It will be interesting to see what my Children who are now all adults will do as my birthday is approaching; are they honest or part of the corruption.

I have recovered from the VERY WELL DOCUMENTED emotional torture, terror and abuse of Parental Alienation and it is also VERY WELL DOCUMENTED that I was their loving, law-abiding 
stay-at-home Mother and helped them develop HONEST, KIND, COMPASSIONATE values and HONORABLE and RESPONSIBLE character.

1) I was intentionally cheated in the divorce because the net worth(value) of the community estate was never established. The community estate and our marital finances, as my Children clearly know, were under their father’s control.

2) They also clearly know their father is a certified public accountant, graduate of the Harvard business school and has been a very successful chief financial officer for about 30 years now.

3) It was very reasonable that their father was the spouse to handle the marital finances; not me since I have a legal and business background, not the extensive financial background their father has.

4) All my Children are very good in math and the following is basic math anyway: If the net worth (value) of the community estate was never established, it cannot be divided and distributed 50/50 between their father and Mother, which is me. You must establish the value of something BEFORE you can divide it and then distribute it 50/50.

5) The law requires in order for a divorce to be legal and valid the property and assets a married couple accumulates during their marriage to be divided 50/50. This is also common sense. Both the Mother and father are a team, a partnership.

6) It does not make sense and is not reasonable for the spouse who controlled the marital finances to abscond with all of the money, property and other assets acquired during the marriage; leaving the Mother financially destitute and taking the fruits of her labor she is legally and morally entitled to.

7) Working in the home as the stay-at-home Mother is a very difficult but very important and satisfying job; not to be overlooked by a father or anyone else. The law does NOT overlook this and demands 50/50 distribution of the community estate.

8) It is very well documented that I, the Mother have been peacefully and reasonably trying to use the legal system to rectify my fraudulent divorce contract so I can receive what I am LEGALLY entitled to under the law and those who have and continue to commit immoral and illegal acts be punished. This is reasonable and responsible.

9) It is not reasonable or responsible, since I have the legal skills and knowledge and have recovered enough from my emotional abuse, terror and torture that I should just forget about my legal rights and act like I was never married for over 20 years.

10) Part of the democratic process is to ENFORCE YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS when they have been illegally taken away and SET NEW PRECEDENT in the law so our laws can adapt to society as it changes. Since I was married to my husband in 1985
(I am still married because our marriage contract has NOT been legally dissolved), divorce and also Parental Alienation and the use of “Charitable Agreements” to hide money and assets have become epidemic problems.

11) It is also very well documented that a reasonable, honest, compassionate, responsible person would NOT try to take advantage of a Mother and her Children at the time of divorce. Instead, they would try to help them adjust to the divorce and honestly guide them so they can honestly and morally make many positive accomplishments in their life and make our world a better place for those who are honest, moral, reasonable and responsible.

12) It is also very well documented that very psychologically and emotionally sick people try to use Children of all ages and others who are vulnerable so they can profit and have personal satisfaction at their vulnerable victims’ expense; thereby acting like life is a zero-sum game.

Now it should be VERY OBVIOUS to my adult Children that their Mother and Father are at opposite ends of the spectrum:

I am very honest, reasonable, kind, compassionate and responsible and their father is very dishonest, corrupt, unreasonable, uncompassionate and irresponsible. Their father cannot be trusted to do what is moral and lawful and neither can those he associates with.

Let the facts speak for themselves which includes a person’s ACTIONS including those actions of my ADULT Children, their Mother, their father, judges, lawyers, rabbis, a pastor, the court-appointed therapist, executives, joint venture partners, their father’s mistress and others involved in my lawsuit in LASC ‪#‎BC580980‬.

If my ADULT Children have chosen to continue to treat me like I am dead and no longer exist; as adults, they will be responsible for their choices and the very serious legal and other consequences their choices create for them.

As I taught my Children: “THERE IS GUILT BY ASSOCIATION;” however I never thought I would be teaching my Children this lesson using myself and their father as the examples.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my vast knowledge and vast experiences and of course the TRUTH.

Also if it is RABBI DAVID WOLPE or someone else hacking my computer now; put back the photo from my website of my children and myself that I usually post with my posts. I have a right to free speech whether you like it or not.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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