LEARNING TO LOVE and also Clarifying How My Children and I were Taken Advantage of by many Jews

How to LEARN TO LOVE and also I want to clarify something I said in my post yesterday.
I said
I consulted RABBI DAVID WOLPE for therapy regarding parental alienation and he and many others at SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and at other Jewish Organizations TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME instead of helping me and my Children.

What they did was PRETEND to be kind to me and PRETEND to help me while they were making agreements with my ex-husband to conceal my assets and money that belong to me and also harass me by defaming my character even on national television on the Dr. Phil show which is rerun too. Dr. Phil asked me why I was banned from going to a Temple in west Los Angeles I said I don’t know and they refuse to tell me. ( for about 2 years now).

SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and at MANY OTHER JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS have been notified about being in receipt of my assets which is “stolen property,” since I have a fraudulent divorce and there are many undisclosed community assets amounting to millions of dollars. They refuse to even acknowledge my emails and voice mail messages.

In addition, they refused to make a telephone call to help rectify my Son’s abusive living situation as the one photo I have been posting shows. I have many photos and emails too.
Thus, they are allowing the abuse to continue and my Son was a minor at the time.
*** Why would Rabbi David Wolpe and these other Jewish Leaders do this?
Do you think they are more interested in keeping my assets and money and want to keep me and my children in a state of distress so we won’t figure all this out and also so they can better control us?
Is this how they get their kicks or do they think this is being “religious?”
What do you think a jury will think?
I am quite sure I can show a jury this is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by my ex-husband, his new wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and other offenses by them and all of those who KNEW ABOUT IT and ALLOWED IT.
I have their emails that they knowingly permitting this.
You should see some of the INCRIMINATING comments my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN put in his emails. He claims my reasonable son CHOSE to live this way and he as the custodial parent (who the children can choose in CA) thinks it is great although he did have the flu and was sick. He said, unbeknownst to me, my son lived this way sophomore year at the California Boarding High School.
***Boy, I bet the parents of those attending this California Boarding High School would love to see these photos and all the emails from the administrators how they approved of this abusive environment and how I was wrong for complaining. The California Boarding School violated their own policies in their own handbook. What about prospective parents? What if I circulate this information to their feeder schools and do other things to alert others which I plan to do so their children are not treated the way mine have been. This is reasonable and compassionate.
Think the school will be forced to close?
RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others JEWISH leaders knew about this.
WHY DID THE SCHOOL DO THIS? Do they also have an “agreement” with my ex-husband and his new wife?

October 27, 2012 SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES banned me from ever coming to any events at the Temple when I was dressed up in line going to pray. They and MANY OTHER JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS refuse to tell me what I did when I have had a clean record my entire life and I am known for my good values and peaceful character. They did this at the time they knew I was in therapy trying to understand parental alienation and cope with the loss of relations with my children. This is pure evil and certainly is not “religious.”
They also refuse to return the contributions I made.
Even now, Rabbi David Wolpe will not stop hacking my computer and sending me Trojan email messages and messages using aliases and not his real name. Why? Does he think it is fun to harass me? IS THIS WHAT HE IS PAID TO DO? Why does HE tolerate this?
He is an educated man and supposedly lives by Jewish teaches which do not promote Domestic Violence or any other type of abuse.

He and the many other Jewish leaders I contacted must think harassing a loving Mother and destroying the Mother/Child relationship is acceptable as author Stephen Fried wrote THEY HAVEN’T CARED ABOUT THIS SINCE THE 1970’s. The Jews have been PROFITING from destroying the sacred Mother/Child relationship. [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]. There is more but this is what I meant when I said they “took advantage of me instead of helping me and my Children.” Think twice before you consult with a Rabbi or go to a synagogue. Learn from my mistake.

Since my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN himself, Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and others will not acknowledge yet the agreements they have with my ex-husband; please try not to be revengeful when things begin to happen over the next few months.

***I told you I WILL NOT ALLOW anyone harm my Children or myself and take away our rights without Due Process. I am moving forward in many different venues to obtain justice as I have a right to do.
Instead of being angry and revengeful, try healing yourself and adapting new positive thought processes which will drive you to have new positive behaviors. Our thoughts drive our actions.
For example, instead of being angry at the truthful allegations brought against you; try being honest and admitting the truth and rectifying the harms you have caused. Stop yourself from being angry and revengeful; instead become reasonable, objective and collaborative. Control your emotions. You can do this if you WANT to for yourself and also to make our world a better place.

