Many Lessons we can Learn from the NFL, on this Super Bowl Sunday

On this Super Bowl Sunday, we can learn many important lessons from the NFL, whether you plan to watch the game today or have never even seen a football game.

The NFL, which is the National Football League, has made it very clear that it is not only important but imperative for your own well being and for the well being of others you love (like your Children) to QUESTION AUTHORITY

The NFL has shown how CORRUPT AND IMMORAL owners, coaches and others have committed illegal and immoral acts; like deflating footballs so they can win games and make money.
The NFL has shown how corrupt owners, coaches and players have turned their cheek and IGNORED DRUG USE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and other serious acts that have harmed others; including the players themselves and their families.
The football player’s wife and children are often victims of the player’s violent temper and acts of domestic violence and other abusive acts as the Ray Rice situation exposed. 

The NFL is not alone either; look at how golfer Tiger Woods harmed his wife and children. But, the BASEBALL LEAGUE HAS MADE MANY POSITIVE CHANGES which shows, there are honest and moral leaders who don’t put money and titles above the well being of their players, their families and others.

The NFL has shown that many will “do whatever it takes” to make money and have a prestige title, regardless how they harm Women, Children and even their own players who they ALLOW to adapt immoral and illegal behaviors which they will hide.

Then we have the advertisers for the Super Bowl who run very sexist ads and other ads teaching immoral and harmful values. Please understand, I have a sense of humor and love to laugh but not when the laughter sends the WRONG MESSAGE that immoral behavior like viewing Women and Children as toys to be used and abused is not only acceptable but BRAGGED about.

So, it is important for EVERYONE to question what you see and hear BEFORE accepting it as the TRUTH and adapting that belief even if it what you are told comes from the mouth or the pen of who you perceive to be a knowledgeable person. This includes in the BUSINESS environment too. Look at the corruption and immorality the Bernie Madoff situation showed the world. 

What do you think the facts of MY CASE show is behind the acts of Parental Alienation carried out and still being carried out by a Judge, Law Firms, Business Executives, Accountants, a Court Ordered Therapist, Rabbis, Jewish Organizations, a Pastor, other Religious Organizations, Schools, a new wife and step-mother and others? 

• Do they REALLY have good intentions

• Are they USING TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS to carry out their immoral and unlawful acts?

• How do you know? Ask them for PROOF of what they are saying BEFORE agreeing to do what they demand and believing what they say.

You have FREE WILL to decide whether you want to be a corrupt, immoral person or one who HONESTLY HELPS others, not PRETENDING to help them while harming them, like many in the NFL have done as the FACTS show.

See the WHOLE TRUTH even if it is painful because otherwise; you will be living a life based on lies and false stories. See that your Loving Mother (father) and you too have been lied to, cheated, deceived and used and abused. This is what the facts show. To believe otherwise you are ALLOWING yourself to continue to be used and abused and are becoming part of the corruption. 

So, as I bring out more and more facts about those who destroy the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son (or father) relationship at the time of divorce and those with prestigious titles who have helped them; CHOOSE how YOU want to be; corrupt and immoral like them or strong, wise, moral and honest who cares about others and their well being. 

When you are honest you have self-esteem and are PROUD of yourself and happy. You are not full of SHAME for the immoral and unlawful acts you have committed which cause anger, a temper and misery.

Remember, you can only control what YOU do. So if they want to be immoral and want to TEACH YOU how to be immoral, just get away from them. It may start as something like hacking a computer or cloning a telephone number or SIGNING A FRAUDULENT CREDIT APPLICATION and then lead to other immoral and illegal acts. 

DON’T LISTEN TO THEM when they tell you that because you did these first illegal acts, they will turn you in unless you continue to obey them. 
They are the masterminds of the corruption so just get away from them and EXPOSE THE TRUTH. This is often how alienating parents and those who aid them, BAIT children, teens and young adults to obey them. They are just lying to them because this is what they do.

Learn from the NFL, the truth will prevail and be exposed and those held accountable; like the deflated footballs, domestic violence and drug use situations showed.

So, expose the truth, reconnect with your Loving Mother (father) and end the corruption and illegal acts of Parental Alienation.

Remember Boys how your Sister and I used to make all those delicious hors d’oeuvres for the Super Bowl. We had a great time and so did you and your Sister became a great cook too. We have many happy memories to be very grateful for. We will reunite and have many more. Believe it because Truth, Love and God will prevail. I promise. Just stay strong and take good care of yourself and help each other as I taught you. Also, contact me so I can help you too and we can have more fun. Love always, Mom.

As always, none of this is advice of any kind.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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