Like Madoff & JP Morgan have shown: Jewish Organizations & Leaders have a Responsibility

When Madoff’s lies and schemes were revealed, a major question was whether he committed these acts all by himself, ruthlessly harming millions and our society. Bernie Madoff is now a disgraced Jew.

1. I have made it very clear, with emails and other information, that Rabbis, Jewish leaders on both the National and Local levels, Board Members, Officers, Executives, Journalists and others in supervisor and administrative positions at Jewish organizations and institutions have ALL ignored the child abuse and the emotional child torture of precious children and their families at the time of divorce since the 1970’s called parental alienation. (1,2,3)

In the 1970’s the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe discovered this emotional child abuse and torture but intentionally ignored these children’s cries himself as the bestselling author Stephen Fried described in great detail in his acclaimed book, “The New Rabbi,” chapter 2. (4)

As Fried’s book shows; Rabbis and Jewish organizations stand to lose major contributions if they do what is moral which is to help and support Jewish children and their families against the sick, abusive parent at the time of divorce, who is trying to brainwash the children against their loving parent.

In many situations, this sick parent can afford to make huge monetary, political and other contributions to these Jews and their organizations and causes.

  • Thus, these disgraceful Jewish leaders, Rabbis, journalists and others have put the dollar above protecting our precious children and their beautiful heart, soul and mind.
  • They have also put the dollar above protecting the loving, caring parent who is divorcing this sick, but wealthy and influential spouse.
  • These Rabbis, Jewish leaders and others have done this by allowing these children to be severely emotionally, physically and in other ways harmed due to the destruction of the loving sacred parent/child relationship which the sick parent wants destroyed for control, monetary and other horrifying reasons. (4)
  • By catering to this sick but wealthy, influential spouse; these Rabbis, Jewish leaders and others have also caused our family values and society to suffer.

Many of our youth are taught to follow this sick parent’s behaviors and no longer know how to be kind, compassionate and loving.

Instead, millions of these children of divorce are full of anger and shame and resort to violence, drugs, alcohol and other destructive ways to ease their pain. They are doing their best trying to survive without their loving, caring parent who they have been forced to alienate or believe is crazy and should be feared. It is so sad and horrible.

2. In addition, I am also concerned about Rabbi David Wolpe using the internet to make overtures to vulnerable women who have consult him for advice, as he did with me. He is the most influential Rabbi in the US and has a very expansive following on the internet. He also encourages personal emails, as he did with me. When I refused Rabbi David Wolpe’s overtures and possibly also due to his efforts trying to defame my character and my work trying to reveal this secret emotional child abuse and emotional child torture plot; I found myself exiled from the synagogue where he is employed. I had been attending services, other events and even volunteering at this synagogue for about five years, since I had moved to Los Angeles.

Many of these Jewish leaders and others are aware that I turned down Rabbi David Wolpe’s overtures.

I even sent an email to Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, Executive Director of the organization which is responsible for the ethical behavior of Rabbis and other Jews in their posts and positions. It was entitled “woman to woman,” and discussed my concern about Rabbi David Wolpe remaining on the internet and making overtures to women in his professional role. These women are vulnerable as they have consulted him for counseling, as I had. This is reprehensible and heinous beyond words.

I sent many emails to a myriad of Jewish leaders, Jewish organizations and Jewish journalists, board members, clergy and others expressing both of these concerns. However, they all just ignored my emails and many even blocked my email address.

Many of these Jewish leaders and others are also aware of this pattern of Rabbi David Wolpe’s erratic, destructive behaviors. For example;

  • Many are aware of the lawsuit Cantor Joe Gole won against Sinai Temple for a breach of his employment contract, which I understand was due to Rabbi David Wolpe’s erratic behaviors.  Many of these Jewish leaders and others are also aware of the fact that a large number of employees and members have been leaving Sinai Temple over the past several years; which I also understand is due to Rabbi David Wolpe’s erratic behaviors.
  • Sinai Temple’s synagogue and school have had a major turnover and exodus since around the time of Rabbi David Wolpe’s divorce several years ago and it is still continuing. Rabbi David Wolpe himself even made a youtube video about Jews leaving his congregation and blamed the internet, computers and other modern devices; not his own lack of integrity, kindness, compassion, civility and his other negative behaviors and those at the synagogue where he is employed, Sinai Temple.
  • Many of these Jewish leaders and others should also be aware that it is understood some of the major reasons for Rabbi David Wolpe’s divorce several years ago was due to his erratic behaviors and his “women problem.”

Aren’t employers responsible for making sure their employees, like a Rabbi, are fit to perform their duties? Maybe Rabbi David Wolpe’s divorce and the causes leading up to it have made him unfit now to professionally perform his duties as a competent, professional Rabbi. Doesn’t an employer have a duty to provide their employees with the help he or she needs, like classes and therapy, and suspend their employment until they are capable to resume their duties in a healthy, professional manner?  At a minimum, isn’t it negligent of an employer to allow an unhealthy, unfit employee to continue in his professional role, knowing he or she is harming others?

  • I even contacted Paul Wolpe, David Wolpe’s brother, about my concerns since he has spoken at Sinai Temple on the topic of ethics, as this is his expertise at Emory University. He told me never to email him again and blocked my email address. Where is Paul Wolpe’s responsibility as not only a Jew but, as a caring, responsible brother and a responsible ethics professor and leader? What is he trying to hide? 

