It appears my 28 yr. old son STEPHEN HASSMAN is going to try to lie his way out of his criminal acts with his employer WILLIS TOWERS WATSON. So what else is new? He has become a liar and cheater like his father.

It appears from an email I just received that my dishonest, cheating, deceiving, evil 28 year old son STEPHEN HASSMAN who works at the prestigious financial firm WILLIS TOWERS WATSON, is going to try to lie his way out of his criminal acts of Grand Theft and Money Laundering of MY assets worth millions of dollars and his involvement in the Student Loan Fraud Scheme with 27 student loans so far, by showing the company a copy of a court order that says it is “final.”

Why do you think there are many Courts of Appeal and a U.S. Supreme Court too? The facts are very clear even if crooked judges do not want to open their eyes and see them.

Anyone with a reasonable mind who looks at just the divorce judgment will see that my (still) husband stole all of MY assets worth millions of dollars since they were under his control and I did not receive any of them. Plus, there are many other documents too which prove this corruption.

My cases involving the deprivation of my Civil, Constitutional and Fundamental rights are all heading to the U.S. Supreme Court because I have received “final” judgments from the courts of appeal which are “repugnant” to the U.S Constitution and other laws, codes and cases.

What STEPHEN HASSMAN has been willing to do to promote this criminal and illegal activity is proven by many documents, regardless if a Court of Appeal opinion is “final.”
This is all part of peacefully fighting for Equal Rights and Justice using our court system; these cases move through the courts until Justice is served and the Laws are changed accordingly so others and also future generations will not be harmed.

My disgraceful son Stephen Hassman and my (still) horrible husband Mark Hassman may have a scheme going where they are stealing WILLIS TOWERS WATSON’S clients and deceiving them with acts of grand theft and money laundering as they have both DONE TO ME.
Thus, I alerted the company to these acts so they are aware of STEPHEN HASSMAN’S willingness to behave in these criminal, illegal and immoral ways and we will hopefully not have another BERNIE MADOFF scandal. Also, I cannot be implicated because I disclosed the evidence I have. It is just so horrible that not one leader OR JUDGE will step forward and try to end Parental Alienation and instead they keep profiting from it.

Good luck trying to PREEMPT THE FACTS with an order from just a California Court of Appeal which says “final.”

This is just another example of how evil predators lie, cheat and deceive while refusing to be reasonable by facing the facts, compensating those they have harmed, and changing their habits, behaviors and thought processes so they LEARN to do honest, kind and compassionate acts while having a sense of pride and self-esteem; not anger, guilt and shame.
Choices, Choices…choose wisely.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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