JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR continues to show she is an extremely crooked, biased judge who needs to be removed from the bench, disbarred and face other civil and criminal sanctions because her orders and other judicial acts show she keeps trying to illegally, maliciously and immorally USE HER POSITION OF AUTHORITY AS A JUDGE TO SILENCE ME BECAUSE I HAVE THE FACTS TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH about her illegal and malicious acts and those of others she is working with including …

my crooked husband MARK [F] HASSMAN, law firms, other judges, religious organizations, nonprofit schools, her court-appointed therapist, a bank and others.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is trying to illegally, immorally and maliciously USE ME TO TRY TO COVER-UP her corrupt judicial activities and those WORKING TOGETHER with her who intentionally and maliciously PROMOTE the corrupt, immoral and malicious Policies of:

1) Parental Alienation and the

2) Illegal and immoral use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements


An individual has a legal right to Due Process of Law to legally and peacefully expose the TRUTH and obtain justice for herself and millions in our society suffering from Parental Alienation and the illegal and malicious use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements.
This is Justice and promoting Equal Rights for ALL and making our world a better place for honest, compassionate, moral people; not promoting the STATUS QUO OF CORRUPTION AND ABUSE like JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and those working with her are trying to do by fraudulently claiming I am vexatious for legally and morally trying to enforce my legal rights as an American.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is hired by the State to promote justice not impede it.

OUR LEGAL SYSTEM MUST BE FAIR; IT CANNOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST A LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, LAW-ABIDING MOTHER trying to enforce her legal and constitutionally rights by peacefully using our legal system in America.


JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S courtroom bailiff,Bailiff Madison, recommended to me at the hearing on 9/16/2016 that I call Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom clerk today, 9/28/2016 which I did at 9:45 a.m. whose name is Yosemane.
AS STANDARD PROCEDURE for the court calendar and daily docket I wanted to let her know that I would be late for the hearing Judge Claudia Silbar scheduled at 9 am because I NEED to take public transportation from Los Angeles and I cannot logistically arrive until around 11:00-12:00pm as I stated on court documents I filed and was also the situation on 9/16/2016.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR IS PART OF THE PROBLEM AS TO WHY I AM LATE. If she would have signed, sanctioned and enforced a legal, valid and enforceable divorce contract as she has a judicial duty to do; then I would have my millions of dollars of assets and other interests from my community estate and would not be in this financial position.

Instead, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has illegally, maliciously and immorally aided and abetted others and herself in stealing my assets and other interests AND NOW IS TRYING TO BLAME ME AND HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE FOR HER CORRUPTION AND THE CORRUPTION OF THESE OTHERS BY CLAIMING I AM VEXATIOUS so I will be prevented from filing lawsuits to defend my legal and constitutional rights unless I obtain court approval from board or others. So, now they want to SILENCE ME TOO since I don’t have a car and have to take public transportation at a safe and reasonable time? 
Many in the Establishment think this is funny and they have a right to treat others this way because they are “entitled” as they try to control us and make us their slaves. They try to silence us so we are prevented from exposing the TRUTH about their corruption and from holding them accountable which is Justice.

The morning of 9/16/2016 THERE WAS AN EARLY MORNING STABBING at one of the bus stops where I go and it is very important for my own safety and well-being that I travel after dawn, during rush hour when it is safe to wait outside alone for buses and trains. Thus, soon after 7 a.m., I plan to take my first of many buses and trains to arrive at her courtroom between 11:00-12:00 p.m. depending on the public transportation and traffic which are beyond my control.

However, a reasonable, compassionate person which includes a judge understands this lateness which is why OTHER JUDGES and OPPOSING PARTIES AGREE AND WORK WITH ME AND SCHEDULE HEARINGS AT THE TIME I CAN REASONABLY ARRIVE ON PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION unless they want to pay for my transportation.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’s court clerk named Yosemane said today that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR made an order and that if I am not in her courtroom at 9 am, she will proceed without me. I said that I never received that order BUT SHE SAID that was because I was late for the hearing on 9/16/2016 when the order was made. 
This is NOT what Bailiff Madison told me; he told me after I arrived after the hearing on 9/16/2014; to call the court clerk today and let her know I would be late due to taking public transportation at a safe and reasonable time.

