Mark my word, after this coronavirus plague ends; brave, compassionate and responsible WOMEN OF MANY RELIGIONS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD will UNITE and start a major “war” against those men and unfortunately some women too who shamefully beyond words continue to try to profit from and have fun abusing and terrorizing Us and our Children even after being sued by millions of Us.

Many marches are being held around the world this month, March 2020, to promote WOMEN’S RIGHTS which include protests against sexual, emotional and physical violence and abuse of Women, Mothers and our Children. This encompasses the EPIDEMIC problem of terror in America, Israel and Worldwide called Parental Alienation which disgracefully is being ignored by our so-called leaders and their supporters including “religious” people and organizations.
Many will become crippled or destroyed by this coronavirus plague as GOD has intended. They will lose the money and assets they stole from Women, Mothers and even from their own Children. In addition, their evil, reprehensible and appalling character will become known thereby destroying their false reputations and legacies.
Like I have always said; TRUTH WILL PREVAIL and of course SO WILL GOD.
IF YOU STILL DOUBT MY WORDS like many did regarding this coronavirus plague, just watch.
GOD is sick and tired of watching loving, honest, responsible Women, Mothers and our Children become terrorized, abused, betrayed and harmed in many ways by men, some women too and by the organizations they control using the powerful positions they hold.
****Horrifically, they know or should know that religion is not to be used in politics or to gain an advantage which is harmful to Humanity.
With this plague, GOD is going to help us create a world where LOVE and HELPING OTHERS REACH THEIR BEAUTIFUL POTENTIAL takes priority over money, property and controlling others with evil, sick acts of abuse and terror to feel important.
Women, Mothers and our Children are not property and do not belong to anyone.
OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE as any reasonable person knows. Too many people have strayed much too far from GOD and his teachings and are shamefully encouraging our Children to do the same. GOD IS VERY ANGRY.
In other words, GOD is disgusted at how evil, sick and manipulative people of today are treating our Children and the abusive and evil behaviors they are teaching and forcing them to adopt.
GOD wants ALL OF HUMANITY to return to a world of LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and EQUAL RIGHTS as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and many other religions demand since they are considered INALIENABLE RIGHTS OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS as I understand.
Accordingly, we will again evaluate a person’s character by his or her INTEGRITY, MORAL RECTITUDE and COMPASSION; not by the amount of money and property he or she has or by the number of people he or she controls, which unfortunately too many people all over the world do today.
MY LAWSUITS and MY DEEDS will become very useful in this upcoming “war.” They along with those of others will be used to restore LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and EQUAL RIGHTS to Women, Mothers and our Children once this coronavirus plague ends and the “war” to END sexual, emotional and physical violence and abuse of Women, Mothers and our Children begins.
Again, if you doubt my words, just watch. This is Tikkun Olam, the Jewish commandment of using our education, skills and experiences to help GOD heal the world for ourselves and also for future generations.
I am LEADING THE WAY TO ACCOMPLISH THIS MISSION and of course with GOD and millions of reasonable, responsible and compassionate people walking by my side who also support LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and EQUAL RIGHTS for Women, Mothers and our Children. We have a very bright future ahead of us for ourselves and also for future generations.
As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,
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