Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom yesterday and why Mitch McConnell’s Wife made such a Positive Impression on Me

Summary of Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom yesterday morning, which was very enriching in many ways and for Mitch McConnell; January can’t come soon enough for you to take over as millions of us spoke on Election Day.

Our President seems to bully and do what he wants, not only disregarding the American public but also lessons of history and how what he is doing is very destructive to our Country.
Also, I want to explain how Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao made such an important impression which impacted and still impacts my life in many positive ways.

My hearing in court yesterday went very well and there seems to be many positive results that will come from it. Sometimes it takes time for the truth to keep surfacing and others to realize what is happening.

At around 9:53am Judge Claudia Silbar in her public courtroom yesterday, November 19, 2014, gave a beautiful speech about Parental Alienation and that parents should learn to respect one another and not put their children in the middle of the conflict. She said if they do there will be emotional problems, eating disorders, cutting problems, drug problems and said there have been thousands of studies about this which are all over the internet.

Judge Claudia Silbar told everyone in her courtroom, which included my ex-husband, to benefit from her experiences and firsthand knowledge and to focus on putting their personal issues aside.
This is what I did for about 6 years and now I have the strength to go back and rectify my invalid and incomplete divorce which explains the Parental Alienation and the threats and agreements of my ex-husband with others to disregard what Judge Claudia Silbar stated yesterday and to continue to encourage Parental Alienation as many experts have said his behaviors show he is doing and my Children and I show characteristics of suffering from Parental Alienation.

I hope this means that Judge Claudia Silbar, especially now around holiday time, will contact my boys (and maybe my daughter too) who she met with at the in-camera meeting which I discussed on an earlier post. I hope as the wonderful Judge I clerked for would have done; Judge Claudia Silbar will find out WHY my boys have “no interest” in reuniting with me and if it is based on a rational reason or some agreement they have with my ex-husband or because they feel THREATENED?
Then Judge Claudia Silbar will discover the 501(c)(3) or other agreements my ex-husband has made with religious organizations and a school who have MY concealed and undistributed community assets worth millions which have been “entrusted” or “assigned” to them without my consent.

Many of these concealed assets were removed from a Trust which my ex-husband did not disclose. Also, even if the trust document gives him the right to move trust assets; it does not give him the right to CONCEAL THEM at the time of divorce and KEEP THEM FOR HIMSELF. Judge Claudia Silbar knows or should know this and so should the Law Firms who represented me and my ex- husband during the divorce process and the Trust and Estate Law Firms who helped him remove the trust assets without my consent.

Also, my ex-husband was in the courtroom when Judge Claudia Silbar gave her beautiful speech about Parental Alienation. What he along with Judge Claudia Silbar do or don’t do will clearly show their INTENT. To talk about the harms of Parental Alienation but allow my ex-husband to continue to carry them out for over 6 years now, knowing I have had a perfect record my entire life of over 50 years is not reasonable. For my ex-husband to continue to carry out his acts of Parental Alienation shows his intent to harm our Children and myself as well.

I hope they both show their INTENT by using their negotiation and other skills to help my Children and me reunite and start communicating so we can end this Parental Alienation as Judge Claudia Silbar in her beautiful speech yesterday said is in the best interest of the Children of all ages and the Family as she knows firsthand. I am hopeful.

Also, President Obama clearly appears to need a strong Congress with Mitch McConnell at the helm and his wise and compassionate wife by his side, to stop him from causing all this harm. I have been impressed with Mitch McConnell and I want to explain why I feel very close to and I am very impressed with his wife of many years, Elaine Chao.

I met Elaine Chao when I was pregnant with my first child in 1989. At that time I was canvassing successful professional women’s opinions about giving up my career to raise my children. I did not know Elaine was married to Mitch McConnell; she was just one of the many women in my ex-husband’s Harvard Business School class who attended the reunion and Mitch did not accompany her that year. I was interested in talking with Elaine Chao because of her poise, demeanor and the positive energy I received from her. Just looking at the photo I posted of her with Mitch today, wouldn’t you want to talk to her too?