Nonetheless, I continue to try to give all these Jewish leaders, Rabbis and others an opportunity to change their ways by beginning to fervently, yes fervently develop a program which includes talking and writing about the emotional child abuse and emotional child torture called parental alienation, having lectures, discussion groups, classes and other informative events for adults, teens and children.Also, by getting Rabbi David Wolpe off the internet and into programs to help him resolve his issues, like his “women issue,” and trying to make overtures, defame or intimidate women who consulted him for advice as he did with me.

 For example; I sent this email to all these Jewish leaders, journalists, individuals and organizations yesterday:

Sara Hassman <[email protected]

to:  [email protected],

 [email protected],

 [email protected],

 [email protected],

 [email protected],

 [email protected],

 “[email protected]” <[email protected]>,

 Rabbi Daniel Nevins <[email protected]>,

 “[email protected]” <[email protected]>,

 “[email protected]” <[email protected]>,

 “Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <[email protected]>,

 “[email protected]” <[email protected]>,

 “[email protected]” <[email protected]>,

 Daniel Gordis <[email protected]>,

 Danielle Berrin <[email protected]>


date:  Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 11:50 AM

subject:  just wanted to make sure you saw this update

I added those contacted at Emory University.

Also, you may want to see my facebook post at 7am, tomorrow, Thursday 1-9-14. Why do ALL of you refuse to communicate with me and just ignore me?

Why do ALL of you refuse to acknowledge parental alienation and the millions of children being harmed by this abuse right in the Jewish community and on the bema?

Why have ALL of you been ignoring my requests for years and the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe’s discovery of this harm since the 1970’s?

  Don’t you care about precious Jewish children and other children too?

What about our society?

Here is the facebook link to Parental Alienation Solutions.

Why are ALL of you behaving this way and won’t even communicate with me? What have I done to deserve being treated this way and for being exiled from Sinai Temple since October 2012?

 This is gaining momentum and this is only the beginning. I really wish you would communicate with me so we can resolve this horrific issue. Jews believe in collaboration. It is obvious Rabbi David Wolpe and those at Sinai Temple are not acting alone as I have now shown the public and others too.


Sara Hassman


  • This synagogue and many Jewish organization, are non-profit organizations and are receiving our tax dollars and other incentives for emotionally abusing and torturing our precious children and others, as they have treated me.

Now back the Madoff:

  • Due to Madoff’s schemes and trying to hide how he was harming millions, a company (JP Morgan Chase & Co.), has now agreed to pay $2.6 billion dollars for ignoring numerous warning signs that could have exposed the schemes and fraud years earlier.
  • Internal emails showed that JP Morgan employees knew of the schemes but did nothing. My emails to these Jewish leaders and others show this same nonfeasance. Similarly, JP Morgan, due to its nonfeasance, caused many more people to be harmed and the harms were much more substantial as they continued for a longer period of time.

 As Howard Lesner, the Executive Director of Sinai Temple told me outside Sinai Temple after I had been thrown out while quietly praying;

“Rabbis are employees.”

He also said; “Why should they talk about parental alienation?”

When I explained it was emotional child abuse affecting millions of Jewish children, he ignored me and security told me I must leave or the police will come and take me away. Drastic behavior for just going to pray and then having a discussion. What is truly going on here?

 Due to of the neglect and breach of duty of all these Jewish leaders, executives, board members, employees and others; this emotional child abuse and emotional torture and other abuses have continued.

Don’t you think it is time these Jewish people and organizations begin diligently communicating and sincerely trying to rectify these two specific concerns: 

  1. Why they have been refusing to address the emotional child abuse and emotional child torture at the time of divorce which the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe discovered in the 1970’s. It is called parental alienation and has and continues to harm millions, yes millions of children and their families, including Jewish children and families; 

  2. Why Rabbi David Wolpe has been allowed to remain on the internet and in his role as a Rabbi, despite his “women issues,” and using his title to try lure vulnerable women  who have sought his advice, as he did with me. He does not appear to be emotionally fit or responsible to carry out his duties as a Rabbi.

a)The study of the Talmud and other Jewish teachings would never allow another, especially a Jewish Rabbi or other Jewish leaders to exploit innocent children and their loving, compassionate parent or someone who consulted them for counseling.

b)Furthermore, they would never deprive their Congregations and Communities of knowledge; the knowledge of learning about this emotional child torture called parental alienation affecting millions of Jewish families.

c)In addition, they would never allow children to be pulled from the loving arms of their mother or father as Hitler did and Jewish Rabbis and other Jewish leaders are doing today.

*** Our precious children and family values are our future. If we do not teach our precious children the basic family values of respect, kindness, truthfulness and love as outlined in our Jewish teachings, we do not have a future as Jews. We must rebuild Judaism following the Jewish teachings as this is our salvation as a people, a nation.

  If anyone has additional information about these concerns, please let me know. Also if anyone can help me bring out the truth about the Jews in the US today by making a film or any other way; please let me know.

 ([email protected]).

 I will not accept the ways of these evil Jewish leaders and others who have strayed from God’s basic laws and teachings as they no longer live as Jews or respectable, civil human beings. This is my responsibility as a responsible Jew and moral individual. ALL these people and organizations ultimately seem to have significant culpability, both jointly and severally.

 We must be the voice for all these precious children and vulnerable women who have fallen prey to the ways of Rabbi David Wolpe and other Jewish leaders and organizations acting under the guise of Judaism and Jewish teachings. Pure evil and sinful.

If not I, then who?


Here are other links which show the definitive facts that all these Jewish leaders and the institutions and organizations they control are ALL working together to hide a plot of emotional child abuse and torture of precious children at the time of divorce.

  4. -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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