Many People Discourage New, Creative, Positive Ideas from Others; but Ignore Them!!!

Many people want you to be more like them instead of being creative and having your own INDIVIDUAL positive ideas and positive projects. Many feel threatened by new thoughts and new ideas because they have a need to control and always be the one with the ideas who others must “obey.”

When people discourage new ideas they become stagnate, delusional and do not see reality because they can’t fathom anyone could possibly do something better than them.

Thus, pretending your job is safe or your company is stable leaves you dangerously exposed. If you think risk taking is risky, being risk adverse is often riskier.

Hope you have a great day and are not afraid to take REASONABLE risks and challenge the status quo. This is how we make POSITIVE CHANGES.

To begin just ignore the status quo and those who tell you many NEGATIVE things because they do not like change or THEY want to be the one with the new idea.

Do what you know is RIGHT and REASONABLE and don’t listen to the cowards.

***Your new positive idea may be a huge success and the start of a new trend to help millions.

Many thought I would never be successful fighting my wealthy parents, the Jews and their lawyer. My plan was a huge success and resulted in changing the fraudulent grantor trust laws and helping millions.
I proved all of them wrong because I was REASONABLE and MORAL and was not afraid to be an INDIVIDUAL taking REASONABLE, POSITIVE RISKS to HELP many, including myself.

Fighting Parental Alienation now is no different.

If you think risk taking is risky, being risk adverse is often riskier.
Being BLIND with your head in the sand is even worse.
Our choices define us.
I am not what happened to me, I am what I CHOOSE to become.-Carl Jung

No one else can choose what YOU become; ONLY YOU.

Make reasonable choices and take reasonable risks so you reach YOUR beautiful potential.


Be STRONG; I know my Children are strong and reasonable and so are millions like them.

So, don’t be afraid.
Work together!!!
Don’t allow yourself to be controlled and manipulated. Instead, make GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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