Just want to put this out in public; I just received another Trojan email Death Threat.

 This time it said “Death by milk” and “still dancing.” 
They must really be getting nervous and are truly sick and out of control to behave this way. These are religious leaders, executives, a judge, law firms, schools and others who are supposed to act in moral and trustworthy ways.

No wonder so many children, teens and young adults are violent, depressed and have so many problems.
Their loving Mother (father) has been taken from them and I know my children have been threatened not to communicate with me because then they cannot profit and will be HARMED for disclosing the STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME and the REAL ESTATE FRAUD SCHEME, my ex-husband who received his MBA from Harvard and is a Chief Financial Officer is running. All these people involved are trying to PROFIT from my divorce by keeping millions of dollars of my property and other interests instead of distributing it to me.

They know I have the facts so if they kill me; everything is in the court file. Plus, others have more details. 
The truth will prevail and so will love and of course God. Love for yourself, what you stand for and stopping this abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation is a worthy fight and must be stopped. A moral, honest person will give children and others a chance to reach their potential, not use and abuse them for a PROFIT. It is sick beyond words.
Just wanted you to know about this recent death threat.
Don’t worry about me; I am even more empowered.Just goes with the territory.
I hope my children are now getting along and see the truth along with many others.




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