Better yet: BE PROACTIVE and help me reunite with my Children and give me my money. All of you are professional negotiators; having negotiated many important agreements throughout your careers. I am sure if you explain to my reasonable, kind, compassionate Children the lies and schemes; they would be very willing to reunite with me and start communicating again and seeing each other.

Let’s be reasonable here: Do you really think my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN who is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Harvard Business School graduate who made millions of dollars is now “insolvent?” Do you think all of the investments he made totally failed; he does not have any savings, retirement accounts, pension plans, and our three homes he by “mistake” left off the stipulated judgment all are worthless? What about all the Companies in California, Delaware and Pennsylvania he by “mistake” left off the stipulated judgment; are they worthless too? What about the LLC he left off by a “mistake” that he is now receiving dividends from according to his JOINT tax returns? He and his new wife have NOT tried to rectify these “mistakes” either. That won’t look too good before the jury or the judge. Do your really believe he has NOTHING to show for all his years of work and all our investments and is “insolvent” as he swore.
Remember, he and his new wife just returned from his Harvard Business School reunion and went to all their elaborate lunches, dinners and parties and also traveled back east in the Spring after swearing he is “insolvent.”
He drives around in a paid off Lexus SUV too and my ex- is paying over $700/month for his wife to drive a Lexus too. Has no “ability” to pay my support…really.
The last 6 years of our marriage our joint tax returns showed over $2.5 million dollars in just income, which includes the recession.
After our divorce; he was off to Catalina Island for some races with his $3,000 bike but swears he is “insolvent” and had my spousal support eliminated because his does not have the “ability” to pay it; but he could somehow pay his Newport Beach Law Firm to argue the case for him.
There is so much more but I think you get the picture.
Plus, destroying the Mother/Child bond is pure evil, emotional abuse and torture and Domestic Violence too.

The question is; are you going to remain part of his “Chain of Fools” and let him take YOU down with him? Are you going to let him manipulate YOU? I have the facts and so do others. The substantial evidence showing his “mistakes” as he said, leaves very little doubt in my mind and others too, that HE is going down; but will YOU allow yourself to go down with him?
We have free will, it is your prerogative whether or not you choose to exercise it or allow yourself to go down with the “Chain of Fools.”

Our choices define us and I; a loving, responsible Mother will not stop fighting to evict my Children from their emotional torture and other abuses and get them into a LOVING, NURTURING ENVIRONMENT. This is what a loving, responsible Mother does. Otherwise, I will lose my values and life will become meaningless as I would become filled with shame and empower my ex and others to abuse my children even more.


******When you are very concerned about the well being of others and think of them or a special someone and their well being more than you think of your own, this is all part of LOVE.
***This is why parental alienation is evil, sick emotional torture and terror for MILLIONS of us loving parents and our wonderful children too.

I will never stop being concerned about my Children’s well being and those of millions like them who are being emotionally tortured and abused.


The people carrying out parental alienation don’t understand because they often have never experienced LOVE and refuse to learn to UNDERSTAND their OWN frustrations and their need to control.
They refuse to understand why they think and act in harmful, corrupt ways, manipulating others.
***They think MANIPULATING and CONTROLLING others is fun only because they have never learned to love and can’t IMAGINE what love is. They don’t truly understand the pain they are causing although they DO understand it is wrong and harming others. They don’t care because instead of getting the help THEY need to learn to get rid of their shame; they want others to feel their pain.
It is truly PATHETIC because they are depriving themselves of receiving love and giving love. Often they refuse to break the abuse cycle themselves. They refuse to LEARN HOW TO LOVE.*******

For the same reasons, I also will not stop fighting for my own rights to have a relationship with my Children and my money which I should have received but trusted my ex-husband and lawyers since I was recovering from my seizures and emotional abuse. I have recovered in many ways and have figured out the truth and I am rectifying my fraudulent divorce which is tied to the parental alienation.

I hope many in the “Chain of Fools” choose to change their foolish ways and help me REUNITE with my Children and rectify my fraudulent divorce. My Children and I NEED to be able to receive the love Children and their Mother should be able to receive and also return. This is what the special Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship is all about.

***So, don’t be angry or revengeful; view this as an OPPORTUNITY to change your destructive ways, rectify the harms you have caused so you can heal. In Judaism, this is called Teshuva and is a beautiful process if done truthfully with honesty and sincerity.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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