Is PHIL SEASTROM, founding partner of the law FIRM SEASTROM & SEASTROM a hero or a despicable, unconscionable fool and a criminal? What about all the other Defendants?

PHIL SEASTROM decided to inappropriately and unlawfully try to use the “anti-Slapp” statute to HIDE financial and other information which the law demands must be disclosed in order for a divorce to be valid and lawful.

PHIL SEASTROM tried to inappropriately and unlawfully claim his law firm would be deprived of THEIR right to free speech if they disclosed this information the LAW DEMANDS IS COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY DISLOSED so there is FULL DISCLOSURE.

***How can assets be divided and distributed 50/50 in a divorce proceeding if all the assets are not disclosed? 
Shouldn’t a reasonable person know that full disclosure must be made?
Shouldn’t a founder of a law firm know and other lawyers know too that lawyers have a FIDUCIARY DUTY and LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to completely and accurately disclose the ASSETS of the community estate AND THEIR DISPOSAL?
This cannot be kept secret.

Shouldn’t a founder of a law firm know and other lawyers know too that the lawyers have a FIDUCIARY DUTY and LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to disclose the legal and rational basis for DEPRIVING a fit, law-abiding, honest, responsible Mother of her legal right to have CUSTODY AND VISITATION with her minor children?

Is PHIL SEASTROM a reasonable person or a despicable, unconscionable fool and a criminal? What about the other law firms and their lawyers who are involved?

But it gets worse for PHIL SEASTROM of SEASTROM & SEASTROM. 
He convinced all the other defendants, including 
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and her corrupt and unethical court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN, PhD to go along with him and then convinced JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE to grant their motions to use this inapplicable “anti-Slapp” statute to deprive ME of MY right to free speech and other Constitutional rights by REFUSING to DISCLOSE the net worth of the community estate its DISPOSAL and other information. 
The LAW DEMANDS this information MUST BE DISCLOSED so a divorce is deemed legal and valid and I am not deprive of my other Individual and Constitutional rights and there is INFORMED CONSENT when the divorce judgment is signed.

Today, JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE granted all the defendants’ motions to allow them to keep this information SECRET in violation of the law!!! 
Thus, there could not have been INFORMED CONSENT by any of the parties who signed the divorce judgment or later acknowledged it as valid which my Complaint and other documents clearly explain in LASC case‪#‎BC580980‬.

But it gets worse for this judge:
JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE REFUSED to answer me when I asked her why I had no legal right to know the net worth of the community estate and its disposal. 

JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE also REFUSED to answer me when I asked her what legal basis was used to deprive me of my custody and visitation rights.

JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE also REFUSED to answer me when I asked her do I not have any legal rights so the laws just don’t apply to Me. 

JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE also REFUSED to discuss my motions.

JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE just granted the defendants’ motions without giving me Due Process so we could discuss the law and the facts.

Sound familiar? So what else is new? 

This is what happens when you enforce your rights and uphold your values and character and pursue justice when the Judge and other Defendants believe they are ENTITLED and DO NOT HAVE A CONSCIENCE and therefore do not have to follow the law AND do not care if they harm anyone; even Mothers and her Children. They are not objective and reasonable but very, very sick and corrupt. 

On a very SAD note; the only motion of mine JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE did address was that she REFUSED to help me reunite with my Children even though I explained AGAIN that I have been a loving, law-abiding Mother and person my entire life and there were never any tests performed showing the contrary or that I was unfit. 
***Thus, the divorce judgment illegally took away my custody and visitation rights without any legal or rational basis and I have not seen my children and spent quality time with them for over seven (7) years now. 
JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE and ALL the other defendants don’t care AND REFUSE to HELP RECTIFY THIS SITUATION by helping us reunite using their professional skills and knowledge.

JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE and ALL the Defendants ALSO refused to RECTIFY this custody and visitation MISTAKE in the divorce judgment and also RESTRAINING ORDERS issued without any legal basis so I cannot attend my children’s gradations and other celebrations if my husband and his new wife are there.