This 9/16/2016 hearing was when JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR was supposed to disqualify herself but instead CORRUPTLY AND IMMORALLY rescheduled the hearing while aiding and abetting my husband, the other party in filing NEW documents and then combining the motions in the hearing on the 30th instead of proceeding with the hearing scheduled on 9/16/2016 regarding disqualifying herself due to MANY ACTS showing her bias and NOT BEING IMPARTIAL as a Judge is required to be. Well, this is just another one of crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S corrupt, immoral and biased, partial acts. Here are some others too:

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR stated under oath as the transcript reads as follows from the public hearing in her courtroom on April 2, 2014, page 114 lines 14-15: “These parties have been before me multiple times.”

Accordingly, I have seen JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR willingly delay a hearing and agree to call the matter later in the day when the party arrives and have the hearing at that time. 
There can be many unexpected reasons for being late to a scheduled hearing like traffic, stabbings, shooting etc. that have been going on all over our country.

I have told THIS CROOKED JUDGE and my CROOKED HUSBAND MARK [F] HASSMAN and have stated this on court documents that I KNOW IN ADVANCE I WILL BE LATE that is UNLESS THEY WANT TO PAY FOR MY TRANSPORTATION BECAUSE I NEED TO TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION after dawn, at a reasonable safe time which is soon after 7a.m. when I take my first of many buses and trains.

ALSO, THE REASON I HAVE TO TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS BECAUSE BOTH THIS CROOKED JUDGE and MY CROOKED HUSBAND and others HAVE STOLEN MY MONEY AND ASSETS as the facts show. Otherwise, I would have received my MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of community assets and other property which they stole from me as the fraudulent, illegal, invalid and unenforceable Divorce Contact both of them signed, clearly shows.

I called back JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S clerk Yosemane at 9:56 a.m.today (9/28/2016) and asked her if I could have a phone interview or what is called COURT CALL so I can please JUDGE CLAUIA SIBLAR and be at the hearing by phone at 9a.m. The court clerk told me ‘no’ because this service is not available. 
I have done it before in other courts and so have lawyers, parties and other witnesses and I even witnessed JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR do it too.
Her clerk told me I had no other alternative but to be at the hearing at 9 a.m. or JUDGE CLAUDIA SIBLAR was going to start without me; regardless of this financial situation JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR herself as a presiding judge of the State has put me in.

To make matters worse for JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, she allowed one of the witness my lawyer KALEEN GONZALEZ OF THE LAW OFFICE OF HARRIS GONZALEZ subpoenaed to not appear while not holding her in contempt and just ignoring the material information this witness was scheduled to testify about.

Both my lawyer KALEEN GONZALEZ and JUDGE CLAUDIA SIBLAR, refused to order this witness to appear or hold her in contempt or have a phone interview as the facts show.
However the court transcript reflects on 12/31/2014, page 18 beginning on line 22 showing my questions and comments and this crooked judge’s biased and partial responses as follows:

I asked: “You did a phone interview. Why can’t we do that with MAXINE MATTHEWSON, who is his (husband’s) old payroll assistant? And SHE DID NOT SHOW UP FOR HER SUBPOENA on the 2nd AND YOU LET IT GO. I would like to have her subpoenaed, so she can talk about how he (my husband MARK [F] HASSMAN) WAS PAID and she can talk about some of these other things.”
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR responded: “It’s no longer relevant, it’s the old job.”
I responded: “Why it is not relevant?”
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR responded: “He (husband) didn’t have the job anymore.”
I responded: “It shows he (husband) LIED.”

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR responded: “I’ll tell you one more time, this is the last time, we are discussing today your request for spousal support, we are not discussing his old income.”

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR knows that how my husband was paid directly affects spousal support and his payroll assistant who intentionally violated her subpoena has been HELPING HIM HIDE HIS INCOME FROM ME as many records show.
Here are just a few examples:

The transcript pages from the 4/2/2014 hearing before crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR beginning on page 79 line 21 is my crooked husband MARK [F] HASSMAN on the witness stand answering questions of my attorney KALEEN GONZALEZ of THE LAW OFFICE OF HARRIS GONZALEZ and states in pertinent part:

Yes, I have had a health savings account for years, a long time. Probably 12, 14 years. The purpose is to take payments for medical, to change them from being after-tax dollars to pre-tax dollars. The government has limits as to how much you could do it and I have a high deductible plan. So one year I had roughly $7,600 ATTACHED TO MY 401(K). I paid it to them….I cashed in the 401(k) plan.

Please note my husband’s payroll assistant MAXINE MATTHEWSON helped him carry out these and other transactions and did not want to testify to her illegal conduct. 

