It appears MY CHILDREN are being SEXUALLY ABUSED by my husband MARK HASSMAN as a means of CONTROL which is: 1) Why this terror of Parental Alienation has been horrifically and unnaturally BEEN ABLE to go on for Twelve (12) YEARS now; 2) Why MY CHILDREN are STILL refusing to even send me an email or have a conversation and; 3) Why therapy has and continues to be FORBIDDEN. IF YOU THINK I AM WRONG, then let’s have some tests done and arrange for My Children and Me to have therapy TOGETHER with a reputable therapist who will keep our sessions private and confidential.

As you can imagine, MY HEARTACHES terribly, especially since not ONE JEW or other person will help me for 12 years now to just have a CONVERSATION with my children and find out WHY for 12 years they have been UNNATURALLY and UNREASONABLY alienating me. Just one example of this unreasonableness is MARK HASSMAN’S email to me, which is in our divorce file in public records and states that I was; “an integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children.”

MY HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN and all my other VERY POWERFUL DEFENDANTS have to MAKE SURE I NEVER COMMUNICATE WITH MY CHILDREN AGAIN, because they know the first thing my children would tell me is that they are ALL BEING SEXUALLY ABUSED by THEIR FATHER MARK HASSMAN and maybe SOME OF MY OTHER DEFENDANTS TOO. Do they tell them that they are “teaching” them how to be pleasing or have fun?

Is this SEXUAL ABUSE OF MY CHILDREN considered just “BUSINESS” and also “POLITICS” as the famous HARVEY WEINSTEIN and JEFFREY EPSTEIN SEXUAL ABUSE cases have proven to the world?

Further, very unfortunately, SEXUAL ABUSE has been used as a means of CONTROL for sick, evil, predator people for centuries as history has proven. HOWEVER, in order to have this SEXUAL ABUSE happen and continue, the LOVING PARENT and others who love these children must be ALIENATED FROM THEM. When I didn’t die in 2008 due to my seizures brought on by this TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION; I was then: 1) denied custody and visitation without any legal or rational basis and also; 2) restraining orders and; 3) stay-away orders were illegally and immorally issued against me by JEWISH and other judges.
Horrifically, when I reached out to MY Jewish FAMILY, (My Mother HELENE PENN; my sister RUTH PENN-CARLINER; and my “Penn” cousins and other relatives, SAM and BEVERLY PENN; LEWIS and MITZI PENN and their children and grandchildren whom we shared many Jewish Holiday celebrations and milestones together) THEY ALL REFUSED TO HELP ME and STILL REFUSE to help me.
Accordingly, MARK HASSMAN and all my DEFENDANTS and others knew my children COULD BE EASILY SEXUALLY and EMOTIONALLY abused because I, SARA HASSMAN, their law-abiding, loving, MOTHER was THE ONLY ONE who was fighting for their legal and moral rights because obviously I am the only one with LOVE in my heart.
THE FACTS PROVE THESE EVIL, JEWISH RELATIVES DID NOT and still DO NOT CARE about MY CHILDREN, JUDAISM, DEMOCRACY, HUMANITY and are evil people who are “turning their cheek” and PROFITING TOO from this TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION while SHAMEFULLY calling themselves JEWS and Righteous, Honorable people.

I believe this SEXUAL ABUSE of my CHILDREN did not begin until I moved out of the house due to my seizures which developed from MARK HASSMAN’S verbal abuse and the verbal abuse of MY CHILDREN, which HE abusively and disgracefully encouraged. The reason I say this is because people typically get divorced due to two problems; sex or money and ours was money as all the divorce lawsuits prove.
However, I could be wrong because maybe MY UNDERSTANDING of what these EVIL, SICK FATHERS, like MARK HASSMAN, who CREATE this TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION are CAPABLE OF DOING is unfathomable.

