Just like the Harvey Weinstein scandal involving Abuse of Power and abusing vulnerable young adults and others; the PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY involving many of the same people in the crooked establishment who have Abused their Power AND taken advantage of vulnerable young adults and their loving law-abiding Mother (father) at the time of divorce, will also be exposed and their careers and FAKE legacies will also be destroyed. This is Justice, Reasonable and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. We are no longer tolerating the crooked establishment and their harmful ways.

This secret conspiracy disgracefully includes Former First Lady and Harvard Lawyer MICHELLE OBAMA and US Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG, both who claim to love and support Women, Mothers and their Children BUT have refused for years to even acknowledge the Domestic Terrorism and Pure Evil called Parental Alienation. 

They are very educated women and have also received my legal documents which clearly prove the facts about Parental Alienation, how charitable non-profits are used to launder the stolen money the loving Mother should have received and how the children are used and abused.

ALL so-called RELIGIOUS LEADERS in the US also refuse to acknowledge Parental Alienation and use their skills and resources to end it. 
This very disgracefully includes RABBI MARVIN HIER who is the founder of the non-profit THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER, named after the Holocaust survivor.
His non-profit is supposedly dedicated to the Jewish principles of Love and Family; not destroying them like Hitler did. 
RABBI MARVIN HIER also refuses to recognize the Domestic Terrorism and Pure Evil called Parental Alienation despite receiving my legal documents which clearly prove this terror.
Many Judges are also involved, along with lawyers and their law firms. For example, Attorney and Law Firm founder PHILIP G. SEASTROM swore in his personal declaration that his family law firm had a criminal, unlawful and unconscionable “formulated litigation strategy” to have restraining orders granted against loving, law-abiding Wife and Mother SARA HASSMAN(me).

Why do you think these so-called leaders refuse to acknowledge and help end the Domestic Terrorism and Pure Evil called Parental Alienation? Do you think they and others, INCLUDING MY OWN YOUNG ADULT CHILDREN, have received Fraudulent Transfers OF MY COMMUNITY PROPERTY from my evil, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN whom I have been trying to obtain a legal divorce from since 2008? This way, my evil, idiot husband can try to illegally claim he does not have any assets while those who received fraudulent transfers give him monthly “allowances” and are also paid for carrying out this criminal activity and fraud.

***Think my evil, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN has transferred missing corporations; missing millions of dollars from the community estate; and also missing trust assets amounting to millions of dollars?

Do you think both MICHELLE OBAMA, RUTH BADER GINSBURG, RABBI MARVIN HIER, LAWYERS, JUDGES and others have received these fraudulent transfers so they refuse to acknowledge Parental Alienation because they want to continue to profit from it? 
Their statements about supporting Women, Mothers and their Children are just a bunch of lies and HYPOCRISY because otherwise; they would COME OUT IMMEDIATELY IN THE NEWS and condemn Parental Alienation and help end it by helping loving, law-abiding Mothers (fathers) like me reunite with my Children. 
Let the facts speak for themselves and although they try to use all kinds of schemes to silence me by claiming I am a vexatious litigant and also refuse to give me due process of law, TRUTH WILL PREVAIL as the Harvey Weinstein scandal has proven. Parental Alienation will no longer remain the SECRET BUSINESS of these so-called leaders and my evil, idiot husband and other evil predators like him who prey on innocent Children and the Mother of the Children.

Our Movement to End Parental Alienation is thriving as we keep spreading the truth and holding those accountable who continue to commit this Domestic Terrorism and Pure Evil called Parental Alienation while they PRETEND to be honest, religious, kind and compassionate just like Harvey Weinstein, Bernie Madoff and others who thought they were too big to fail.

As my wonderful and wise GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; you must always defend your good values and character and Freedom because without these things you will have nothing and be filled with a lot of shame. You will be a walking robot without love in your heart.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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