Many religions and their followers believe that a MESSIAH or a SAVIOR WILL BE coming to Earth or HAS ALREADY COME and WILL COME AGAIN. As an honest, compassionate Jewish Mother I have contacted many of these: 1) religious leaders; 2) their followers and; 3) their organizations and thus far NOT ONE will ACKNOWLEDGE the epidemic problem of PARENTAL ALIENATION. Instead they have defamed my character and persecuted me while PRETENDING that PARENTAL ALIENATION doesn’t exist despite overwhelming evidence from many REPUTABLE WORLDWIDE doctors, therapists, authors and others. What else are they PRETENDING? Also why MY CHILDREN need not worry about me and this well-documented Parental Alienation we have endured; it will end.

Are religious organizations, their religious leaders and their followers using their education, skills, experiences, resources and HUGE WORLDWIDE NETWORK to try to get their followers and EXPAND their followers too so all of them are then taught, threatened, indoctrinated and /or brainwashed to ACCEPT THEM AS THE MESSIAH? I reasonably ask this question because…..

Anyone who truly is a MESSIAH would willingly and zealously ACKNOWLEDGE the OVERWHELMING, UNDISPUTED evidence WORLDWIDE REPUTABLE doctors, therapists, authors and others have compiled for the past several decades and then use their education, skills, experiences, resources and HUGE WORLDWIDE NETWORK to end it. A MESSIAH would want to expose TRUTH, not promote lies or misunderstandings and mislead people.
In other words, a MESSIAH would want to bring LOVE AND PEACE to millions of Mothers, Fathers and Children of all ages suffering from this TERROR called Parental Alienation by helping them REUNITE and RESTORE their loving, caring and positive companionship they had and also TEACH THEM how to “begin again” and make their companionship even BETTER than it was before the well-documented Parental Alienation began. Remember, no one except GOD is perfect so all of us can always make improvements while having LOVING AND CARING INTENTIONS so that the IMPROVEMENTS ARE MADE IN A LOVING AND CARING WAY.

Religious organizations, their religious leaders and their followers should ZEALOUSLY WANT TO help millions of us REUNITE and RESTORE with IMPROVEMENTS our loving and compassionate companionships. This is what a LOVING, COMPASSIONATE TRUTHFUL GOD and SAVIOR would want.
Unfortunately, there have been many FALSE PROPHETS and FALSE MESSIAHS TOO; people who believe that they have been sent by GOD to heal the world but who have been violent and HARMED HUMANITY in many ways.

Thus, especially during this holiday season but also during the coming New Year and ALWAYS, be reasonable and rational: 1) BEFORE you BEGIN TO ACCEPT and 2) CONTINUE TO ACCEPT the GUIDANCE of someone. Make sure they have GOOD INTENTIONS and LOVE IN THEIR HEART.

Acknowledge that many people unfortunately PREY ON VULNERABLE PEOPLE.
At first many RELIGIOUS PEOPLE and others actually may be honest and compassionate and ONCE THEY GAIN YOUR TRUST and maybe MONEY too, they may change. So ALWAYS use reason and objectivity BEFORE you follow someone’s advice and also GET SECOND AND THIRD OPINIONS from reliable, independent sources and do some of your own RESEARCH without telling anyone. Just do it. ***This way you will be less likely to be betrayed, mislead and harmed.

FOR MY CHILDREN and others who I believe really do care about my well-being;
I have survived all of this terror of Parental Alienation beautifully since my health, education and skills have all returned so I have been able to file my lawsuits, have a website and Facebook page and communicate to expose the TRUTH about Parental Alienation. This is what the JEWISH COMMANDMENT OF TIKKUN OLAM is; helping GOD make our world a better place by using my own unique education, skills, experiences and resources.
EACH OF US HAS OUR OWN UNIQUE education, skills, experiences and also resources too, however limited, and if we WORK TOGETHER we can REALLY help GOD heal the world in many ways; as HE INTENDED according to this JEWISH COMMANDMENT OF TIKKUN OLAM.
This COLLABORATION is what I hope and pray for. Specifically that GOD will open the eyes; heart; and mind of those promoting this TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION so they will use THEIR OWN UNIQUE education, skills, experiences and resources to help END IT.
However, I have been persecuted by religious leaders, their followers, their organizations and others too for practicing the JEWISH COMMANDMENT OF TIKKUN OLAM when this should have been respected and encouraged as any reasonable and compassionate person knows.

*******But I answer to GOD not them and I know GOD has PROTECTED ME and also PROVIDED FOR ME so I could make these important accomplishments to expose the TRUTH as HE GUIDED ME and STILL GUIDES ME. He will guide anyone who opens their eyes, heart and mind to Him as my life PROVES.
In addition, I believe GOD presents us with CHALLENGES so He can WORK THROUGH US to accomplish his loving and compassionate goals so that He can fill HUMANITY with HIS LOVE and COMPASSION which will BRING PEACE.

*******Thus, MY CHILDREN if I should be killed or harmed, even if it is made to look like an accident, due to following GOD’S guidance because I have exposed this truth about Parental Alienation and those who so horribly promote it; DON’T WORRY.
Just know that we will one day be REUNITED IN HEAVEN with GOD and also with MY GRANDFATHER BEN, JUDGE SFEKAS (whom all of you know) and other righteous people. Just know that IF OUR PARENTAL ALIENATION doesn’t end in my lifetime, it will eventually end for all of us in Heaven.
Also, PLEASE MY CHILDREN UNDERSTAND that I know you were led astray and have been threatened and indoctrinated too and would never, ever willingly treat me this way. I believe this is all part of GOD’S PLAN because we were CHOSEN BY HIM to expose this horrible epidemic problem of Terror called Parental Alienation. GOD is benevolent and caring so just TRUST YOURSELF and GOD by doing the things I explained above BEFORE you accept guidance from anyone.
UNDERSTAND THAT GOD WILL GUIDE YOU AS HE HAS GUIDED ME; sometimes using his Angels or Agents like my GRANDFATHER BEN, JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS and others too. Don’t be scared or worried. When I die I believe I will be used by GOD to guide you too. Expect this.

WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED and if you STILL do not believe me, then ask yourself HOW I have been able to survive all of this terror and also thrive in many ways as I miss all of you terribly.

So I hope the coming holidays and New Year are peaceful, loving and fun for those who live a life promoting GOD’S loving and compassionate ways and for those who do not; I hope that you will open your eyes, heart and mind so
GOD can lead you to accept his love so you will WANT TO zealously help end this epidemic problem of terror called Parental Alienation.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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