In public records and also on my Facebook timeline are the photos of my youngest, MINOR SON at the time, being physically abused at his college preparatory boarding high school, CATE SCHOOL by being forced to sleep outside on a bare mattress without any covers and under a rusted pipe and near a sewage drain and among other health hazards. I took these photos to SENIOR RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles who “turned his cheek,” and ALSO to many of my other defendants. Shortly thereafter, RABBI DAVID WOLPE wanted to have a “relationship” with me. I told him that he first needed to HELP ME REUNITE WITH MY CHILDREN but he and all other leaders at SINAI TEMPLE refused and I was banned from ever coming to Sinai Temple again.
It appears it is just routine “business;” or “politics” to either be SEXUALLY ABUSED BY RABBIS and other JEWISH LEADERS and their ASSOCIATES or they will try to DESTROY YOU. In other words, you either let these EVIL PREDATORS control you by SEXUALLY AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSING YOU or they will use their power and influence to try to DESTROY YOU. But, they forgot one important thing, THERE IS A GOD.

Yes, there is a GOD because it is a MIRACLE I and MY CHILDREN have survived and are still surviving all of this terror for the past twelve (12) years and have thrived in some ways too.

I KNOW MY SMART, RESPECTFUL, KIND AND BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER would have NEVER ALLOWED her father to USE HER a few nights ago to send me a Facebook comment, in the name of an alias AND with a fake picture of a guy kissing her, if she was not being SEXUALLY AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSED. Plus, this fake, deceiving picture takes the focus off the possibility of having SEX with HER FATHER, and others, by being treated as their PIECE OF PROPERTY or their SEX PLAYMATE. There is no CONSENT for this. Plus, INCEST is a CRIME too.

I also know MY smart, respectful, kind and beautiful DAUGHTER would have NEVER ALLOWED her father to USE HER on the DR. PHIL SHOW to tell lies and then refuse to go to therapy because I did not “obey “ her by taking my Website and Facebook page down. To this day, she has yet to “be allowed” to go have ANY THERAPY to address this “cutting problem” she CLAIMED she had/has which only I, no one else, is to be blamed for.
If MY SMART, REASONABLE DAUGHTER I raise truly had/has this cutting problem, as a ADULT NOW, she would seek therapy.
Why isn’t MARK HASSMAN, her father who should; 1) love her and; 2) want to help her, ENCOURAGING THIS THERAPY? Why isn’t MARK HASSMAN NOW ENCOURAGING my Daughter and I to go to the therapist Dr. Phil so graciously granted to us so we can resolve this alleged cutting problem and also the Parental Alienation? What is MARK HASSMAN afraid of …that the TRUTH of all of his SEXUAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE will be verified by a professional?

*****MY CHILDREN, all of you please stay strong. GOD IS WITH ALL OF US or WE WOULD NEVER HAVE SURVIVED and also THRIVED in many ways from this terror.
PLEASE come to me in Israel. I am afraid to come to America because as my powerful defendants have done TWICE before; I am afraid that they will again in violation of the law and with such evil put me in jail; this is their pattern of behavior because they want to destroy me and the TRUTH I represent. Plus, as the facts are becoming clearer and clearer, they will become more and more desperate and try to harm all of us.

Beware of any DEATH PACT. Sometimes, those with sick, evil, predator minds, maybe especially on Valentine’s Day, will say that it is “love” to die together or something horrible like that. Please just come to me in Israel. If not, then WORK TOGETHER because you are stronger in a group.

I KNOW all of us are GOD’S agents who were put on this Earth to expose this TERROR and WE WILL END IT TOO. Just have faith; I know the end of OUR PARENTAL ALIENATION is coming and then TOGETHER, WE CAN LEAD THE WAY to help others which will enforce Democracy, Judaism, Love, Peace, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice.
I KNOW some kind of Revolution is coming.
I love you so much as MY ACTIONS PROVE and I KNOW YOU LOVE ME TOO; we WILL restore our once beautiful companionships AND make them even MORE BEAUTIFUL.
Love always,
TO ALL OTHERS: “As the ocean never freezes, so the GATE of REPENTANCE is NEVER CLOSED.”– from my book of Jewish thoughts.
As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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