Many go into a State of Shock and become Non-Responsive due to Abuse

Many children, teens and young adults GO INTO A STATE OF SHOCK and become NON-RESPONSIVE due to experiencing the destruction of the companionship and relationship they enjoyed with their loving, kind and caring Mother (Father) around the time of divorce as many psychologists and other experts have found.

They go deeper into a non-responsive state when they are sexually abused and/or forced to do other horrible acts which unfortunately is common in these parental alienation situations. This is why the loving, caring Mother (Father) is alienated.  Once she (he) out of the way, no one is there who cares to help and protect the children.

 *** I am so concerned that this has happened to my children, especially my youngest who is now 20. I have not seen him and spent time with him since he was 15. This is just so horrible beyond words.

He is a smart, funny, kind, talented, athletic, wonderful, compassionate person; as are my other two children. But, being the youngest and being forced to live at the boarding high school in those abusive conditions as the photographs from previous posts show and do other horrible things; I believe it has made him non-responsive in many ways. I know my other two children have experienced horrible things too. The destruction of the Mother/Child relationship is horrible in itself.

 ***Becoming non-responsive and being emotionless is a common reaction to witnessing abuse.

The famous film and musical “Tommy” is about becoming non-responsive after witnessing abuse. This film and musical is based on the song by The Who. Tommy was “the pinball wizard” who everyone thought was “the deaf, dumb and blind kid.” In reality, Tommy became non-responsive to the world due the abuse he witnessed.

 Becoming non-responsive was how Tommy coped with the abuse since

he never had therapy to work through his suppressed feelings. He just became more and more non-responsive and he tuned out the world. Tommy lost his beautiful character and acted deaf, dumb and blind, not caring about himself or others. Therapy could have saved him.

 My children and millions like them also have not had therapy to deal with their suppressed feelings and other feelings about the divorce because their father prohibits it. Even the therapy Dr. Phil provided for myself and my daughter; my ex-husband coerced my wonderful  daughter to only go if I would take down my website that is helpful to many. This is transference; trying to control me through our children with unreasonable, irrational requests.

Alienating parents will only agree to do something if there is some benefit in it for them. My ex-husband’s priority is money and control so there has to be some monetary benefit for him and an opportunity to control others.

 Like the monetary benefits due to fraudulently using 501(c)(3) agreements religious organizations, private non-profit schools and other non-profits provide when they are used to hide assets and income they know legally should be distributed to the loving alienated Mother or Father.

I have contacted those who have these agreements with my ex-husband and told them it appears they have received stolen property.

I asked them to contact me so we can resolve this fraudulent divorce scheme and fraudulent use of the 501(c)(3)  agreements for “charitable” deductions using stolen and converted property that belongs to me and I can use to help my children too.

 These 501(c)(3)  agreements are not intended by the law and IRS to hide stolen or converted property and income that should have been given to an alienated Mother(Father).

 If these religious organizations, schools and other non-profit organizations don’t respond; they face legal consequences because not only does it appear they have my property that was never distributed to me but; it also appears IRS is owed money as a result of these fraudulent transactions.

I could use this money to help my children which is another reason my ex-husband wants to keep it concealed and not distribute it to me.

 ***The bestselling book “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu explains the strategies used by millions of alienating parents and those aiding them including these “religious” and non-profit organizations. It is a short book and if you get a chance to read it over this holiday weekend or soon; I am sure you will find it helpful and empowering.

Intentionally causing financial devastation along with causing emotional torture is the crux of these strategies of war. I will talk more about this book tomorrow.

 Many alienated children, teens and young adults have lost their grounding and their stability because they are afraid to talk to their loving parent and spend time with them; like reading together on a bench under a palm tree like they used to do and just having fun together.

 They are left with a parent and a step-mother (father) who does not care about them and only wants to use them. They often place them in abusive situations too which is pure evil.

They are terrible role models so the children are left on their own, without being properly cared for trying to figure out life.

This is very, very difficult. So please, on this holiday weekend, think of how you can spread the word about parental alienation, the fraudulent use of the 501(c)(3)  agreements by these so called, “Temples, Churches,” and non-profit schools like the boarding school my children attended and many others. Help inform others so they can help children and loving parents. If we don’t fight the corruption, we become part of it. As Eli Wiesel said; “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

 Our challenges make us stronger and wiser so keep doing positive and enriching things and spending time with those who do the same and have good values. Then you will grow together, learning from each other and having fun too. Also, never forget how much your loving Mother (Father) loves you and that they are there for you and think about you often.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions Founder,




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