Just the tip of the iceberg proving the existence of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to promote the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation and other crimes with INVALID RESTRAINING ORDERS requested by the crooked law firm Seastrom, Seastrom & Tuttle; my very evil and crooked (still) husband Mark Hassman and issued by crooked Judge Claudia Silbar as just these few FACTS CLEARLY PROVE.

This is from the hearing in Judge Silbar’s courtroom on June 8, 2017:

Ms. Hassman (Appellant, which is me): The restraining order is invalid. It was–
The Court (Judge Silbar): Ma’am

Appellant: It was invalid to be issued in the first place in 2012. You have no legal authority—

Judge Silbar: Ms. Hassman
Appellant: —To renew now.
Judge Silbar: Ms. Hassman, don’t speak over me.

Appellant: Well, do I get due process this time or are you going to deny me of more due process?

Judge Silbar: Did you file a response to this request?
Appellant: I got served less than a week ago.
Judge Silbar: and–

Appellant: Where is the proof of service, please?
Judge Silbar: Ms. Hassman–
Appellant: yes, Ma’am.

Judge Silbar: This is the rules: Don’t speak over me–
Appellant: May I speak?
Judge Silbar: Don’t speak out of turn or you will go in the hall again until you learn–
Appellant: I’ve never been in the hall.

Then Judge Silbar put me in the hall saying: Ms. Hassman is in the hallway as a result of not being able to stop her outburst. Let’s see if she is prepared to go forward.
Judge Silbar: Both parties raise their right hand and face our clerk to be sworn.

Judge Silbar: Do not speak over the court, and do not speak unless the court tells you it’s your turn.
Appellant: Will you give me a turn?

Judge Silbar: (she never answered and just said): Don’t speak until I tell you it’s your turn, unless you have a legal objection.
Petitioner (Mark Hassman) even admitted under oath that he did not properly serve Appellant as he stated ;I get that it’s not the right amount of time.

More harassment of me, Appellant by Judge Silbar which also proves a denial of Appellant’s constitutional right to due process of law:
Appellant: Objection to a continuance.
Judge Silbar: We are picking a new date.
Appellant: Objection to a continuance.

Judge Silbar: So you are waiving the timeliness of service?
Appellant: I’d like to get the issues on the record. Let’s put the issues on the record.
Judge Silbar: Ms. Hassman–

Appellant: Are you going to give me an opportunity–
Judge Silbar: Stop talking. I can either give you a continuance, so the service is timely, or you can say, I don’t mind that I was served late, I’d like to go forward today. You have one of those two choices today.

Appellant: Okay, can you define this for me; if I go forward today are you going to give me an opportunity to argue my points of law and fact?
Judge Silbar: I’m going to give you a few minutes, about five minutes, yes AT THE MOST. 

More violations of Appellant’s constitutional rights by Judge Silbar are proven by the following where Judge Silbar ILLEGALLY, MALICIOUSLY AND CRIMINALLY has carried out and aided and abetted in the very serious crimes of Obstruction of Justice and Malicious Prosecution thereby ILLEGALLY, MALICIOUSLY AND CRIMINALLY depriving Appellant of her constitutional right to a fair trial by an impartial judge.

Judge Silbar: So which do you want a continuance or do you want to go forward right now.
Appellant: Well, let me see. We have opening arguments, which YOU KNOW, because the attorney who represents you is going to be there for the Federal Court hearing at the end of the month, and then I have the renewal hearing coming up, and I had my other federal lawsuit that YOUR LAW FIRM represents you for.

Appellant: I need to make a phone call…I need to get some advice, so maybe we can save the court time and judicial economy and I can have it today.
Judge Silbar: Ok, Ms. Hassman.

However, then Judge Silbar turns to Petitioner (Mark Hassman) like she is DEFENDING her decision to him, says:
I’m going to give her the chance to make a phone call. 
Turning back to talk to Appellant, Judge Silbar then very unreasonably qualifies her decision which denies Appellant Due Process of Law by saying:
I’m just giving you a couple of SECONDS.

Proving more ILLEGALLY, MALICIOUSLY AND CRIMINALLY behavior by Judge Silbar, Appellant states under oath in pertinent part:
I need to call someone to get some professional advice, okay, because I have all these–you know, I have all these pending Federal and State lawsuits due to the invalid divorce judgment that YOU SIGNED.

Are you going to be able to reinstate my SPOUSAL SUPPORT of $4,300 a month, since that wasn’t — 
Judge Silbar: Ms. Hassman—It’s not before the court, none of that.
Appellant: None of that is before the court?


