Isolation is another behavior used by those creating and perpetuation Parental Alienation so they can Profit

Another important BEHAVIOR TO UNDERSTAND about the parent who creates parental alienation and those who help him (her) so they can PROFIT FROM THE DIVORCE like rabbis, pastors, therapists, executives, law firms, judges, business partners, schools, the new wife and other relatives.

It is ISOLATION from those they associate with. By alienating the children and their loving, kind, nurturing Mother (father) from each other and their friends and business associates they become so distraught and lonely that they feel GRATEFUL the abusers are nice to them so they become easier to control and easier to keep being a VICTIM OF ABUSE.
This is a political and also war strategy of the philosopher Machiavelli as he explains in his book “Divide and Conquer.” Basically, when you divided a strong group, like a Mother and her Children, they are all weaker as individuals aside from being distraught, so they are easier to control.

As the email below shows this is what Jewish organizations HIRE RABBI DAVID WOLPE TO DO; alienate anyone who tries to bring out the TRUTH about how they are using 501(c)(3) and other agreements to steal the loving Mother’s property at the time of divorce.

Their secret policy is to secretly and illegally accept the loving Mother’s property for a period of time by the father/husband who with the help of law firms, a judge, a 401k administrator, business partners and others agree to transfer it SECRETLY, instead of disclosing it at the time of divorce and dividing it 50/50 like the law demands. 
They all know it is the Mother’s property and in my case I have called and emailed them many times to tell them which is why they block my emails and report me to the LAPD saying I am harassing them. 
They try to make YOU look like you are sick and crazy when it is THEM who are very sick and have characteristics of narcissists and sociopaths.

They VERY AGGRESSIVELY have hired RABBI DAVID WOLPE to hack your computer and phone so he can contact your friends and others and tell them lies to make them think they should stay away from you and that you are horrible when it is them. He is so sick himself that he has been doing this for decades just like his late father taught him who was also a rabbi.

This is part of the EMOTIONAL TORTURE. This is what they TRY to do to me daily instead of being reasonable and changing THEIR BEHAVIORS and SECRET ABUSIVE POLICY OF ENCOURAGING PARENTAL ALIENATION. They all know that this is TERRORISM not JUDAISM. Judaism promotes encouraging the bond between Children and their loving, law-abiding Mother.

The silver lining– any friend who would believe their lies is not worth your time and is not your friend, especially if they do not question you before believing what they have been told.

***This is why teen and adult children who have been alienated from their loving mother(father) and show signs of suffering from parental alienation, LIKE MY OWN CHILDREN, are not worth your time UNTIL they want to face the TRUTH and see how wonderful, honest and brave you are for standing up to this corruption.

If they want to BELIEVE THE LIES, especially without having a CIVIL CONVERSATION, then you do not need them in your life because they will only lie and be disrespectful because they think you are horrible because they REFUSE TO LOOK AT THE FACTS. I am so much happier in a peaceful environment away from the lies and manipulation and very HAPPY FOR THE VALUES I SHOW THE WORLD I REPRESENT.

You have no idea how many people DAILY give me so much encouragement and praise and also gifts for fighting this worthy fight of Parental Alienation to bring out the truth and change the laws.
A loving Mother has a LEGAL RIGHT TO ENJOY THE FRUITS OF HER LABOR as a full time Mother and stop religious organizations, law firms, a judge, an ex-husband, a therapist, executives and others from STEALING IT FROM HER.

Women have EQUAL RIGHTS to receive their property at the time of divorce and those who INTENTIONALLY STEAL IT need to be stopped and held responsible as I am doing which is why they try to harass me and stop me.

So, if you want, please call the executive director at Sinai Temple, Howard Lesner at 310-481-3219 and ask him why he refuses to have a civil conversation about why I have been banned from coming to the synagogue since October 2012 (when my ex-husband made these agreements with them transferring my community property to them as documents show) and also why they refuse to return my community property and money and instead report me to the LAPD for calling to ask that they be returned to me which is reasonable because they say I am harassing THEM. This is all part of their strategy to use their titles to get others to go along with the corruption including the LAPD. (As the news tells us daily, many police departments have become corrupt).

The Pope recently criticized harming others and genocide and any sane person knows that having a secret policy for decades to destroy the bond between loving, law-abiding Mothers(fathers) and their Children at the time of divorce is genocide because you are destroying millions and their hearts, soul and mind as many experts have proven as my website explains (

This is why parental alienation is an epidemic problem which is DESTROYING FAMILY VALUES, CAPITALISM and why so many young adults are shooting others, have addictions and other horrible problems which could have been prevented. 
I personally still need medication to help me cope which I am very PROUD of myself for going to a therapist and psychiatrist who helped me learn to cope with all this abuse and corruption and prescribe my medication to help me AND NOT IGNORE MY PROBLEMS OF PARENTAL ALIENATION and others stealing my HARD EARNED MONEY as the full time caregiver.

Here is the email I sent so please feel free to email these organizations too and ask them why they refuse to return my property and end their secret policy of parental alienation.

Also, please feel free to call Howard Lesner the executive director at Sinai Temple and ask him too at 310-481-3219.

*** Let’s TOGETHER help each other and millions of Children.

[email protected]” <[email protected]>,
“Scott Minkow, The Jewish Federation” <[email protected]>,
“Stanley P. Gold” <[email protected]>,
Rabbi Daniel Nevins <[email protected]>,
[email protected]” <[email protected]>,
[email protected]” <[email protected]>,
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Rabbi Sorani <[email protected]>,
[email protected]” <[email protected]>,
“Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <[email protected]>,
GARY BERTNICK <[email protected]>

Rabbi David Wolpe,
Please stop using aliases to email me and try to make me believe you are changing and ending your policy on parental alienation. Either do it or face the consequences but stop trying to harass me. You are only hurting yourself and all of the Jews because this shows your pattern of behavior which clearly shows your intent.

NONE OF YOU are reasonable so you will have to be forced to change your corrupt and abusive policy encouraging parental alienation you secretly have so all of you can PROFIT at the expense of women and children. You are all sick and need help but refuse to get it. Quite typical of narcissists and sociopaths and terrorists.
You obviously think you do not have to follow the law. Well, we shall see because I will not tolerate your abuse and corruption especially since you intentionally harm innocent and vulnerable Children, teens and young adults. This is not Judaism this is Terrorism.

David Wolpe, please stop emailing me and go get a real life. All of you should be proud to look in the mirror and be proud of what you stand for; not your acts but your true character. Not helping some at the expense of others. That is abuse.
You are picking on the wrong woman. Please stop the emails and instead all of you should spend your time helping yourself.
Thank you.

Sara Hassman

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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