Jewish Leaders in the US are acting like TERRORISTS

Reasonable and rational people should be asking why JEWISH LEADERS in the US are acting like TERRORISTS. 
1) REFUSED TO defend Israel and instead SUPPORTED and 
CONTINUE TO SUPPORT Iran regarding the Iranian Nuclear Deal;

2) REFUSED TO defend loving, law-abiding Mothers (fathers) and their children suffering from Parental Alienation and instead SUPPORTED and CONTINUE TO SUPPORT the abusive father who created and perpetuates the PARENTAL ALIENATION.
For example: 
the JEWISH LEADERS REFUSE TO HELP children reunite with their law-abiding, loving Mother and

the JEWISH LEADERS REFUSE TO DISCUSS Parental Alienation so others will become aware of this form of abuse and be able to protect themselves so they are not harmed;

3) REFUSED TO defend Israel regarding the United Nations spying upon Israel which was in the news today.
By supporting the United Nations today and not Israel; the JEWISH LEADERS are in essence supporting Israel’s claim that it has a right to exist is EQUAL to the Palestinians claim that Israel does not have a right to exist.
Not only is supporting claims that Israel does not have a right to exist TERRORISM; it is contrary to the basic beliefs of Judaism and any other reasonable religion which supports FREEDOM, LOVE and PEACE as any rational person knows or should know.

So the obvious question is…Why Jewish leaders are acting like Terrorists and not Jews when Judaism supports freedom, peace, respect, honestly, justice and love and making our world a better place for all. 
Judaism does not support terrorism; Judaism does not support denying Israel the right to exist; and Judaism definitively does not support alienating Children of all ages from their loving, law-abiding Mother (father) at the time of divorce WHICH IS A FORM AND ABUSE AND TERRORISM. 
Divorce is a time when both Children of all ages and their loving, Mother need each other’s love, support and guidance as any reasonable person knows or should know.

Thus, it is rational and reasonable that the Jewish leaders in the US need to be REPLACED with ones who follow the basic teachings of Judaism which include reason, freedom, justice, democracy, civility, love and respect for those who try to make our world a better place for all; not only a better place for those in powerful positions. 
JUDAISM DOES NOT SUPPORT using powerful positions and resources to take advantage of those who are vulnerable and less knowledgeable because this is abuse and terrorism among other criminal and harmful acts.

Thus, 2016 should be a wonderful year for all of us who support reason, freedom, justice, democracy, civility, love and respect for those who try to make our world a better place for all which is what my lawsuits are doing.

***Make no mistake; I am a Jew who VERY PROUDLY ACTS like a Jew; unlike Jewish Leaders today in the US who are ALL acting like terrorists as I explained above. 
***If you disagree; please let me know of just ONE Jewish Leader who is not acting as described above.
I am totally disgusted as are many others who have dropped their synagogue memberships; stopped attending Jewish events and stopped making contributions to Jewish organizations.

These acts are just the beginning of a horrible trend in the Jewish community in the US which must end by replacing the so-called Jewish leaders in the US today with those who ACT like Jewish leaders because they are not afraid to let the world know that Jewish Mothers of divorce, Jewish Children of all ages, Israel and others have legal rights which they, as proud Jewish leaders will enforce; not intentionally ignore.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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