It was another wonderful and very productive day for the DODGERS and also for OUR REVOLUTION to End Parental Alienation which includes crimes of terror, torture, abuse, oppression, fraud, hate, deceit, intentional infliction of emotional distress, financial distress, conspiracy, money laundering and other crimes AND aiding and abetting in carrying out these crimes too.

First, on a light note, the spectacular Dodgers are headed to play the Braves later this week and it appears a popular Halloween costume this year in Los Angeles is going to be Justin Turner’s beard and a variety of Dodger shirts. Go Dodgers!!!

Now on a very serious note; all of my defendants and those aiding and abetting them like my attorney with 26 years of experience PAMELA SHAFFER, ESQ of Laguna Beach, California and COMMISSIONER AND JUDGE LON HURWITZ are not only destroying themselves but are also HELPING OUR REVOLUTION set important legal precedent which will End Parental Alienation and End the schemes used by divorce attorneys and ignored by judges in “family” courts. 
Parental Alienation and these schemes are criminal, malicious, immoral, evil and destroying humanity, love and family. Before I tell you what I did today and why, I want to give some background.
Commissioner and Judge LON HURWITZ was the one who granted the Ex Parte Restraining Order with the attached Child Custody and Visitation Order against me on June 5, 2009 which was illegally served. This order ALSO deprived me; a loving, honest, law-abiding Woman and Mother, WITHOUT any legal or rational basis, of Custody and Visitation and of communicating and being with my Children whom I raised with a lot of love and care as their full-time, stay-at-home Mother. I could not even go to their school, attend their graduations and other celebrations. 
My attorney with 25 years of experience PAMELA SHAFFER just stood there and did not object. She AGAIN did not object when this order was made permanent several weeks later. To this day, PAMELA SHAFFER, ESQ has refused to rectify the FIDUCIARY DUTY she owes me by helping me expunge and strike this restraining order and its renewals and modifications from the record and compensate me for the harms I suffered and continue to suffer from this criminal and malicious behavior.

Crooked, Malicious and Immoral LON HURWITZ was appointed as a judge in 2010 by, guess who? I will give you a hint; Birds of a Feather Flock Together AND there is Guilt by Association. Give up? The “family man” and politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER who did a great job of not only destroying his own family but also his housekeeper’s family along with destroying his political career and legacy. 
In addition, it has been said that Schwarzenegger was a guest of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his private jet and island where orgies with underage women took place which put Jeffrey Epstein behind bars. Do you think Lon Hurwitz ever accompanied his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger on his jaunts to Epstein Island? Any surprise LON HURWITZ granted the restraining order against me on June 5, 2009 since he obviously does not respect women and their legal rights like his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Dr. Anne-Renée Testa, author of “The Bully In Your Relationship” said: 
“Like many powerful men, Arnold Schwarzenegger probably thinks rules don’t apply to him.”
Think Lon Hurwitz is any different? Here are some comments in pertinent part, about Commissioner and Judge Lon Hurwitz from the internet which are quite telling.
       Comment #: CA5664: Judge Hurwitz is perhaps the worst family court judge in Orange County History. There are scores of complaints from victims of family court tyranny and alienated parents. He has put thousands into states of misery and financial ruin. 
       Comment #: CA13684: Lon Hurwitz is nothing more than a criminal on borrowed time. A bribe consumer. He is never to be trusted and is a manipulator of the system he is sworn to uphold. He will take any and all opportunity to adjust the record to seem as he is just and legal. He plays games with our Court System …is anti family.
        Comment #: CA10415: We need judges who follow the law. The knowledge and ability of judge’s at Lamoreaux Justice Center (where Judges Lon Hurwitz, Claudia Silbar and Linda Miller preside) over the last 15 years has gone down sharply. The judges haven’t practiced Family Law and want to sit on the panel only to put on their resume when they retire and apply to work for arbitration companies. There is no predictability anymore in family law re ex parte. Hearings are a rarity. Reasonable family law judges who know the law are hard to come by now. It’s sad what has happened to the family law panel over the last 15 years at Lamoreaux Justice Center. 
[End of my posted comments, there are many others like these]

