Many Abuse and Manipulate to feel Needed and Loved

Want to know an important secret which drives many people to hurt and abuse others, even you? 
Many people want to feel needed and also loved. However, in their past, many dishonest, corrupt and abusive people were either deprived of love or abused, ridiculed and made to feel WORTHLESS themselves.
Unfortunately, they never worked through their past and never REALIZED that the person harming them was wrong and not them; they were just the victim, the punching bag who the sick person from their past took their anger and frustrations out upon.

Since these dishonest, corrupt and abusive people never figured out how to act honestly, kindly and collaborate and instead just bully and harm others; they TRY to put people in SITUATIONS which FORCE them to need them so they THINK they are needed and loved. 
For example, my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN has deprived me of receiving my property from our marriage of over 20 years so our children are FORCED to seek him ONLY for financial help. Since he also told them lies about me and carried out schemes with the help of others (like millions of sick alienating parents do at the time of divorce as many experts have proven); my ex-husband has FORCED our children to seek him ONLY for emotional support and guidance. 
***This makes my ex-husband and those aiding him in this abuse feel needed and loved when they are truly loathed and tolerated.

***My Children, like millions of alienated Children are very smart and know the truth. 
So, for all alienated Children and others who are in situations where you think you need to TOLERATE the relationship for financial and/or emotional support… YOU DON’T!!!

You will do so much better on your own, away from the abuse, and you will see how capable you are too.
If you don’t believe me, look at ME; I have made amazing accomplishments since my divorce while trying to understand and cope with the parental alienation, the loss of my money and property and the abuses I have faced from corrupt and abusive religious leaders, a judge, law firms, a corrupt court ordered therapist, a school and so many others. So what!!!
All of them have made me VERY, VERY STRONG and also given me the OPPORTUNITY to see the TRUTH, EXPOSE the truth and help not only myself but many others. So much more is scheduled to happen to help us by stopping the abuse.

On that note, I want to THANK so many of you for your support and sharing my posts as I received over 100 hits a day for many of them. Also, I want to thank many of you for your special message you sent me today. How did you know? 
***I am so grateful to be away from those who REFUSE TO HEAL THEMSELVES and instead try to feel needed and loved by manipulating and abusing others. 
I hope my Children and millions like them will get away from the abuse and not be afraid to SHOW their loving parent and the world so they can realize THEIR beautiful potential.

With great sincerity and love for Children of all ages, their loving parent and others who have been abused and manipulated, PLEASE do not be afraid to do what is right and SHOW your true feelings. Sara
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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