Think she can go to jail along with my husband and the corporate president MARJI KNITTER who was also the administrator of this FEDERAL 401(K) profit sharing plan my husband secretly cashed out and concealed from the divorce along with its attached Health Savings Account?

My crooked husband MARK [F] HASSMAN took all these assets for himself and as expected, I have become financially devastated.

This is not justice which is why I continue to use my legal and constitutional rights to fight for justice using our legal system in America which was CREATED to resolved legitimate grievances which I have many as my fraudulent Divorce Contract alone clearly shows which JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR reviewed, signed, sanctioned and repeatedly tried to enforce. I can’t even obtain a legal, valid and enforceable divorce contract so I am legally divorced in accordance to the laws.

Even a private investigator fought my crooked husband’s claim for malpractice proving my husband committed malicious prosecution, perjury and abuse of process against him for exposing the truth about payments made to undisclosed limited liability corporations (LLCs) owned by the community estate. He also talked to MAXINE MATTHEWSON as pages 91 and 100 from said 4/4/2016 transcript shows.

My very stupid and corrupt husband testified on page 104 in pertinent part:

MAXINE MATTHEWSON would know whether or not I worked and would tell you THAT I WAS NOT PAID ON THE PAYROLL. (think this is a very harmful statement my husband made. Like I have said, give corrupt people enough rope and watch them hang themselves and others in their corrupt “group.”)

But then my very stupid and corrupt husband goes on and says: 
“ I wish she was here so you could meet her. She is 74 years old.” Then this very stupid and corrupt husband of mine is trying to say the private process server “freaked her out” when she was served. Really, think the fact that she would have testified and could have to expose her own and my husband’s corrupt acts are what really, honestly “freaked her out” as he testified to these words.

*** If a person including 74 year old MAXINE MATTHEWSON has nothing to hide: why should she be freaked out if she needs to be a witness?…she should be very willing and pleased to have an opportunity to promote truth and justice. ***
(Also, today 74 is not old as many people are living into their 90s and beyond.**)

Think MAXINE MATTHEWSON on behalf of my crooked husband MARK [F] HASSMAN made tax and other payments on behalf of these illegally concealed limited liability corporations (LLCs) the private investigator found and other illegally concealed properties and other interests? Think MAXINE MATTHEWSON can go to jail?

Where did all this income come from to pay these expenses since JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR “believes” my husband is credible and is “insolvent” with the meaning he can only afford to pay me $350 every 2 weeks as he and his mistress drive around in 2 new Lexus vehicles and pay for other expenses showing he can pay more than $350 twice a month from a marriage of over 20 years which is still ongoing due to the fraudulent, invalid and unenforceable Divorce Contract. 
Why would a judge behave this way if she was not PART OF THE CORRUPTION and BENEFITING at my expense too?

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR foolishly and very unreasonably thinks that by illegally, maliciously and immorally using her position of authority; she can protect herself, my husband, law firms, other judges, religious organizations, nonprofit schools, her court-appointed therapist and others by illegally, maliciously and immorally depriving me of my right to Due Process so I cannot expose the truth and therefore I cannot hold her and these others accountable for the harms they have caused which is Justice and what this corrupt judge is employed by the State to enforce.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is not employed by the State to illegally, maliciously and immorally impede justice BECAUSE SHE IS THE PROBLEM BUT IS TRYING TO MAKE ME OUT TO BE THE PROBLEM by silencing me and depriving me of my legal right to Due Process by trying to illegally claim I am vexatious.

I will keep you posted about this hearing on Friday, 9/ 30/2016 but I EXPECT corrupt, immoral and malicious people to continue to act this way because these are their values and character and I have not seen any reasonable willingness for this judge or others involved to make positive, moral changes to resolve these horrific, unconscionable, malicious, immoral and illegal problems they have created and/or perpetuate. 
They show by their actions that they want to keep PROFITING by doing these acts while DISCRIMINATING AGAINST A LOVING, LAW-ABIDING MOTHER whose money and assets they stole while also depriving her of many of her legal and constitutional rights as the overwhelming facts show.

They view this as WAR, it is either they are destroyed by the truth or I am destroyed by being prohibited from exposing the truth and holding them accountable which is Justice.
*** They thought the Parental Alienation would destroy me but it didn’t and even made me much stronger so now they have to go to their other corrupt, malicious and immoral plans.

I have truth, love and God on my side so I would not bet against me. But stupid, corrupt and immoral people think they are God. Just watch; Truth, Love and God will prevail!!!

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).




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