Laughing and making jokes to take the focus off their lies and corruption so they seem “charming” while abusing and committing other unlawful acts

Laughing and making jokes to take the focus off the lies, corruption, manipulations and abuse is what some abusers do including those who create and perpetuate Parental Alienation.

Instead of HELPING to reunite alienated Mothers and Fathers with their Children of all ages which is REASONABLE; they make jokes instead of using reason and wisdom.

RABBI DAVID WOLPE is known to do this as I know first hand.

He uses “charitable” agreements to hide and steal the community property of a loving, law-abiding Mother as my evidence clearly shows. But makes jokes about this and love and faith while destroying the love of a Mother and her Children and also causes them financial problems while he lines his own pockets with her money that he helped conceal and steal from her.

Rabbi David Wolpe and others who do the same have replaced their wisdom with a laughing philosophy instead of getting the help they need so they can address their serious problems of abuse, anger, control and word on the street is also his drinking problem.

They are very manipulative because I know first hand that Rabbi David Wolpe can be very demeaning, by dashing the hopes and dreams of those who refuse to do as he demands.

People like him have a very uneven temperament so one never knows if they will be tolerable or mean and abusive. They are never truly soft and tender and use jokes to be friendly while stealing your money or abusing you and your children.

They also are never satisfied with anything so if you should get into a relationship with someone like him; he will cheat on you or dump you when he gets bored because there is no loyalty and of course no love as many experts have proven about people like this.

***So, to understand abusers and manipulators; understand they may seem “charming” because they are funny and joke but this is just a screen or facade for all of their problems. Again, make sure those you associate with are reasonable; whether or not they joke and make you laugh.

I hope this helps others so they do not fall prey to these “charming” abusers and thieves.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experience and my evidence.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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