It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes…

It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes…

It is never wrong to love your children, but sometimes, as a loving parent we need to give them space and time to have some life experiences so they are better able to understand truth and reality. This will help them grow stronger and wiser as we do the same.           In a sense we are showing each other the way.

Our precious alienated children are teaching us, their loving parents how we need to reteach them positive thinking, behaving and wholesome values to enable them to become reasonable, responsible, compassionate adults. We need to show them that they do not need to become adults who have a sick need to control others, cuss, be demanding, unreasonable, angry and do harmful things like lie, mislead and deceive to maintain this sick control.

 At each holiday, birthday and other milestones, our precious children have to wonder about several things if they are reasonable, rational and not in denial.                                         For example, they have to wonder:

 •      Why hasn’t my parent who has alienated me from my mother (or father) encouraged reunification therapy now since we are all older and understand that it is better to be loved by both of our parents? Why do I feel he or she disapproves of this?

•      Divorce is a difficult time but why does my father (or mother) who has alienated me always say bad things about my other parent?  I know she (or he) has done many wonderful things in life and has good values. Why should I not give her (or him) a chance now to have a new, more mature relationship with me?

-Is my parent who I have been alienated from really so terrible or have my memories been distorted with false statements?

-Are all the stories I have heard true?

– Do I only know part of the story?

-Did my parent really need to get a restraining order against my other parent for sending emails trying to eliminate this alienation? Instead, is the restraining order to restrain ME so I only receive the thoughts from my custodial parent and I don’t see if they are true? If I was encouraged to see my other parent or talk to her (him), I am sure I would see the truth that I should have a relationship with them too and be loved by both of my parents.

-My loving mother (father) was wonderful to me for so many years until she got sick, developed seizures etc. from the divorce and how I was so rude to her and even cussed at her when she was just explaining that my statement was unreasonable. Then she became very nervous and tense. 

-I know I began cussing at her and disrespecting her so I understand why she got sick and tense. One day she drove 2 hours to see me and my father (mother) who I called told me not to see her or let her in the house and to call the police. Why? 

-I know no one is perfect but my mother (father) taught me very good values and habits which I use today. 

-We have many happy memories together too 

 ***Why does my custodial parent want to control me and keep me away from my other parent?

-Why won’t he (or she) get rid of the restraining order for sending emails to end this alienation which is reasonable? It has not been violated which shows she (he) abides by the law and I think it would be good for me to celebrate my graduation, birthday and other occasions together?

-She (he) is willing to discuss things with me and tells me she is always there for me even though I continue to ignore her as I have been now programmed to do for many years since the divorce. Why am I doing this? 

-Why shouldn’t I give her (him) a chance to show me she is kind and caring, knowing I must be respectful and reasonable. This is rational and I am glad my parent sets these boundaries. I do this too with my friends. 

-Why is my father (or mother) who has alienated me so controlling? 

-Why is my father (or mother) who has alienated me not really trying to help me reunite with my loving parent?


-abusive, sick alienating parents,                                                                                                                     -sick stepmothers and sick stepfathers

-sick clergy (especially SICK RABBIS like the late influential but sick rabbi Gerald Wolpe and his sick son rabbi David Wolpe and many other sick leaders in the  Jewish community especially at Sinai Temple like Howard Lesner the SICK EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and many others. They have even tried to silence and have defamed an activist who has questioned them as to why they and the SICK JEWISH COMMUNITY have been ignoring the emotional child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation for almost 50 years and they are very aware of how it is harming millions of children and families). But, they receive contributions and other benefits from the abusers. Pure Evil. (2)

– sick therapists

-many sick individuals and others who aid this abusive, sick parent and ignore this child abuse,

All of them will usually remain sick and continue to harm millions of precious children, families and society.

They have all decided that it is FINE AND ACCEPTABLE if they create and perpetuate this emotional torture. SICK and EVIL. They often try to defame the loving parent and pretend it is not parental alienation but the facts show it is. This is why they try to silence the loving parent so the facts stay hidden from the children and society.

 ***As a result of their sickness of believing this emotional child abuse and emotional torture is fine, our precious children believe lies about their loving parent and see them as someone they should eliminate from their life when they should love them very much.

These sick people view the children as property and an extension of themselves and since they are getting divorced, so should the children. They and these other sick people also view them as property to be used like bargaining chips for money and other benefits. Pure Evil. (1)

Authority threatens individual rights because those who try to rule by control and intimidation ignore an individual’s rights and are not reasonable, kind, caring people.

***They are very sick and usually narcissists, sociopaths and have other personality and emotional disorders. They take their guilt, anger and shame out on others like vulnerable children at the time of divorce. (1)

As you know, millions of children are suffering because they have been alienated from their loving parent and have many psychological, emotional and physical problems. None of these sick individuals care. (1)

*** It takes a mature alienated child who will most likely be an adult, to understand this. We have to wait patiently for them while we send them our love and stand strong as the voice of reason and justice. In the meantime, we are bringing awareness to this form of child abuse.

Awareness that these individuals are very sick and need help will bring about a change in the laws encouraging this emotional abuse and emotional torture of our precious children, commonly at the time of divorce.

Like Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun, once more and more of the truth becomes known, these sick people will destroy themselves. They are all a disgrace to humanity especially the clergy like the late sick Gerald Wolpe and his sick son David Wolpe who portray themselves as God’s messengers. Horrific beyond words. (2)

These sick, abusive alienating parents are making these precious children extremely dependent on them which is a form of manipulation and control. They use money, debt and do other things so in reality, these children become their indentured servants.  All this was planned as many experts have shown this is part of the scheming and plotting. (1) These sick people often try to control their spouse and others as this is their sickness.

(1)-Parental Alienation Solutions Background Page


 -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,




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