Think LON HURWITZ is related to my “very religious” Jewish cousins LINDA and STEVE HURWITZ who are board members and very active at the synagogue BETH TFILOH in Baltimore; which continues to promote Parental Alienation? 
This synagogue is one of my defendants.
BETH TFILOH also celebrates criminals like my deceased father STANLEY PENN which the sealed file in the Circuit Court of Baltimore County PROVES he is a criminal along with my mother HELENE PENN-DORF and sister RUTH PENN CARLINER who are also active at BETH TFILOH. None of them or anyone at BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE will even acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and none will even try to help me reunite with my children for ten years now.
Jews AND also reasonable, compassionate people know they should PROMOTE love and family; not destroy it with acts of Parental Alienation. They also know that they should not remain silent when they could use their education, experiences and positions to bring awareness to Parental Alienation and help end it. They are so greedy and evil; they want to continue to profit from it.

SO TODAY, I requested a hearing and also to be able to subpoena both Commissioner and Judge LON HURWITZ and my attorney PAMELA SHAFFER regarding WHY they allowed this June 5, 2009 restraining order request to be granted and then made permanent by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, the same judge who signed and filed my fraudulent divorce judgment. 
JUDGE SILBAR also deemed me a “vexatious litigant” since I am reasonably and responsibility exercising my First Amendment Rights to redress my very severe grievance BUT she is trying to silence me because I am exposing the TRUTH. Thus, I had to file this request with JUDGE CHARLES MARGINES first, so he can approve it. I will keep you posted as to how he rules.
Wouldn’t you want to know WHY you were deprived of custody and visitation AND restrained from being with your children when public records prove you have been a loving, law-abiding person your entire life and never had any alleged criminal problems until the time of divorce? IT IS MY LEGAL RIGHT TO KNOW and understand why legally and reasonably some restraining orders which emanated from this one, are still in existence.
But it gets more incriminating for my defendants and others involved in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote Parental Alienation.
My oral argument last week before the CA Court of Appeal, 2nd Appellate District was about WHY my evil and crooked still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, his law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and this law firm’s law firm, NEMECEK & COLE have a legal right to violate the U.S. Constitution and California family and property laws and contract laws by keeping it a SECRET FROM ME: 1) the net worth of the community estate; 2) its division and; 3) its distribution based upon their very malicious and ridiculous interpretation of the California anti-SLAPP statute which applies to situations involving the rights of petition and free speech. 
You won’t believe this; all these law firms and my Harvard graduate and business and investment expert still legal husband MARK HASSMAN are claiming that I am violating THEIR free speech by KNOWING the legally required net worth, its division and its distribution which MUST BE disclosed for a divorce agreement to be valid. This is not a joke. Think they had some all night meeting where they came up with this scheme? 
Anyway, IF the California Court of Appeal justices rule in their favor THEN ANY DIVORCING SPOUSE can be deprived of knowing: 1) the net worth of the community estate; 2) its division and; 3) its distribution; based upon a very malicious and ridiculous interpretation of the California anti-SLAPP statute. This would NULLIFY California community property laws and also the U.S. Constitution which promotes equal rights. 
You just need to hire a crooked, malicious and “slick” evil law firm AND be the spouse controlling the community estate. The U.S. Supreme Court will love this one along with the Justice Department.

So, in conclusion, since this post is getting long; UNLESS BOTH JUDGE CHARLES MARGINES and the JUSTICES OF THE CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEAL, 2ND APPELLATE DISTRICT rule in MY favor; I will be denied my Constitutional Right to Due Process whereby I will be treated as a SLAVE, not being afforded equal rights. This should land all of them in jail pursuant to RICO and other laws of which were stated in my oral argument, in my briefs and in many court documents.

So what do you think all of these “powerful” evil and crooked predators will do? Do you think they will try to kill me? Well, whatever they decide, the facts are all in public records and I am very, very PROUD to be the voice of OUR REVOLUTION and will never succumb to their evil. 
At times when there is enormous potential for a breakthrough of good, the forces of evil fight back furiously, just as an army with its back to the barricades will counterattack tenaciously. Whatever they choose to do; I am very well prepared and very confident OUR REVOLUTION will succeed with GOD by our side along with my GRANDFATHER BEN and JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS as we keep spreading the truth so others do not fall prey.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)

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