It appears MY beautiful, kind, innocent and vulnerable DAUGHTER as a teen or young adult began to be GANG RAPED by her evil and sick father MARK HASSMAN who also FORCED MY TWO kind and innocent SONS, a teen and young adult, to participate. Did JEWISH MARK HASSMAN think he would have better CONTROL over ALL OF MY BEAUTIFUL, INNOCENT three CHILDREN so he could: 1) CONTINUE THE PARENTAL ALIENATION and; 2) SECRETLY have his SEX SLAVES too at his disposal for: a) himself and also; b) his JEWISH and other “friends” who are helping him promote and profit from the PARENTAL ALIENATION?

What a deal of my husband MARK HASSMAN who is a Harvard Business School graduate; Certified Public Accountant; Chief Financial Officer with many Investment Licenses and years of experience.


1) Our joint tax returns ALONE (without any investment, trust, profit sharing, retirement and other assets from our marriage of over 20 years which is legally still intact) show my husband MARK HASSMAN and I, SARA HASSMAN had over 26 million dollars in EARNED INCOME ALONE the last 6 years before the divorce proceedings began NOT INCLUDING $2.5 MILLION DOLLARS MARK HASSMAN SECRETLY received into the community estate under his control while the divorce proceedings were going on. [See the letter in Exhibit G from my (Sara Hassman’s) Verified Complaint of case#09D002792 in California Superior Court in Orange County. Sara Hassman is Petitioner and very, very crooked Judge Claudia Silbar presided. Also see the next exhibit, Exhibit H which is explained next along with others].

2) Exhibit H shows Trust Schedules which JEWISH DALE A. KIKEN an attorney, illegally without my (Sara Hassman’s) knowledge, consent and notary REMOVED community assets from community trusts and RECLASSIFIED them as MARK HASSMAN’S separate property. In other words, these community trust assets worth MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS were all STOLEN from me by MARK HASSMAN with the help or “aiding and abetting” of JEWISH Attorney DALE A. KIKEN. Disgracefully as my divorce lawsuits prove, JEWISH and other Leaders, Professionals, Court Officers and other Defendants and People “turned their cheek” and ignored this ABUSE and CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

3) Exhibit J are the photographs and emails showing how my youngest Son, a minor at the time was FORCED TO LIVE IN AN ABUSIVE, HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT with the consent of all my JEWISH and other Defendants and others “aiding and abetting” them especially CATE SCHOOL; SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles and its officers and other leaders including RABBI DAVID WOLPE whom I consulted for therapy to try to cope with this Abuse and Terror; and HIS BROTHER a “Distinguished” Research Chair in Jewish Bioethics, at EMORY UNIVERSITY named PAUL R. WOLPE whom I met at Sinai Temple.

****AGAIN, this SECRET, yes secret SEXUAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE seems to be part of JEWISH CULTURE, including in this “distinguished” WOLPE Family.

4) There are many more very incriminating exhibits of this Verified Complaint including illegally concealed Corporations in several states listing MARK HASSMAN as a corporate Officer proving AGAIN the he has a PATTERN OF ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL BEHAVIOR.

5) One exhibit I want to specifically mention is Exhibit C which is an Income and Expense declaration in MARK HASSMAN’S handwriting AND signed by him under penalty of perjury which proves that we lived together as a married couple for over twenty (20) years WITH VERY FEW DEBTS, NO STUDENT LOANS, AND NO ONE PAID ANY OF OUR EXPENSES.

Why ALL OF A SUDDEN at the time of divorce, without declaring bankruptcy, did MARK HASSMAN unsuccessfully try to force ME, but succeeded in forcing our less experienced Children into taking out at least 27 student loans? WAS ALL OF IT USED FOR BRIBE MONEY and SPY MONEY TOO?

******MY POINT of mentioning these exhibits and the divorce judgment is to prove that all these JEWS AND OTHERS would not just put their reputations and risk criminal consequences if there was not some “deal.” IF YOU FOLLOW THE MONEY, you will see that it was used as BRIBE MONEY, SPY MONEY and the like and very, very horrifically beyond any words; MY BEAUTIFUL, INNOCENT DAUGHTER WAS USED AS A SEX OBJECT and PASSED AROUND to “sweeten the deal.


I am so sorry it took me twelve (12) years to figure all this horror out and prove it.  So, where are Today’s JEWISH and other LEADERS and PEOPLE in America and Worldwide who should help stop this SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE which is ALL PART OF the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. In other words, if you don’t remove or alienate the loving, law-abiding Mother from the life of the children; these SECRET DEALS could not be made and the children could not be used as SEX OBJECTS to “sweeten the deals.”