This also shows the Defendants do not care about the wellbeing of children, including young adult children and would rather PROFIT from divorce than help a law-abiding, honest, loving Mother and her Children reunite. It is particularly unconscionable and despicable for:

1) RABBI DAVID WOLPE whom I consulted for therapy regarding Parental Alienation and he saw photos of my son’s abusive living conditions at Cate School;

2) PASTOR RICK WARREN who stated to my husband which is part of a police report in the case dismissed against me on Tuesday, January 12, 2016; that he never sent me emails from his email address about wanting to end the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation or help me reunite with my children; and for

3) MARK HASSMAN my husband, (I can’t get a legal divorce so we are still married) who told DR. PHIL on national television that he was interested in helping me reunite with our children but his actions, even as a father, show the opposite.

My children are now young adults but I have not seen them and spent quality time with them in over seven(7) years.

NONE OF THE DEFENDANTS CARE TO USE THEIR PROFESSIONAL SKILLS TO HELP MY CHILDREN UNDERSTAND why all of a sudden my Children became disrespectful and mean and stopped communicating with me even though overwhelming evidence shows we had fun, kind, respectful, enriching relationships where they thrived in many positive ways from the day they were born up until the time of the divorce.

Why did my Children suddenly choose to initially and continue to choose to alienate me and treat me LIKE I AM DEAD? They have refused to communicate with me since the time of the divorce seven (7) years ago.
****This is a VERY, VERY SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS. It is much worse than hiding and stealing money and assets.

SO WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO KEEP FIGHTING FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE and not allow sick, horrible people to tell lies and manipulate others so they live a life of lies never knowing the truth? Here are 2 clear explanations:

“Let there be no doubt about it: where there is no remembrance, there is no truth; where there is no truth, there will be no justice, where there is no justice, there will be no reconciliation, and where there is no reconciliation there will be no peace.”
          – Irwin Cotler, Canadian Member of parliament, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General, International Human Rights Lawyer. 
I heard Irwin Cotler speak at Sinai Temple before the Temple banned me for some “secret” reason. Was it because I questioned why SINAI TEMPLE REFUSED TO address the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and because my husband made an “agreement” with them to help him perpetuate the parental alienation and try to defame my character for a “donation” or is it legally called a “contribution” or some other term so it can remain “secret” and hide MY assets and income which they all can then share?

Also, historically the first priority in a Jewish community has always been to teach the 10 Commandments and the Torah. Without this knowledge the Jews no longer remain a Nation.

I cannot control that Jewish leaders in the United States, Canada and around the world HAVE CHOSEN to have a business plan which includes using acts of Parental Alienation to make a Mother so distraught and emotionally tortured and abused at the time of divorce so they can steal her assets, savings; lie to her children and manipulate them so they can PROFIT. Any person with a sound mind knows this is NOT JUDAISM but is TERRORISM.

I can only control my own actions and I will continue for as long as I live to be honest, kind and compassionate. Also, as my Grandfather Ben taught me, I will fight to maintain my good values and character and help those who are unable to fight for themselves so they can reach their potential. I will help others and future generations by setting a clear example and using MY skills and MY knowledge to set positive and important LEGAL PRECEDENT.

IF YOU DO NOT LIVE FOR ANY MEANINGFUL PURPOSE you will commonly develop obsessions, bad habits and shame to hide the truth. You will also lose your self-esteem and ability to love. You will just become a sick, corrupt, abuser. If you doubt my words, just look around you and read some classic novels and esteemed authors.

I and any reasonable person would never take advantage of a vulnerable child or person and especially would never tell a child, teen or young adult lies about their loving, law-abiding Mother so they alienate her from their life and treat her like she is dead.

Instead, I being a reasonable, compassionate person who was raised with Jewish teachings and have the legal knowledge and experience; will fight this evil and terror using the legal system which in this country is supposed to promote Justice for All. I am proud to be my own Jewish Nation upholding Jewish teachings and the teaching of other reasonable religions and schools of thought which promote JUSTICE FOR ALL while repudiating the behaviors of Jewish leaders and others around the world especially their REPEATED UNWILLINGNESS to acknowledge and end Parental Alienation and start reuniting loving, law-abiding Mothers (fathers) and their children of all ages.

As expected, today’s hearing was very positive for those who support Justice for ALL because it made the facts and intentions of those involved clearer and clearer as they incriminated themselves even more.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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