Many wonderful UPDATES along with the appropriateness of the NEW MOVIE MOLLY’S GAMES and the JEWISH HOLIDAY OF HANUKKAH to Our Movement to END the terror of Parental Alienation and ALSO END the crimes which commonly accompany this terror which include theft, money laundering, sexual harassment, drug abuse, alcoholism and forcing the alienated children to commit and/or become victims of these and other crimes and treated as SLAVES.

First, I recently filed more legal documents with evidence PROVING AGAIN that my divorce judgment violates my Civil, Constitutional and Fundamental Rights as a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother who is entitled to Equal Rights and Justice. Specifically;

1) The law firm representing me named, The Law Offices of Alan Shifman; 2) The law firm representing my evil, idiot and abusive husband named, Seastrom & Seastrom; 3) My evil, idiot husband himself, Mark Hassman and; 4) the trial judge, Judge Claudia Silbar ALL knew or should have known I WOULD NEVER EVER KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY AGREE, yes agree, TO GIVE UP my legal rights to:

1) RECEIVE CUSTODY, VISITATION AND AN ONGOING COMPANIONSHIP with my minor Son whom I raised with a lot of love and care as the stay-at-home Mother; (my other 2 children were young adults at the time of the divorce);

2) RECEIVE MY PROPERTY, RETIREMENT AND OTHER ASSETS FROM MY MARRIAGE which is still ongoing, where the community estate under my idiot, evil, criminal husband’s control IS WORTH MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS as proven by: joint tax returns; community estate trust documents; a 401K profit sharing plan; a health savings account; limited liability corporations; partnership documents; annuities, community insurance trust documents; and other financial records;

3) RECEIVE LEGALLY CALCULATED SPOUSAL SUPPORT based upon the net worth of the community estate. The net worth of the community estate under my criminal husband’s control and worth many millions of dollars was UNLAWFULLY NEVER ESTABLISHED as the divorce judgment proves.

THUS, IN GREAT HORROR, I am still LEGALLY MARRIED to my idiot, evil, abusive, predator, criminal husband Mark Hassman due to our fraudulent, invalid divorce judgment which he ADMITTED WAS INVALID at the hearing on December 6th as public court records prove. He was accusing me of committing perjury by stating our divorce judgment was fraudulent and invalid but at that hearing he dismissed those charges. Plain and simple.

In addition, all this evidence and other evidence too prove there is an ONGOING CONSPIRACY involving the named and other law firms, the named and other trial judges, my evil, idiot and criminal husband; BANK OF AMERICA, JEWISH AND OTHER nonprofit organizations; business executives; my other defendants and even my now ADULT CHILDREN. All of them have ACCEPTED fraudulent transfers of MY community property and other assets AND/OR AIDED AND ABETTED in these fraudulent transfers and other activities to steal MY property and assets. Not one will help me rectify my fraudulent divorce judgment so that it complies with our laws which include helping me END the Parental Alienation and helping me ESTABLISH the net worth of the community estate.

All THOSE MENTIONED ABOVE should have NEVER ALLOWED OR WANTED ME TO GIVE UP MY LEGAL RIGHTS even though my divorce judgment shows they intentionally, willfully and malicious did and continue to do.

Second, the new movie MOLLY’S GAMES, is about how Molly, a Jew, and many other JEWS, who became very financially wealthy. They also became addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling and constantly cheated on their wife and had other depraved values. However, THEY PRETENDED to be outstanding members of society. As the truth unfolded it all caught up with these evil, predators and criminals more and more and many destroyed themselves with all of their obsessions. ALL OF THEIR MONEY could not cure them which is quite typical. A life without LOVE cannot be cured with money.

Third, today is the second night of the JEWISH HOLIDAY HANUKKAH. This holiday is about the story of the brave Maccabees, who were military victors against the Greeks while also proving the importance of one’s spirit and character over material things. The story proves how MANY DO NOT WANT TO FACE THEIR INTERNAL ENEMIES of hate, greed, shame, anger and the like which is driving them to have many obsessions, pretend to be someone than who they truthful are and live with unhappiness and shame. They think they can control others but do not understand the importance of Love. Instead, they betray their own brothers, sisters and mother for their own selfish desires while believing they are “entitled” to behave as a privileged evil Pharaoh or King.

***Thus, the holiday of Hanukkah is also viewed as a Victory of Democracy over Aristocracy. [Louis Brandeis spoke about this but; throughout his live he acted as a hypocrite because his words where very contrary to his deeds. Unfortunately, this is common among Jewish leaders today as my lawsuits prove.]

Today this STRUGGLE FOR DEMOCRACY OVER ARISTOCRACY is what Our Movement is about regarding millions of Jewish and Other Mothers and Fathers and our Children today suffering from Parental Alienation and the crimes commonly accompanying this terror. 
****The very sad part is that today’s Jewish leaders have become the evil Pharaohs and Kings using and abusing others in the name of Judaism when it is really in the name of their own horrific Hellenism.
So, honest Jews like me are fighting our evil, corrupt brethren to preserve Judaism, Democracy, Love and Family. This is nothing new to me because I did this in 1985 when I sued my parents, sister and their attorney for criminally using MY social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust. My lawsuit helped change the kiddie trust tax laws and gave me my independence from all of them and their evil, crooked ways as so-called religious Jews.

The Maccabee’s also proved that THE ABILITY TO REJUVENATE YOURSELF, or in other words, LEARN to replace your evil, crooked attitudes which drive your evil and crooked habits and behaviors can be accomplished with a willing mind, diligence and courage; NOT taking advantage of vulnerable people. Also it is important to know that God helps those who TRULY try to help themselves and others who are unable to help themselves because this makes our world a better place for those with love in their heart and reason in their mind. By following the Maccabee’s we will not only have a Jewish Renaissance; we will have a Renaissance in American which will bring back Family and Love to millions.

Since this post is getting long, I will list next time, more questions I presented to the US Supreme Court in my Writ of Certiorari. In the meantime, I hope you are thrilled as I am with all the truth that is being exposed about Parental Alienation and all those involved who disgracefully and criminally promote this terror. With awareness comes Justice and positive changes.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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