Making a Significant Difference

Some people communicate most often using threats. Their idea of motivating others is to paint a terrible consequence distasteful enough that the other person (or children of all ages in a parental alienation situation) BELIEVE there is no alternative but to cooperate.
They fill their heads with lies too and carry out schemes and other machinations that less experienced, vulnerable Children and others feel like they have no alternative when they can contact their loving Mother (father) and get away from the abusers.

This type of person who threatens others also wears down the self-esteem and confidence of others because this makes them feel powerful and special. 
They usually prey upon less experienced and vulnerable Children and others so they are better able to control them.

Often they have an obligation to do what is in the best interest of the person they are threatening and manipulating like a father, rabbi, pastor, judge, law firm, business partner, therapist, relative etc. 

This BETRAYAL OF TRUST is part of the emotional abuse, torture and terror of Parental Alienation as many experts have confirmed. This type of person is not only very sick but is also a coward because they PREY on those who cannot defend themselves against them. []

This is how they live their life; threatening, bullying, manipulating and abusing others until someone comes forth and holds them accountable which I am doing with my $70 million dollar lawsuit I discussed in yesterday’s post and some think this number is too low and I should have asked for $100 million dollars.

The better method of gaining cooperation, which is how I raised my three Children is to create an INCENTIVE. 
For example, if you do this or if you choose to help me, you will learn some interesting things and have fun too and be proud of your beautiful accomplishments. Even if you UNINTENTIONALLY make some mistakes; you will learn from them which will help you mature and grow wiser. This is how you raise Children with confidence and self-esteem which my Children possessed up until the time of the divorce as their many accomplishments show.

***Also, before I correct someone, I ask myself; “Does this make any MATERIAL or significant difference?

Correcting my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, Judge Claudia Silbar, Sinai Temple, Saddleback Church (Saddleback Valley Community Church); Law Firms, Business Executives, the court-appointed Therapist, Relatives and others by:
– refusing to allow them to continue to destroy my companionship with my Children;
– conceal and convert my community property and other interests since the NET WORTH of the community estate was never established and the millions of dollars just did not disappear; 
– profit from these acts which are a violation of the law and also shows moral corruption…

Not only will my lawsuit show that a divorced woman has rights and so do her Children; it will set a precedent so that FUTURE GENERATIONS will not suffer from this emotional abuse and torture called Parental Alienation; financial and emotional devastation and corruption that commonly goes along with Parental Alienation so Religious Organizations, Businesses, Law Firms, Judges, Therapists, Relatives and others will no longer be able to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE BY USING ACTS OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. 

They will no longer be able to torture the loving Mother (father) and her Children so they cannot figure out what has happened.They will have to end their SECRET BUSINESS POLICY and CORRUPT, IMMORAL PRACTICES, which they call “religious,” “politics” or “good business.” Do you think the jury will agree? What about the judge?

Further, when someone trusts another and even has a duty to act in their best interest (like a Rabbi, Pastor, Law Firm, Judge, Therapist, ex-husband-regarding distributing the community estate at the time of divorce); he or she must not betray that trust or there are serious legal consequences as well a moral ones and one can also ruin their reputation.

***Who wants to join a religious organization or do business with a law firm or business if their leaders are shown to be CORRUPT? That is like giving someone your special kitchen knife to guard it for you and instead they stab you with it.

An honest leader and an honest person is a source of comfort and understanding; not one who will stab you in the back when it benefits him or her or stab your Children too so they can PROFIT FROM YOUR DIVORCE and take or help others take MILLIONS OF DOLLARS since the net worth of the community estate was never established; thereby preventing it from being divided 50/50 as the law demands. Any person with common sense realizes that you can’t divide something 50/50 if its value has not been established.

If someone like my ex-husband who is a certified public accountant, and obtained his MBA from Harvard and has made many business accomplishments has CHOSEN to use his GIFTS he was given to harm others and not help others; he must be stopped. This is reasonable and common sense.
So must all the other professionals I have sued.

As each day goes by, they use their gifts to create more and more abuse and corruption…stopping their PRACTICE of parental alienation and making DIVORCE PROFITABLE will make a material difference in our society. This is why I am very empowered and know filing my lawsuit will bring about many needed changes and help millions.

With that being said, the leaders of the organizations I have sued and the individuals too have very out of control egos and an unhealthy need for control and power. Thus, it is especially hard for them, since they refuse to get the proper, effective help; to ask for FORGIVENESS OR ADMIT they need to change their abusive and corrupt policies and behaviors.

However, experts, classic authors and history have shown that those who are unable to overcome their problems of control and power lust; live and die very angry, bitter and miserable people and have wasted their gifts which could have been used to help many. But they are too GREEDY to care.

Thus, despite any humiliation one may perceive there is in admitting their mistakes and rectifying the harms they have caused and CHANGING their abusive and corrupt behaviors and policies; they really do not have a choice because without making these reasonable, positive changes; they will destroy themselves and it will haunt them for the rest of their life as experts, classic writers and history has shown. They just refuse to open their eyes and see THIS TRUTH.

So, I will open their eyes for them because I HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY of not allowing myself to be an eternal victim. Instead, I will use MY gifts and talents and I will not allow them continue to harm me, my Children and millions of others in society who are influenced by their corruption. 
This is why, when you FACE your challenges using YOUR SPECIAL GIFTS; you grow from your challenges and become wiser, have self-esteem and are happy and have self-confidence.

So, if anyone would like to contribute to my very WORTHY FIGHT, please send any amount to Sara Hassman 2160 S. Beverly Glen Blvd; Los Angeles, CA 90025. Rest assured, it will be very wisely used.

As always, none of this is legal or other advice, just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;

[1]- Kruk, E. (2013). Psychology Today; “The Impact of Parental Alienation on Children” Dr. Amy Baker writes parental alienation involves a set of strategies, including bad-mouthing the other parent, limiting contact with that parent, erasing…




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