Many Concealed Assets were listed on a Bank Application but the law firms and my ex-husband who is a CPA did NOT Disclose Them. Why? Due to their Agreements where they will get these Concealed Assets?

A bank application in my ex-husband’s handwriting lists many of the concealed assets and their values.

It also lists the concealed “Mark F. Hassman and Sara Hassman Trust”, the limited liability Companies and Partnerships that were concealed their positive values and the net worth of these concealed entities which is quite substantial.
An Insurance Trust was listed with the policies, as were many securities, stocks and bonds.
I did not receive my community property interests in any these concealed assets even though they are stated on this application that they are community property.
The Concealed Homes were also listed with their values too.

Amazing what I and others could find when the Family Law Firms SEASTROM & SEASTROM and the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN who is also a CPA, who were hired by my ex-husband and myself respectively to guide and represent us during the dissolution of marriage process, never disclosed any of these community assets. Their websites state they are experienced; one lists their licenses and one even says they have integrity. So, don’t believe what you read on the internet, verify it first.

(This is NOT legal advice, just my understanding).

Well, these law firms will have to explain as it is mine and others understanding why they could not find any of these many assets worth millions as this bank application shows ARE OR MAY BE community property.
Think it could be due to these “agreements” they have with my ex-husband that they will get some of these concealed community assets when some Statute of Limitations runs or do you think they are INCOMPETENT and don’t know how to find these assets or don’t understand the law?

Also, like JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and KALEEN GONZALEZ of the law office of HARRIS GONZALEZ; do the law firms SEASTROM & SEASTROM and the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN all not know how to read a stipulated judgment and realize many Contract, Property, Family and Marital Laws, Codes and Cases have been violated and the stipulated judgment is invalid, incomplete and unlawful?

Let’s not forget about the letter between Family Law Firms SEASTROM & SEASTROM and the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN where my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN was copied-in (I was not) that discusses UNADJUDICATED ASSETS; PURPOSEFULLY CONCEALED and the RISK OF PUNITIVE DAMAGES.

I also have an email from ALAN SHIFMAN of the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN who shows he is “such a great guy” because he stated he gave me a “discount” on my legal bill. Wow! He gave me a discount as he clearly appears to be violating the law and depriving me of receiving millions of dollars of community assets and the lawful amount of spousal support too since the criteria to establish a permanent lawful spousal support award was never established either.

ALAN SHIFMAN of the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN stated in another letter which is part of public records and has been an exhibit; that my ex-husband’s “priority is money and education. As someone who no longer has a living mother, I can tell you that the relationship between a child and parent is more important.”
Really, then why as the facts clearly show, has ALAN SHIFMAN of the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN refused to help me rectify my fraudulent, invalid and incomplete divorce which is connected to the parental alienation since my ex-husband is using the money to control our children knowing that I can’t help them financially because he has not distributed to ME my community property interest in the community estate?

Where do you think my ex-husband all of a sudden since the divorce is hiding all these millions of dollars of assets and income since he swears he is now “insolvent” and has requested and has been granted many requests to lower and eliminate my spousal support due to his financial situation.

Why has my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN made all these agreements to pay many people and organizations AFTER some Statute of Limitations period ends?
Could it be because he has “assigned” and “entrusted” concealed assets using 501(c)(3) agreements and other agreements to corrupt religious organizations and schools so they all can PROFIT from these assets that I have been deprived of receiving in violation of many laws, and clearly appears to be a sophisticated scheme of abuse and corruption?

Do you really think SEASTROM & SEASTROM; the law offices of ALAN SHIFMAN; KALEEN GONZALEZ of the law office of HARRIS GONZALEZ; JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and of course my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN don’t know or understand these Property, Contract, Family, Marital and other Laws, Codes and Cases which I and others understand and are REASONABLE too?

***For example; how can the community estate be EQUALLY divided at the time of divorce if many community assets are “purposefully concealed” and excluded from the net worth of the community estate?
You don’t have to be a lawyer, a CPA or a judge to understand that it is LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a lawful division of the community estate to take place when many assets have been concealed worth many millions of dollars.