Elaine was President and CEO of United Way at the time and with such poignant and cryptic words what she said really resonated with me and helped me make a very important decision in my life and I am so grateful for her honesty and wisdom. At that time, Elaine, Mitch, my ex-husband and I were all embarking on our careers and had not realized the successes we have today; including my ex-husband. (I may not be successful financially today, but I am successful in many ways that money cannot buy as I hope my posts and website have shown and I know have helped others, which I am very grateful. Money is only one measure of success IF you have not sold your soul and harmed a loving Mother and her Children to obtain it).

My ex-husband, although he clearly has shown he has lost his sense of HUMAN DECENCY and EMPATHY; he does have great financial and negotiation capabilities which include unfortunately, knowing how to hide and keep me from receiving many millions of dollars we created as collaborative partners during our 23 year marriage and keeping my Children intimidated from communicating with me since the time of the divorce, due to financial and other repercussions.
I have posted again today a photo of how my Son, a minor at the time; with his heart condition, was forced to sleep outside on a bare mattress without any sheets or blankets on a cement floor, under a rusted pipe, near wires and a sewage pump.

I couldn’t change the situation of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE because my ex-husband had forced our children to choose him as the custodial parent abandoning our plan to co-parent as documents show.
These situations and others caused me to suffering from emotional torture and anxiety as a loving Mother would do and is one of the many reasons why Parental Alienation is an epidemic problem in the United States and in other Countries.

Anyway, Elaine told me in 1989 that I have a beautiful opportunity and since my ex-husband had already been very successful in spearheading the Jiffy Lube International IPO (initial public offering) and we received many stock options and other benefits, to “sequence.” Elaine explained to me that this term meant that I was not giving up my career but I was just taking a break, an important break, to teach and guide my Children in many ways that a nanny or an au pair from a foreign country would not do (there was not day care at this time).

Elaine was so quick to access my situation, my alternatives and then reasonably and by showing her beautiful heart, summarized my situation for me. I am forever so grateful for her and for taking the time to explain her thoughts to me.
I always looked forward to seeing Elaine at the reunions and she and Mitch even sent my ex-husband and me beautiful holiday cards of the Capitol all covered in snow.

I never imagined that I after “sequencing,” I would be divorced and for over six (6) years now; not having seen and spent quality time with my beautiful and wonderful children I raised. I know because I “sequenced” and taught my Children many important lessons and today stand strong holding on to my values of integrity along with kindness and compassion which I taught them; we will benefit in many ways from these hard lessons of parental alienation.

As the facts show my Children thrived and made many worthwhile accomplishments as I was “the wind beneath their wings” as their loving Mother in their life.

I still am their loving Mother but I am truly heartbroken without them and I know they are the same without me as Judge Claudia Silbar explained in her courtroom yesterday with her years of firsthand knowledge.
Judge Claudia Silbar explained yesterday and my ex-husband heard too, we will have scars as I still do from when I sued my parents, sister and their lawyer regarding the fraudulent grantor trust; but that experience as well as this one of Parental Alienation transformed me and continues to transform me into a much wiser and compassionate person and I know my very smart Children are learning too.

If I had not “sequenced” for about 18 years, I do not know if my wonderful Children would have thrived and made as many accomplishments as they did or have as many happy memories that they can reflect upon during these times of Parental Alienation and during the upcoming holidays when it seems we will again be without each other and they are even afraid to call me which I understand. Wouldn’t you be if your father threatened you with financial and domestic violence repercussions? Also, if they “behave” they will receive a lot of money when some statute of limitations runs? Like I said, my ex-husband has great negotiating skill; it is so pathetic he has lost his heart to go along with them.

I have such hope that Mitch McConnell will be able to save our Country because at the end of a long day leading the Senate, he will come home to not only a wife with wisdom but a beautiful woman with so much heart and compassion which unfortunately; many in our world today are lacking.

Many kind and honest people have told me how strong and healthy I look. I think it is because I have self-esteem and I am proud of how I have faced my challenges using my skills and education to bring out the truth. I know two men I have great respect for; my wonderful, honest and empathetic Grandfather Ben and the wonderful, honest and empathic Judge I clerked for would be very proud of me and that I am showing the world the values I stand for which they taught me.

I stand strong trying to end Parental Alienation for myself and millions of others and I have not lost my heart, it has grown tremendously.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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