Many corrupt people and organizations are often in Denial.

Facts on the ground can deliver a fatal blow to one’s most cherished plans, even those of “powerful” politicians’ intent on using and abusing others for their own profits and benefits.

Sometimes, as history has shown, corrupt organizations and people cannot be contained and therefore must be destroyed. This is especially true for those who cannot admit their very harmful mistakes which have inflicted terrible damages upon others.

To make matters worse, these types of people and organizations make up lies and stories trying to change the facts. However, that will NOT work in my case because the facts are on documents which are part of public records; no witnesses are needed because the documents speak for themselves.

Right now, all those I have sued are in denial of the clear facts.

Right now, Cindy’s father, doctors and nurses are in denial that she is being improperly taken care of and neglected in many significant and unlawful, immoral ways.

I am NOT in denial because I can OBJECTIVELY understand the FACTS and I do NOT have any unlawful ulterior motives.

Most people think that religion concerns rituals and spirituality. Western civilization differentiates between Church and State.

However the Torah, which is composed of sacred teachings followed in the Jewish religion, does not make any distinction between Church and State because all areas of life are intertwined. Therefore, holiness is derived from legal and moral business dealings AND from faithfully carrying out religious rituals. One cannot replace the other. 
***In Judaism, the concept of the “Temple” is in the COURTROOM as well as in the SYNAGOGUE. [Parashas Mishpatim]

Civil Law is an extension of the 10th Commandment, which forbids covetousness. In order to know what a person may not covet; one must understand Individual and Property rights of others and respect those rights. The Torah explains that one may not covet ANYTHING that BELONGS TO HIS FELLOW and defines what “belongs to his fellow” means.

Any reasonable person knows that 50 percent of the value of the community estate from a marriage of over 20 years belongs to the Wife/Mother, which is me. Accordingly, no one is allowed to covet my 50 percent and must redeem themselves by making me whole; making restitution plus interest and damages.

Any reasonable person knows that when someone is a Power of Attorney for another, like my friend Cindy’s father is for her; he must treat her according to the 10 Commandments. He must not neglect her needs so he causes her to suffer and more likely die so that he can obtain her property and money more quickly. 
Do you know she is home all alone after just returning from the hospital without anything to eat in the refrigerator? What kind of father would treat his daughter this way? I am trying to rectify this situation as quickly as I can.

Like the Torah teaches, Cindy and I will be redeemed through justice. Just watch.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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