They thought they were very clever by putting a clause in the stipulated judgment that if there is an unequal division of community property…This does not mean if they “purposefully concealed” assets in violation of many laws by concealing millions of dollars of community property and violating other laws and against public policy too. However, these law firms and Judge Claudia Silbar and of course my ex-husband will probably continue to be unreasonable and think they are so “clever” and can just ignore their acts and the law because this is what evil, sick and unreasonable people do.

By the way, my ex-husband signed this bank loan application “under the penalty of perjury” too.

Do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will think this Bank Loan Application along with the fact that many of these community assets were concealed as public records show, shows my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN who has been a CPA since 1979, a Chief Financial Officer and Harvard Business School graduate is “credible”? As many public records show JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR thinks my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN is “credible” and has repeated this statement on public records many times?

More fraud, perjury, subordination of perjury by these individuals and others?
Bank fraud, Loan fraud, Grand Theft by these individuals and others?
What do you think? What do you think a jury or a REASONABLE Judge like the one I clerked for would think?
***Remember, I was in a state of anxiety and recovering from my seizures at the time of the divorce and still am coping with the situation which clearly shows they all took advantage of me.

For one spouse to take advantage of the other is also prohibited by the law and again is also REASONABLE that it should be unlawful for one spouse who controlled the community estate and others who assist him, to take advantage of the loving Mother and spouse who was recovering from her seizures. What do you think a jury or a reasonable and honest judge like the one I clerked for will think?

As more facts are revealed the truth becomes clearer and clearer that millions of dollars of community property and income were concealed by my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN as the spouse who controlled the community estate who is a CPA and CFO with the cooperation and assistance of many.

The facts show my ex-husband HAD TO HAVE THE ASSISTANCE OF MANY OTHERS to conceal these millions of dollars of assets and income including but not limited to the law firms guiding and representing each of us during the dissolution of marriage process and some post-judgment matters who needed to refer to the information on the stipulated judgment as well as Judge Claudia Silbar who never questioned the information that appears on the stipulation judgment showing the divorce is invalid and incomplete pursuant to many property, contract, family, marital and other laws.

My ex-husband could not conceal this property on his own like removing community assets from trusts and assigning them to religious organizations and other non-profit organizations. Even though these organizations have since been notified that they have MY concealed assets that belong to me and I did not consent to “assign” or “entrust” them so they are in receipt of stolen property; MY stolen property; they don’t care and think they will get away with it. They refuse to even ACKNOWLEDGE my emails and voice mails. Think this shows they are being REASONABLE and “RELIGIOUS?”

Think this shows they are intentionally doing corrupt things in violation of the law as the Jews have been doing for decades as Stephen Fried the acclaimed author explains in Chapter 2 of his book “The New Rabbi.” []

Well as more and more facts are revealed, many will understand why millions of Children and their loving Parent are suffering from parental alienation and realize those who cooperate by encouraging and perpetuating parental alienation for a PROFIT, not caring about the Children or the loving Mother (father) they harm. They are so psychologically sick and full of shame that they find enjoyment in harming others as many psychologists and other experts have shown.

So, just make sure you choose to do what is right so you will not become like them and be full of Anger, Shame and not have Peace of Mind or Self-esteem.

At this time, I have disclosed all the information relating to my fraudulent, invalid and incomplete divorce that I chose to.
So, tomorrow I will return to posting information that is more general and relates to understanding and coping with Parental Alienation that millions of Loving Mothers (fathers) in the United States are suffering from as the facts show on my website, on many other sources on the internet and elsewhere.

Don’t worry about those who unite to help perpetuate Parental Alienation like law firms, judges, religious organizations, executives, accounting firms, companies, joint venture partners and others; as history has shown; they will trip over their own feet and destroy themselves.
Just keep doing what is moral and just and making yourself the best person you can be. Never bully and intimated others to get what you want because then you will become miserable, angry, lose respect for yourself, lose your self-esteem, become full of shame and destroy yourself.

Instead, reach your beautiful potential as I continue to do so follow my lead and many, many honest, kind, caring and strong leaders in history who have shown, love, kindness, collaboration, honesty, respect and justice will surpass corruption, abuse and dishonesty always.
Truth and God always prevail so choose the type of person YOU want to be and act accordingly, always; not when you feel like it. Surround yourself with others who do the same too as this is REASONABLE.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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