Lift Up Your Hearts

Ambassador, friend, and colleague Doug Kmiec recently published a beautiful faith-filled book very appropriately titled, “Lift Up Your Hearts.”
As a reporter accurately described; “This is not a book about politics really. It is about the strivings of the human soul and the consolations that await those who strive.”

Ambassador Kmiec thought it would be helpful for all of us if I communicated his concern for the millions of children suffering from parental alienation and that he supports our efforts and endorses our cause.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Doug Kmiec; he has had a powerful voice in the world of faith and politics.
Ambassador Kmiec stands in his own class among many other leaders as he has brilliantly maintained his empathy and love for humanity; not succumbing to the ego or ignoring the interests of others while focusing only on a personal agenda as many, unfortunately, do these days.

As Mike Rutten, a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times described Doug Kmiec; he has witnessed that religious conviction and political civility need not be at odds; that reasonable people, of determined good conscious, whatever their faith or lack thereof, can find ways to cooperate in the common good.

Since many of us are coping with the harms of parental alienation and other child abuse issues, I wanted to share some of the passages of this book, which I found enthralling and enriching. Ambassador Kmiec states:

There is a secret source of inspiration that is capable of Lifting Up the Hearts of those facing the darkest tragedies.
         The secret? The life of kindness, and the prescription for kindness that the deceased Monsignor had revealed to the Ambassador over years of friendship and informal “tea and toast” conversations.

His book:
• is a love story.
• is a resource of faith and wisdom.
• is a spiritual journey through the sadness of death of a special loved one.
• visibly moves and changes people as they encounter it. (it moved me and my friend Anita and many other writers and intellects).

As Ambassador Doug Kmiec writes. . . the true story is set in a context of my recent service as an Obama-appointed US ambassador on an inter-faith mission, which succeeded beyond expectation in my host country, and then done in by state dept bureaucrats fighting over nothing of consequence beyond their own turf.

I know many of us can relate as we face similar issues in trying to stop parental alienation. However, as CEO and author Jim Wallis so poignantly stated: the stories give great insight into tragedy but still paint a picture of faith and hope.

For more inspiration, the book is “Lift Up Your Hearts,” by Douglas W. Kmiec
Forward by Martin Sheen and endorsed by many including Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions.
I along with Ambassador Douglas W. Kmiec hope this book will “Lift up your Hearts”, too.


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