It appears that ATTEMPTED MURDER is what my still legal husband Mark Hassman; his lawyers; my lawyers; judges; the court-appointed therapist; religious nonprofits and other religious organizations and their leaders and some members; executives; Bank of America; some nonprofit schools; and others involved in my divorce, criminal, federal and other related lawsuits are guilty of.

To briefly explain; all those mentioned are educated and many are also JEWISH. Thus they know, from the lessons of the HOLOCAUST and also from what many EXPERTS have proven; when you alienate children from their loving Mother both the Mother AND the Children will become very, very emotionally distraught and cannot function properly.

As many experts have proven; some Mothers (and Fathers) and their Children of all ages suffering from Parental Alienation are in such pain that they commit suicide.
Others become so deranged that they are as good as dead because they cannot function as a normal person. I was like that for five (5) years due to developing seizures caused by the intense devastation from the TERROR of Parental Alienation as my medical records prove. This is when all those mentioned above, as they maliciously planned, took advantage of me and my Children not only emotionally but also financially. This is truly evil.
So they emotionally and financially devastated me and also my three (3) Children.

Facts prove that my Children were turned into criminals BUT if I had been there to guide them as I was their entire life; they would have REMAINED honest, kind, caring and responsible teens and young adults.

Also, for Children not to contact their loving, law-abiding Mother whom they SUDDENLY ALIENATED even though she raised them as the full-time, stay-at-home Mother with a lot of love and care is very UNNATURAL as experts have proven; especially for eleven(11) years which is my situation.

So what are all these lawyers, judges, professionals, executives, religious and other nonprofit organizations, schools and their leaders REALLY in business for? If they were in business to PROMOTE JUSTICE and PROMOTE FAMILY and PROMOTE LOVE and PROMOTE JUDAISM or CHRISTIANITY as they claim, then they would have ALREADY helped me REUNITE with my children and helped me RECTIFY my fraudulent, criminal and unenforceable divorce judgment within the past 11 years. They could begin helping me right now.

The reuniting is self-explanatory because they could use their professional skills to help my Children and I begin communicating by explaining the lies and the fraudulently and maliciously requested and granted restraining and stay-away orders which landed me in jail based on more lies. This is a common Parental Alienation scheme to devastate the loving, law-abiding Mother and the Children even more. It is truly a MIRACLE I have survived all this terror and been able to thrive in some ways too including by exposing this TERROR.

Now, RECTIFYING my fraudulent, criminal and unenforceable divorce judgment; many people know, especially educated people like judges, lawyers, executives and other professionals that many couples instead of getting divorced, choose to stay married and live separate lives so that they do not have to divide the Net Worth of the marital assets 50/50.
In my situation, the Net Worth of our marital assets (Community Estate) was never even ESTABLISHED as the divorce judgment proves. However, all those mentioned above have been enforcing my divorce judgment like it is valid; despite all of my lawsuits. What they have done and continue to do by REFUSING TO RECTIFY my divorce judgment so it is legal and Constitutional proves they have committed many very serious crimes including but not limited to: racketeering, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, perjury, INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, their lawsuits against me are malicious prosecution and there are many other very serious crimes involved here and the overwhelming, indisputable evidence is already in public records.
So now, they are going to have to explain to THE STATE OF ISRAEL, why I suddenly, at the time of divorce, due to their schemes of putting me in jail based on false evidence and their lawsuits against me based on lies and false evidence; I have a criminal record when my entire life I had a very clean record.
As a Jew and Israel’s LAW OF RETURN; I have a legal right to live in Israel, if understandably, I am not a criminal. So what are those mentioned above in business for? TO DEVASTATE AND DRIVE A LOVING, LAW-ABIDING MOTHER TO COMMIT SUICIDE OR BECOME SO DISTRAUGHT DUE TO THEIR ACTS OF PARENTAL ALIENATION? If not, then they would have already helped END the Parental Alienation and also RECTIFIED the fraudulent divorce judgment.

If you want to get divorced you do it legally and make it as easy for the children as possible by making sure they receive love from BOTH of their divorced parents. BOTH parents are civil, reasonable and make sure the Children receive love and guidance from BOTH parents. Divorce is not a game; it is a lifestyle change with many complications which are best addressed with love and care not with alienation and secret, illegal financial schemes.
But what I just stated is reasonable. People who create and/or sponsor the terrorism of Parental Alienation are not reasonable; they are evil and very malicious to commit horrible acts which devastate the Mother and Children.

Well, I will keep you posted but it appears that many people are going to be asking some very difficult questions to those mentioned above.
If you want to end a relationship you do it in a reasonable way. You don’t emotionally and financially devastate the Mother and the Children too so you can profit. You don’t deny a loving, law-abiding Mother of Custody and Visitation and have restraining and stay-away orders to begin her demise and the Children’s too. It appears that this can be reasonably interpreted, especially along with other acts of devastation and terror, as ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Here is a very popular and classic song from a very famous band which explains that you do not associate with people who want you to do unreasonable and immoral things. That is no way to live as a decent person.
As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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