MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL and ITS Leaders, Members, Players and Fans have taught not only those in the United States but have taught our entire World HOW TO BE PROFITABLE while also being BENEVOLENT LEADERS OF Truth, Justice and Equal Rights and I greatly applaud them.

What I am referring to I am sure many of you can guess is the disgraceful, angry gesture of “slanted eyes” Houston’s player Yuli Gurriel made to Dodger’s pitcher Yu Darvish after his home run during the World Series game on Friday. While being ON THE WORLD STAGE, Major League Baseball and ITS Leaders, Members, Players and Fans chose NOT TO ABUSE THEIR POWER and IGNORE the outrageous, angry gesture made by “the talent” and instead WISELY USED HIM AS AN EXAMPLE of what others DARE NOT DO.

I hope others will open their eyes and hearts and put their pride and egos aside so they too can LEARN from them.
Angry and disgraceful but also very talented Gurriel was suspended without pay for five games next year AND has ruined his own reputation and legacy. 
Many feel that Gurriel should have been suspended immediately but I feel that Commissioner Rob Manfred’s justifications were reasonable and fair. Also, Gurriel apologized to Davish and acknowledged that he was a player he respected. 
Dodger’s pitcher Darvish wisely and reasonably said; “If we can take something from this, that is a GIANT STEP FOR MANKIND.” (Go Dodgers!!!)

I and many other Dodgers and Astro fans were thrilled at how quickly and effectively Major League Baseball ACKNOWLEDGED AND RESOLVED this incident by applying Justice and Equal Rights and also using sanctions to deter others from committing acts of abuse and harassment. 
THE ENTIRE Major League Baseball League made it very clear that they will not tolerate any abuse and harassment by any of its players which have TREMENDOUS TALENT and are very profitable for a team and the league.
***They QUICKLY acknowledged the facts and APPLIED JUSTICE TO EVERYONE. 
This is Democracy in action NOT ABUSE OF POWER which has plagued many in America today but not OUR AMERICAN PASTIME of BASEBALL.

***Why haven’t ALL NONPROFIT JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS in the U.S. stood together to DECRY acts of Parental Alienation, SANCTION those who promote it, and HELP resolve it? They could easily use their skills, experiences, education and resources to:
1) Reunite loving, law-abiding Mothers and Children like myself and my Children. I have been alienated for my Children for ten years now. Picketing yesterday in front of the Jewish Nonprofit SINAI TEMPLE I was repeatedly told how disgraceful it is that NOT ONE Jewish Organization or Jewish Leader has helped me reunite with my children and they all cited the MONEY as the reason. (My marital estate is worth many millions of dollars). 
IT IS NOT JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY when U.S. leaders and U.S. organizations which are the cornerstone of our democracy have business policies to abuse, harass, terrorize, intimidate, oppress and devastate Mothers and their Children at the time of divorce so they can PROFIT. This is criminal, immoral and unconscionable as any reasonable person knows.

2) Give sermons, publish articles, have classes, discussions and other educational events about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and how it is used as a SOPHISTICATED STRATEGY to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE.
Parental Alienation INTENTIONALLY makes the loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother and her Children so distraught that they can easily be taken advantage of even by judges, lawyers and religious leaders, business executives, the 401k profit sharing administrator and others who have FIDUCIARY DUTIES to treat the Mother and her Children honestly and fairly.

***All the Jewish Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S, their Leaders, Members and other Jews profiting from Parental Alienation could like MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL UNITE, yes unite.*******

They could UNITE IN THEIR EFFORTS TO OPPOSE and AGREE TO NO LONGER SUPPORT the abuse, terror, oppression and harassment called Parental Alienation which they have been REFUSING to do FOR DECADES. Their acts do not support Judaism, this is terrorism.

After I picketed yesterday in front of Sinai Temple; I went to the opening night of the political and artistic show called The Red Dress and met the writer, her nephew, the director and actors and was quite impressed with all of them. This true story is about the writer’s family member who wore a red dress to a party in Berlin during the rise of Fascism when the Government had ordered everyone to wear black.

****Is this any different than the so-called Jews of today ordering their members, their business associates and constituents to IGNORE PARENTAL ALIENATION because then they can MAINTAIN THEIR POWER so all of them can profit at the expense of loving, law-abiding Mothers and Children, who they apparently believe are dispensable and can be “sacrificed” for the cause of their profitability? *********

I highly recommend seeing this show The Red Dress and here is the theater information:
Odyssey Theatre 
2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90025 
Ample Street Parking 
(323) 960-5521
Set in Berlin and based on a true story, Tania Wisbar’s romantic drama explores the intersection of politics and art during the years between the Treaty of Versailles and the rise of Fascism.

So now it is time for another incriminating photo from the facebook page of RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE. First, I want to address more completely some of the questions I was asked yesterday while picketing.
To begin, Rabbi David Wolpe works for the LOS ANGELES TIMES and writes many headlines and also many comics. This is how he tries to INTIMIDATE those who try to expose the truth, like me, and also how he sends “messages” to those in his cult or gang. He is very clever and uses the old scheme of epistemology where a word has many definitions but he never defines the one he is using. 
For example, today’s LA Times headline (10/29/17) he wrote; “Getting Even.” Was he really ONLY referring to the Dodgers or was he also referring to me and my picketing followed up with my website and facebook posts? What about HIS HACKING where he yesterday sent me AGAIN the Trojan email saying “Jews can shoot.” Does he plan to shoot me? 
I have complained to SINAI TEMPLE and many other Jewish organizations for years about his hacking and also about his LA Times comments but they just ignore me because obviously this is what he is paid to do.

Another example is in the comics section. Sara, which is my name, is the girlfriend in the comic Zits and many of the robot jokes in Dilbert refer to free will and “words that only a lawyer can understand” and also refer to many of my website and facebook posts and legal documents. (Coincidence?) 
For example, this past week after I wrote a very serious post about the difference between negligent acts and intentional acts; in the comic Tundra RABBI DAVID WOLPE wrote that the defendant is not guilty due to instinct. HE THINKS PARENTAL ALIENATION IS FUNNY. He also thinks it is FUNNY that I have financial problems since I have not received ANY of my assets and retirement from my long term marriage because my idiot (still) husband distributed my 50 percent share of the marital assets to the nonprofit SINAI TEMPLE and other Jewish and other Nonprofits. Funny?

Let’s see what he writes tomorrow, especially since now he knows all of us are on to him. I will explain more of his hacking and other underhanded schemes in a later post and also post more of his incriminating photos from his website which prove his hypocrisy and criminal acts, even though he PRETENDS to be an honorable rabbi. 
However, I am THRILLED many in the community have become aware of this rabbi’s fake image. As just one example, yesterday while picketing someone told me that a relative who lived in the apartment building this rabbi used to live in with his wife who he is now divorced from KNOWS THIS RABBI CHEATED ON HIS WIFE. Apparently this is no secret in that apartment building.

Since this post is longer than I expected, I will just post a Dodgers photo and continue posting more incriminating photos from RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S facebook post tomorrow. Have a great day spreading the truth as we are MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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