Leading the Way to Restore Equal Rights for Women and Children

 Religion; have most of them become a facade for a secret terrorist movement to DEPRIVE women and children of their EQUAL RIGHTS or are they truly making our world a better place?

As many around the world are celebrating during this weekend Passover and Easter and others celebrated religious holidays recently too; it is important for WOMEN to understand and ENFORCE their EQUAL RIGHTS for themselves and their Children who are too young, naive or intimidated to express their own EQUAL RIGHTS.

It is important for WOMEN to RISE UP and see the FACTS which means understanding the schemes and manipulations men and the organizations they control along with sick women who have sold their heart, soul and mind, with the OBJECTIVE of keeping women SUBSERVIENT to them and under their CONTROL instead ENCOURAGING THEM to use their FREEDOM. In many countries WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS.

First, women and their children must be strong enough to FACE THE TRUTH that we are intentionally being HELD DOWN and our skills and potential being destroyed so we can be used by men and these sick women for their own benefits which includes making a PROFIT off of us from a divorce, selling women and young boys into slavery, forced labor and other horrible acts of involuntary servitude going on in all of our backyards. 

***Second, WE will then be able to bring about much needed positive CHANGE so WE WILL STOP OURSELVES AND OUR CHILDREN FROM BEING USED AND ABUSED FOR A PROFIT by these men and minority of sick women who are in powerful positions and have a corrupt network to use and abuse WOMEN and their CHILDREN.



***We must LEAD THE WAY for ourselves and our children to have FREEDOM and to stop being TAUGHT AND FEEL FORCED to hide our true feelings,capable skills and INDIVIDUAL thoughts to please men and those sick women who think they have a RIGHT to use and abuse us for a PROFIT and their own benefits.

***WE, as a STRONG, UNITED GROUP OF WOMEN MUST PASS ONTO FUTURE GENERATIONS the thoughts and behaviors which support that WOMEN and our CHILDREN have EQUAL RIGHTS.

For example, instead of being praised for using our minds to make reasonable decisions, often if a woman disagrees with a man they are told they are a bitch or crazy, a big mouth or sick and that they do not have to listen to us and try to REASONABLY open their mind and try to understand because often they control the money because we have been nurturing our children which is a extremely important responsibility.Unfortunately, our society does not value Motherhood as an important responsibility because it involves love, care and compassion and not money. Our society only values money today not LOVE.

***Today, a man can just get divorced, steal our 50% interest in the community estate, manipulate the minds of our children to force them to to go along with acts of abuse, intimidation and threats so everyone who is involved in this abuse or what is called parental alienation; PROFITS from sharing the LOVING, NURTURING, REASONABLE MOTHER’S 50% share which can be millions of dollars.

There is no LOVE or COMPASSION in this world. It is what many refer to as a “dog-eat-dog world” where you better look out for your own interests with ruthless competition; even from those you thought you could trust. There is not trust in this world nor is there any love. It is truly a living hell as many classic authors and experts have described like Foydor Dostoyevsky,Oscar Wilde, and so poignantly Mikhail Bulgakov in “The Master and Margarita,” and Earnest Hemingway in “The Man and the Sea.”

Unfortunately, many women, like my ex-husband’s current wife, women Jewish leaders in the United States and millions like them go along with this corruption and abuse so they too can profit by living a life of luxury while destroying their own SISTERS; OTHER WOMEN; instead of using their heart, soul and mind to STOP this CYCLE OF ABUSE OF WOMEN and help end PARENTAL ALIENATION and other abuses women and children face as a direct result.

With that being said; I plan to LEAD THE WAY for this important movement to bring EQUAL RIGHTS to women and their Children as our Constitution which was written by reasonable men intended.

I had the privilege of clerking for and becoming PERSONALLY acquainted with some brilliant Judges who used their powerful positions to ENFORCE equal rights for women and their Children and taught me to always stand up for my INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS and those of Children and others who cannot stand up for their own. 
This has always been my motivation for my parental alienation website and my other acts to end parental alienation. 
In the process I learned how deep rooted and widespread the abuse of LOVING, COMPASSIONATE WOMEN and their CHILDREN truly is, which is so heart wrenching. 
The foundation of this problem is that men and these sick women who go along with these men do not want to RECOGNIZE AND ENFORCE EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

Unfortunately, my parents, sister and other relatives and many old friends of mine do not believe in EQUAL RIGHTS for women as they sit high on their thrones of money, power and control with NO LOVE and with a lot of MISERY even as they have acquired more and more wealth and more and more control of those who will SACRIFICE their heart, soul and mind to them; of course for a PROFIT. So, all of them continue this CYCLE of using and abusing women and their children.

***To say the least I have been horrified as well as a victim. Over the next several months; I will be taking some powerful actions within the confines of the law to RESTORE EQUAL RIGHTS to WOMEN AND CHILDREN as our Constitution intends.

***Please think about YOUR OWN actions and what you stand for; especially other women and children. What type of world do you want to live in and what type of world do you want to leave for future generations?

I just want to thank so many people who have been in my life and are currently in my life who taught me these important lessons and support me; especially my wonderful and wise Grandfather Ben.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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