I also want to mention that MY DAUGHTER suddenly GAINED WEIGHT as a teen/young adult and became “shy” and stopped thinking for herself too which I now believe this was due to this SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE. A similar thing happened to my cousin BETH. As explained in the preceding post; my mother HELENE (COPLAN PENN) DORF has a brother, JEWISH ROBERT S. COPLAN, who was an obstetrician and gynecologist but lost his medical license due to SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE. He gave prescriptions to his patients and others in exchange for sexual favors.

When his daughter, my cousin BETH became a teen/young adult; just like MY DAUGHTER, she was beautiful with long hair and then suddenly gained weight and became “shy” and stop thinking for herself. (my daughter’s recent alias Facebook comment alone shows she too has stopped thinking for herself).  Do you think my cousin Beth’s father, began to SEXUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ABUSE her too like he did his patients and others?

MICHELLE OBAMA, who claims to love mothers and children but in her letter to me on White House stationery which is part of my divorce file; she REFUSED to help me bring awareness to this Epidemic problem of Terror called Parental Alienation. She also IGNORED EVIDENCE that her husband former PRESIDENT OBAMA was one of the guests of JEWISH JEFFREY EPSTEIN on “Epstein Island” where it was proven that men were “sexually entertained” by underage girls. MICHELLE OBAMA wrote a book about “finding your voice” which I haven’t read but I wish she would follow her own advice and find her OWN voice so she will help me and millions suffering from this Epidemic problem of Parental Alienation by bringing awareness to it so it can be ended.

Remember, as the ocean never freezes, the GATE OF REPENTANCE never closes.-from my book of Jewish Thoughts

The way all these JEWS have been acting has made me and others question if this SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE was going on in JEWISH COMMUNITIES before, yes BEFORE the HOLOCAUST. Please do not misunderstand me; I think what HITLER did was horrible beyond words but; I was taught and history books and other references say that the JEWS were hated because they were FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL and that Hitler and others were jealous. WAS THIS ONLY PART OF THE STORY?

Were the Jews also sexually, emotionally and physically abusing their own CHILDREN and others which is why Hitler SEPARATED the parents and children at the concentration camps? His objective of killing over 6 million JEWS could have just as easily been accomplished if he kept the families together. So why did he separate them? Was HITLER trying to send a message to the world that the JEWS as PART OF THEIR CULTURE have been SEXUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ABUSING their own?       If not and I am wrong; WHEN and WHY have the JEWS been SEXUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY ABUSING their own and AS EDUCATED AS THEY ARE AS A CULTURE; WHY DO THEY REFUSE TO STOP all while calling themselves JEWS when any reasonable person knows that JUDAISM FORBIDS, yes forbids SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE of all kinds; especially of their Children who are our FUTURE.

MY CHILDREN, there are mitigating circumstances for whatever acts you have been FORCED AND BRAINWASHED to carry out. PLEASE just come to me in Israel especially my DAUGHTER. Let me help all of you. Again, I am afraid to come to America because they may try to illegally put me in jail again.

My defendants and the email list of accomplices I will post again now and all this and other overwhelming evidence proves ….


Come now to Israel where there are many REAL JEWS who ACT like Jews so you can be treated with love (not sex), compassion, kindness and respect and have fun and be enriched too in many important ways as YOU DESERVE. This is Judaism and also Love and Democracy.

Here is the list of the JEWISH Conspiracy; their names and emails, and there are others too of other religions but the JEWS are shamefully the majority:

Danielle Berrin <>,,,
“Brian T. (” <>,,
Steve Murow <>,,
“” <>,
Marshall Cole <>,
Paul Kramer <>,
“Joan E. Trimble” <>,
Dale Kiken <>,
Bob Andrews <>,,
“” <>,
Rabbi Daniel Nevins <>,
“” <>,,
“” <>,
“Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <>,
“” <>,
info <>,
Creative Arts Temple <>,
“Scott Minkow, The Jewish Federation” <>,
Jewish Community Relations Council <>,
Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors <>,
Mendel Schwartz <>,
Los Angeles Times <>,
“” <>,
mitchell wohlberg <>,,,
Elissa Sachs-Kohen <>,,
Helene Penn Dorf <>,
Glenn Weinberg <>,,
“” <>,
Emory University Media Relations <>,
“” <>,,
“” <>,
“Kremen, Richard” <>,,,
Mark Schaeffer <>,,
David Suissa <>,,
Golnar Fozi <>,
Bettina Yanez <>,
“Paul A. Moote II” <>,,
Wayne Resnick <>,,
Marlo Van Oorschot

As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,




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