Judge Silbar: You are interrupting me again.
I am giving you approximately one to two minutes. Make your phone call.

The following proves Judge Silbar continues with her PATTERN of ILLEGALLY, MALICIOUSLY AND CRIMINALLY depriving Appellant of her constitutional right to a FAIR TRIAL BY AN IMPARTIAL JUDGE. 
Judge Silbar: So you understand that you have the right to at least 21 days’ notice—
Appellant: Right
Judge Silbar: You only got eight or nine—
Appellant: Right
Judge Silbar: But you still want to go forward today?
Appellant: As long as–
Judge Silbar: Yes or No?

Appellant: As long as you give me five minutes for due process. You said before –I said are you going to give me time to discuss the issues? If you give me time to discuss the facts and the law–

Judge Silbar: I’ll give you five minutes and that is about IT.
Appellant: Fine, give me five minutes.

The following proves Judge Silbar continues with her PATTERN of ILLEGALLY, MALICIOUSLY AND CRIMINALLY depriving Appellant of her constitutional right to a FAIR TRIAL BY AN IMPARTIAL JUDGE .

Appellant: First Your Honor; do you understand that justice requires: 
1) the net worth of a community estate to be established;

2) the assets divided 50/50;

3) and there be a distribution between the spouses accordingly;

4) that I, Appellant, an honest, loving. law-abiding Woman and Mother have a legal right to custody, visitation and an ongoing companionship with my Children according to the U.S. Constitution and California laws, statutes and cases?

5) All this must be looked at together and not divided up or bifurcated;

6) You are not legally allowed to make up your own laws?

7) Also, Petitioner (Mark Hassman) has no standing to include our children in any restraining order. Also, Petitioner also has no standing to include in any restraining order any adult besides himself like his mistress; whom Judge Silbar and Petitioner both allege is his current legal wife.

8) The Restraining Order at issue had no validity to be issued in the first place in 2012. 
ATTORNEY PHILIP G. SEASTROM’S PERSONAL DECLARATION says this was part of his strategy but very maliciously, illegally and criminally neglects to state WHY he requested many restraining orders against me, Appellant? 
What criminal and illegal acts have I ever committed?
I am a law-abiding citizen as many public records and other documents clearly prove.

9) Just like you can’t modify my spousal support if my divorce judgment is not valid even if PHILIP G. SEASTROM ALSO SAID IN HIS PERSONAL DECLARATION that this was part of his strategy too; to make me, Appellant, financial distressed and terrorized.

10) Said divorce judgment is not valid pursuant to many California statutes.
I, Appellant, am entitled to know: a) the net worth of the community estate,; b)how it was established, c) how it was divided d) and where it was disposed. e) But, I don’t know any of that because the divorce judgment you signed lacks these legally required disclosures.

11) Said divorce judgment also says I am supposed to get $4,300 in spousal support a month. I am getting $350 every two weeks but YOU modified it WITHOUT even ordering Petitioner’s( Mark Hassman’s) current financial information as required by the law which YOU are hired by the State of California to enforce, not ignore as you please.

12) I, Appellant helped my Children thrive in many positive ways until the Parental Alienation started. Why do you repeatedly REFUSE to order that I, honest, loving, law-abiding Appellant be given their phone numbers, email addresses and addresses so I can start having a companionship again. By doing this you are promoting the domestic terrorism call Parental Alienation.

13) Petitioner even told Dr. Phil on national television that he would help reunite my Children and myself with all his negotiation skills and experience. However, he continues to prove his pattern of lying and perjury.

14) A Mother’s loss of said legal right to take care of and have the companionship of her children for even minimal periods of time which is guaranteed under the First, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution, unquestionably constitutes irreparable injury.

15) I, Appellant have a legal right to take care of my Children and have an ongoing companionship with them. 
“No bond is more precious and none should be more zealously protected by the law as the bond between parent and child.” 
[Carson v. Elrod, 411 F. Supp. 645, 649; DC E.D. VA (1976)]

16) I, Appellant, have a legal right to have a valid divorce judgment which includes having my spousal support reinstated to the original amount stated on the divorce judgment which YOU Judge Silbar reviewed, signed and then filed on May 7, 2010 UNTIL the entire divorce judgment is replaced with one which completely complies with our laws.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE but this gives you an idea of what to expect when our laws are not followed, evidence is not ordered to be presented and there are lies and schemes put in the place of the truth.

I am thrilled so much of the truth is being exposed more and more each day and in public records too. I will keep you posted but know that Truth, Justice, Equal Rights and of course Love and God are prevailing AND these evil predators are destroying themselves and each other, as expected.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.Palienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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