Many positive things are happening for those of us who support Truth, Love, Family, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice for All as OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation is thriving. Also, game 2 of the Dodgers World Series is tonight which is fun to watch. GO DODGERS!

To begin, as INDISPUTABLE FACTS which appear on the face of many legal documents are REPEATEDLY AND REPEATEDLY exposed in California and Federal Courts and to other United States Enforcement Authorities of legal and civil rights; my crooked and evil defendants and those aiding and abetting them keep incriminating themselves more and more by their REPEATED refusal to: 
1) ADMIT what they have done; 
2) COMPENSATE those they have harmed and;
3) CHANGE THEIR POLICIES regarding Parental Alienation so this epidemic problem does not reoccur.
To Repent, Compensate and Change their Policies is not only reasonable behavior; it is also acting as a responsible adult and honest professional.

My defendants and those aiding them include: judges; law firms; religious organizations; executives; professionals; 501(c)(3) and other nonprofits; schools; the court-appointed therapist; and others even shamefully U.S. Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG who refuses to acknowledge this epidemic problem as my overwhelming facts prove. 
However RUTH BADER GINSBURG claims she supports the rights of Women and Mothers. This is just more crooked and evil rhetoric. So what else is new?

Regretfully, as experts, history and also my overwhelming facts since 1985 prove; crooked, evil predators rarely willingly change. They believe they are privileged so they can rule with VILE AND EVIL LIES AND SCHEMES in violation of our laws because they disgracefully believe they are gods and have immunity for all of their crooked and evil behaviors which are destroying humanity and democracy.
A friend of mine accurately described these crooked, evil predators as: 
“An EVIL VIRUS which only changes its form when it uses different lies and schemes but; they are still very evil. They live life floating around, intentionally harming others and turning into evil predators those people who refuse to use their COMMON SENSE and FREE WILL to get away from them.” Remember, our choices determine our destiny.

With that being said; here is another example which proves this behavior of crooked, evil predators.
Yesterday, 10/23/2018, I called my crooked, evil predator attorney PAMELA SHAFFER at 9:55 a.m. to reasonably try to discuss with her this ex parte (emergency) June 5, 2009 restraining order with the attached child custody and visitation order baselessly requested and issued against me without any legal proof or rational basis by my crooked, evil predator still legal husband MARK HASSMAN through his crooked and evil law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and granted by crooked and evil Commissioner and Judge LON HURWITZ and then made permanent by crooked and evil Judge CLAUDIA SILBAR.
*** Does this sound like an evil criminal CONSPIRACY or Democracy?
But it gets must more incriminating for all of them.
When I told my attorney PAMELA SHAFFER that I was calling to see if she wanted to resolve this June 5, 2009 restraining order; she had the gall to become very hostile to me. (Think she will become a “hostile witness?”)
First she laughed; like Parental Alienation which she helped create and refuses to help resolve is a laughing matter. 
She is a mother herself and should especially know this is a form of terrorism, torture, abuse and oppression. 
Also, as an attorney, she knows or should know that I, as her client, have a legal right to redress my grievances she caused me and continues to cause me pursuant to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and other laws.
Also as an attorney she knows or should know she owes ME a fiduciary duty to treat ME honestly and fairly and not to self-deal. Parental Alienation in my situation has been going on so far for ten (10) years BECAUSE OF HER CRIMINAL AND MALICIOUS ACTIONS as MY attorney.

Second, my attorney PAMELA SHAFFER fell into the common evil predator ROUTINE of trying to INTIMIDATE the one who is reasonably and responsibly trying to promote truth and justice. Accordingly, she very angrily said that all her calls are tracked and that she was going to request a restraining order against me for harassing her. Really? This again is another moral inversion.
My attorney PAMELA SHAFFER baselessly and unreasonably believes she can deprive me of my very sacred constitutional rights of custody and visitation and allow an invalid restraining order to be GRANTED against me BUT when I call her to try to RESOLVE these issues she delusionally and baselessly claims I am harassing HER? 
This is ALSO THE ROUTINE of my idiot, crooked, evil predator still legal husband MARK HASSMAN. He has for years been claiming I am harassing him when no restraining order or any other protective order has ever been proven to be valid and documents also prove he stole the entire community estate under his control. What a guy? Harvard business school should be proud of this graduate!!!
Evidence proves invalid restraining orders and other protective orders have been used to promote Parental Alienation and try to claim I have the character other than the loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother that I am. The judges who go along with this continue to prove their criminal and malicious behavior which incriminates them more and more since they must FOLLOW the law; not ignore it. They also do not have judicial immunity for their criminal and malicious acts either.

Third, then my attorney PAMELA SHAFFER hung up on me.
Fourth, here is the kicker which is quite typical of liars, cheaters and evil predators since this is their behavior as they lie and cheat everyone. I went to the website of the CA Secretary of State and discovered that attorney PAMELA SHAFFER dissolved her law practice on 1/13/2017 and should not have a call center accepting calls for her legal services. I called the CA Secretary of State to verify this information which they confirmed. You can see for yourself too, SHE IS EVEN CHEATING THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

Go to:
Mark in “Search Type,” “entity number.”
Then in “Search Criteria” put C3829371 which is the corporate entity number with the California Secretary of State of the entity “Pamela Shaffer Law, APC”
As you can see, this entity is located at 305 N. Coast Hgwy. in Laguna Beach, California which is where I hired and consulted with this crooked and evil attorney PAMELA SHAFFER.
You can see that she dissolved her legal business on 01/13/2017 by clicking the bold Pamela Shaffer Law, APC under “Entity Name” in the chart.
Needless to say, attorney Pamela Shaffer should not be operating her law firm and have a call center, but crooked, evil predators commonly believe that the laws do not apply to them and they can do as they please. This is their PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR.

There is an old saying: “What good is gold?” Commonly, crooked, evil predators are greedy and never satisfied and no amount of gold can ever please them; they constantly need more and more and also more than their neighbor too.
However, any reasonable person knows, gold pales or diminishes in value compared with a life filled with Love, Truth, Compassion, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice and I believe also faith in GOD. 
Accordingly, it is truly “Fools Gold” for those who live their life of greed trying to amass as much gold as possible, regardless of who they harm AND they are truly Fools.

So, have a great day living in the World of Love knowing that OUR REVOLUTION is thriving, with GOD walking by our side as it is a MIRACLE I have survived all of the terror of Parental Alienation and am proudly able to be the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to end it, while filing my lawsuits and motions too to help all of us.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)

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