Many wonderful things are happening for those of us who live in the World of Love and face REALITY. Only Evil Predators want FREEDOM FROM REALITY so they can PRETEND they have never abused, terrorized, stolen and committed other crimes. This week should be very exciting too with great progress.

To fight against Reason and Love is futile as our REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation the money laundering, lies, brainwashing, fraudulent divorce judgments, selling the alienated children into Slavery, and other crimes associated with this terror and ENFORCE EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL proves.

If Evil Predators were reasonable and objective they would realize that even if they use their authority and other acts of violence to WIN A BATTLE BUT NOT THE WAR; they are simultaneously DESTROYING THEMSELVES with all of their shame and guilt; even subconsciously. Eventually, the pressure gets to them and they get sick, have no confidence or self-respect and live as empty numb robots that just OBEY others and HATE those they can’t control. They have lost their beautiful character and potential and all the money in the world cannot save them because they have to FACE THE TRUTH and CHANGE THEIR DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR which they refuse to do.

A person with self-respect doesn’t ALLOW himself or herself to be turned into an evil, immoral criminal and doesn’t try to turn others into one too. They do not give up their own reasonable, independent thoughts for the evil, immoral thoughts of the evil collective group they are ordered to accept.

***WHAT GOOD IS MY FAMILY WITHOUT ME AND MY LOVE? They have all become evil predators. However, they try to punish me for not accepting their evil and for reasonably, objectively, peacefully and lovingly fighting it.

Since they don’t see reality anymore; they have become REVISIONISTS with all their lies. Their delusions destroy them even more because I have the TRUTH in Public Records. This is why they use many acts of violence like lies, authority, hacking and false evidence to try to silence me. This is what Evil Predators do so just EXPECT this. 
Very few ever become reasonable and change; even when their back is against the wall because they refuse to admit they were wrong. Thus, they spend their life RUNNING FROM THE TRUTH AND REASONABLE BEHAVIOR.

No one is able to profit for very long by destroying Love and other important values like Truth, Equal Rights and Justice. I will never “sacrifice” my reasonable mind and compassionate heart to them and will continue to fight for Love by destroying Parental Alienation for as long as it takes. Our Courts and our Legislature will be forced to be REASONABLE by holding all of those accountable who profit by promoting Parental Alienation, money laundering, lies, brainwashing, fraudulent divorce judgments, selling the alienated children into Slavery, and other crimes associated with this terror. 
Only SLAVES work without rights and SLAVERY has been abolished in America therefore people and organizations in America do not have the right to make property out of people or steal the fruits of their labor, which includes the labor of a Mother. 
Thus, OUR REVOLUTION for a reasonable life filled with love and truth PURSUANT to the United States Constitution must continue to be fought.
***Only an Evil Predator finds happiness in the pain of another and thinks creating the pain is fun. It is FEAR which drives them; not love, reason or the desire to rectify the harms they have caused. They FEAR that their FAKE REALITY will be exposed publicly and their Crooked and Evil ways of profiting and FALSE LEGACY will end. They will no longer be able to use propaganda to promote their agenda of terror and superiority.

All my defendants and those aiding them continue to prove the evil predators they have ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BECOME.
With Reason, Love and Objectivity there is only ONE conclusion which can be drawn…that Parental Alienation the money laundering, lies, brainwashing, fraudulent divorce judgments, selling the alienated children into Slavery, and other crimes associated with this terror must END AND those who have created and promoted these crimes must be HELD ACCOUNTABLE because this is Justice. This will destroy the ROOT of this epidemic problem of domestic terrorism.

OUR REVOLUTION is fighting to PRESERVE FREEDOM and EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL which includes holding Evil Predators accountable so Parental Alienation and the crimes commonly associated with this evil will not be repeated.

Attached is a beautiful song which is about the Song of Love which has been “forgotten for so long.” We need to bring it back so it will “flow like light into the rainbow.” This song is written about “La Califusa” which is Los Angeles but applies to any place and also applies to anyone who “lives life’s fervor,” meaning lives a very purposeful life filled with love, reason and objectivity. It also makes it clear that OUR OWN struggles help us find positive purposes in life IF we are reasonable, objective and have LOVE IN OUR HEART.

Here is the beautiful song by Michael Franks

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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