titles and money and corrupt network which must be dismantled so honest, loving, compassionate people will know they are safe to live the honest, loving, peaceful life they want which includes receiving their property from years of their efforts and energy as a Mother and Wife which any reasonable person knows takes a lot of effort and energy.
The truth will prevail and as time goes on, their actions show more and more of the truth and these Terrorists’ intent. Intent can be inferred from years and years of their behavior too.

***Repeatedly ignoring serious problems of WOMEN and CHILDREN at the time of divorce and thereafter when brought to your attention is not only immoral but it is my understanding it is criminal and unlawful in other ways especially when they made an agreement showing this was their INTENDED OBJECTIVE.

It is truly heart wrenching and evil and these people need to be put away so they can stop harming innocent people in our society so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by stealing the loving mother’s money by concealing it from her and taking it for themselves as the agreement shows and creating the parental alienation so hopefully she cannot figure out and rectify what they have intentionally done to her and her Children.

As always, none of this is legal or other advice; just based on my knowledge so all of us can help each other and protect ourselves and our Children and Society from these Terrorists.

Make sure organizations you associate with and firms or businesses you use have reasonable and moral policies and are just not trying to profit for themselves. QUESTION them, ask organizations in your community if they will help you spread information on Parental Alienation. Feel free to refer to my website, my facebook posts and many other sites.
With knowledge there is power.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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