Many think religion is only concerned with rituals and spirituality. However, Judaism and the Torah believe that ALL areas of life are INTERTWINED whereby HOLINESS is derived from having honest business dealings, honest family communications and LIVING a life without lies, betrayal, manipulations, brainwashing, threats, bullying, theft, greed and other dishonest, sinful acts which are commonly part of creating and perpetuating the terror of Parental Alienation.

Pursuant to the Torah, Jews are commanded to fairly and adequately compensate a person they have harmed and make restitution; it is not an option but a commandment. This commandment is reasonable and also what the laws in the United States mandate.

**** So, why have ALL the Jewish organizations in the United States, their leaders and their members BEEN PROMOTING acts of Parental Alienation and IGNORING FOR DECADES all the harms this terror has caused millions of Children and their loving, law-abiding Mother or Father?
Why does such a terrible and gaping DISCONNECT exist among ALL the Jewish organizations in the United States, their leaders and their members including Rabbis who are well educated in Jewish laws and commandments?

In Judaism, the concept of the “temple” is in the COURTROOM as well as the synagogue
The Torah specifically explains that a judge who rules fairly is a PARTNER in Creation while a judge who rules corruptly is a DESTROYER of GOD’S WORLD. 

The Torah views CIVIL LAW as an extension of the 10th Commandment which forbids covetousness; the desire to want or crave. However, the Torah also makes it very clear that in order to be able to understand what it is that a person is forbidden to covet; the RIGHTS OF OTHERS and what is deemed PROPERTY OF OTHERS must be clearly understood because a Jew is forbidden to covet ANYTHING that belongs to “his fellow” or to others.

In addition, Jews are commanded to deeply respect FREEDOM and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS because GOD removed them from SLAVERY in Egypt (which is the Passover story) and again under ADOLPH HITLER and helped the Jews establish THE STATE OF ISRAEL which gave them an opportunity to rebuild their lives with FREEDOM and LOVE FOR MANKIND.

Further, the Torah disdains the Jew who SPURNS HIS FREEDOM by choosing to debase himself or herself by REMAINING A SLAVE. As a slave INDEPENDENT thoughts and actions are prohibited and punished whereby OBEDIENCE is demanded which is abuse and oppression.

MY PARENTS TRIED TO MAKE ME THEIR SLAVE when in 1985 they refused to stop using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust in their scheme to evade taxes. I had to sue them which not only ended MY slavery, it also changed the kiddie trust tax laws so OTHER CHILDREN would never become slaves of their greedy, crooked parents like I did. 
I changed this tax law and ended this tax loophole which ended the evil incentive to turn children into slaves to be used and abused and denied their FREEDOM so their very greedy parents could have more disposable income. This is definitely not what Judaism supports as ANY reasonable person knows.

The Torah defines a THIEF as one who unlawfully takes possession of the property of another and makes personal use of it. Anyone who falsely testifies and is engaged in a conspiracy must pay double to the person they tried to harm as a deterrent for themselves and to set an example for others. This is especially true for a “custodian” of the property, like the spouse who controlled the community estate because a “custodian” is held to a higher degree of responsibility. He should have sheltered the property more securely.

Any reasonable, compassionate person knows, especially Jews who are supposed to follow the Torah, that it is against the law to illegally and fraudulently deprive a Mother (or Father) of her legal rights to Custody and Visitation and Steal her property at the time of divorce or at any other time.
A Mother has equal rights under the laws of the United States and also in accordance with the Torah.

What has happened to Love? 
Both the laws of the United States and the Torah promote Love and Family. 
Have our leaders become so evil and cold-hearted that they refuse to follow our laws of the United States and also the laws of Judaism and other reasonable religions?

Thus, as we approach MOTHER’S DAY; know that 
OUR REVOLUTION is thriving so that LOVE will be RESTORED along with RESPECT for our LAWS, FAMILY and HUMANITY.

As always, GOD will punish those whose behaviors go beyond the letter and spirit of our Laws thereby DESTROYING HIS WORLD. They should be fearful of his wrath but are probably too delusional to care.
Regardless, HUMAN ASPIRATION must rise higher than the elimination of the negative and the corrupt; it must diligently strive for positive achievement which represents a DEDICATION TO A FUTURE filled with Honesty, Love, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice for All which is what OUR REVOLUTION is about.

***Thus, be the LEADER IN YOUR COMMUNITY by spreading the truth about Parental Alienation so others become aware and do not fall prey. Never expect Evil Predators to change; we must work around them as they continue to destroy themselves and each other with GOD’S help and blessings.

Holiness is living a life of honesty, love, compassion and freedom as GOD intended for ALL OF US. He will help destroy those who prevent this from happening.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children).

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