It is Time Alienated Children and Teenagers Had a Voice

We must help the children and teens whose many fundamental rights (provided under our Constitution) are being denied as a result of the psychological and emotional manipulation associated with Parental Alienation. These strategies are used by one parent who is commonly aided by teachers, doctors, counselors, clergy, lawyers, judges, and others.

Many of our laws are encouraging these parents to use Parental Alienation strategies at the time of divorce so that parent can receive monetary and tax benefits. However, the motivation or intention behind these laws was not to cause these serious problems for millions of children and teenagers and make them a burden to society.

It is time we spoke up for these children and teens by making our society aware of how these laws are actually being used and the burden the manipulation of these laws is placing on society…we are allowing millions of children to become wrought with psychological, emotional and physical problems that harms their potential to make achieve and feel self-worth. We need to make a difference in these children’s and teen’s lives by becoming their voices.

by Sara Hassman

–please see background page for references-


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