Is this attempted MURDER???

Some very intelligent, honest and caring people think that: 
• my ex-husband;

• the law firm which represented him for the divorce and for post-judgment matters (even though we are legally not divorced yet so there cannot be post-judgment matters as the law firm and individual lawyers knew or should have known);

• the law firm which represented me for the divorce and did not do what they were hired to do since I am not legally divorced yet;

• the law firm which represented me for a post-judgment spousal support modification without demanding my ex-husband show the FACTS of why he swore he is “insolvent” and can afford many luxuries but not my alimony or spousal support
(Also remember we are not legally divorced yet so there cannot be post-judgment spousal support modifications as the law firm, individual lawyers and also the judge knew or should have known by the face of the judgment);

• the court-appointed therapist wrote a false report based upon lies and hearsay without any psychological tests and evaluations and opinions from other therapists. The judge relied on these reports to deprive me of custody and visitation rights and issue restraining orders against me even though I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life and I am known for my honesty and how I enriched my children since the day they were born;

• the judge also signed the fraudulent divorce judgment where the net worth or value of the marital estate was never established, never distributed 50/50 between myself and my ex-husband who controlled the marital money and property; its disposal is illusive and deprived me of my legal rights to custody and visitation without any legal or rational basis.

• Executives, the 401k profit sharing administrator and others went along with this scheme of depriving me of my assets and other legal rights including custody and visitation. WHY???
HITLER along with psychologists and other experts have proven that when you take children of all ages away from their loving Mother that she will become very sick and die especially when she is also financially destitute and continues to be harassed and inflicted with emotional distress.

***Are they trying to kill me so they can all share my 50 percent of the community estate worth MILLIONS? If not, why aren’t any of these people and organizations trying to help me rectify this illegal and unconscionable situation and help me obtain a legal divorce and my other legal rights? Doing that is reasonable, compassionate and intelligent.

To make matters worse; why are they filing criminal allegations against me; all of which have been dismissed and one pending now which is so ridiculous about me “impersonating Pastor Rick Warren” by sending emails from him to myself which I don’t know how to do and this violated an unfounded restraining order the judge issued against me at the request of my ex-husband through his law firm. Somehow this shows I communicated and aggravated my ex-husband.

Is this just more evidence showing they are trying to kill me with more acts of emotional distress instead of reasonably trying to resolve this horrible situation they caused?

What about RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE who banned me from the synagogue after making a “charitable agreement” with my ex-husband, with MY money and property worth millions.


Well, things are getting very interested as all of these parties may find they now have to defend themselves against attempted murder. 
It is a miracle I have survived and all of my skills came back to me after having all of my seizures for years caused by the emotional abuse of my ex-husband and my children who followed along being very, very disrespectful and demeaning who I haven’t heard from in about 7 years now. 
Think they expect to receive some of MY money too? Are they accomplices?
It is all becoming very interesting.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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