It is natural to want to bury painful memories; CONFRONTING them by doing 4 things will help you Heal

Instead of trying to forget about your fears or memories that upset you and you naturally want to forget; if you confront them by doing 4 things, you will start to heal and feel great.

First, whatever it is that upsets you, write it down. Write the details and why it bothers you.

Second, after writing your account of the event that frightens or bothers you, read it out loud to yourself for about one month.

Third, during the month, try to find someone or several people you feel comfortable reading it to. You may want to find a self help group or a group that focuses on whatever it is that is bothering you; like parental alienation, sexual abuse etc.

Fourth, get out of the environment that is causing you to suffer and feel abused or stifled. This does not mean leave the city because you need to be able to feel comfortable to co-exist with those from your past so if you run into them you learn to feel comfortable just being briefly cordial but making it clear you have changed. This is very important because you need to be proud of yourself and hold your head up high!!!

***You can’t run from your problems because they will follow you.
This is why those who jump from relationship to relationship without taking the time to analyze and address what went wrong, just keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
Moving to a new city will not solve your problems either.

You need to feel free and comfortable and proud of yourself and what you stand for everywhere.

Also, make sure you do not try to make others feel your pain by manipulating them with lies and schemes. Treat others with respect, as you would want to be treated AND get away from corrupt and immoral people.
Also keep writing about each experience or memory which frightens or upsets you and that you want to erase from your memory. Each month write about a new one and follow the 4 steps above.

What you are doing is RELEASING YOUR EMOTIONS instead of keeping them all bottled up inside of you like you have been doing for years. You are taking control of your life again.

***It is natural to want to bury painful memories; but that only makes things worse. Also, taking baby steps is not good either because you have to DILIGENTLY face your fears so you can move forward within 30 days. You have to diligently engage; not one day engage and the next day go back to your old ways of ignoring your fears. Do not make excuses either just keep writing and reading out loud. You also may want to write down your progress and how you are feeling.

You will feel great because you are releasing your pain. Also, during this time if there are habits that you want to change just do it. You will be releasing your guilt and your regrets. Just learn from your mistakes so you do not repeat them.

***This is how you TRIUMPH over your own demons and situations you were place in that were beyond your control; like parental alienation and other forms of child abuse.
So, now TAKE CONTROL AND BEGIN AGAIN. It is never too late.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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