Millions of Mothers like myself are in pain due to DIVORCE INJUSTICE and Injustice regarding SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION because we do not have our legal rights due to the corrupt and immoral acts of Establishment and many wealthy people who have repeatedly chosen to: 1) LINE THEIR POCKETS WITH OUR MONEY AND OTHER ASSETS we should have received at the time of the divorce proceedings and thereafter and 2) ALIENATE US FROM OUR CHILDREN due to their lust for control and power and their greed.

The Establishment and many wealthy people are deliberately ignoring these epidemic problems because THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM since they are profiting by using 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements and acts of Parental Alienation to STEAL OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY, like millions of law-abiding Mothers at the time of divorce.

They have failed for decades not only to correct these problems but have PURPOSELY MADE THEM WORSE due to their greed and power lust. Many have encouraged divorce because it is “profitable.”

Who could pass up an opportunity like this???

Act like a big shot with the hard-working money which belongs to Mothers and then sexually abuse and abuse in other ways the Children since the loving Mother is out of the way due to trying to cope herself from the Parental Alienation and her financial devastation.

What a deal? Is this what America, Judaism, Christianity and other reasonable religions now stand for? This is what the facts show.

HAVING A BUSINESS POLICY to profit from this abusive, terrorizing, torturing and oppressive behavior is not what America should stand for. It is also not what Judaism, Christianity and any reasonable religion should profit from.

Bestselling author Stephen Fried explains how these problems have existed in the Jewish community since the 1970’s; []

Who taught all of these people to think and act this way?

As history, authors and many wise people have proven; a person has ONE VERY IMPORTANT CHOICE which will determine their life.

1)    You can consistently, not just when your feel like it, treat YOURSELF AND OTHERS fairly, with kindness, respect and honesty WHILE staying focused in the present on your worthwhile goals to help make YOURSELF and OUR SOCIETY a better place for HUMANITY.  

At the same time, refusing to be influenced by corrupt, immoral people and organizations and instead staying focused on your own goals WHILE EXPECTING these corrupt and immoral people and organizations to behave in corrupt and immoral ways. They may appear charming and pretend to be changing but if you watch their actions carefully; you will realize this is just another one of their lies and schemes.

Leading a life treating YOURSELF AND OTHERS fairly, with kindness, respect and honesty is being reasonable, wise and objective and will bring you self-esteem, pride and happiness.

 2)    Or you can keep HARMING YOURSELF,YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, THOSE WHO LOOK UP TO YOU AND OTHERS by being very dictatorial, mean, controlling, threatening, not compassionate, not respectful and ONLY doing things which benefit yourself because you do not care about others unless they can benefit you.  You treat others as your slave and if they refuse to obey you; you try to destroy them or make them very miserable. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

Leading a life treating YOURSELF AND OTHERS this way is being greedy, selfish, immoral, very unreasonable, controlling and will bring you shame, misery and many problems and obsessions. You may foolishly think you can live this way but your subconscious will destroy you as many authors and experts have proven. (Read the classic novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky or The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde).

 Eventually, a person choosing to lead this second type of life will DESTROY THEMSELF with all of their destructive habits and unconscionable values UNLESS they choose to change their destructive ways.

THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO REFUSE TO GET AWAY FROM THEM will become just like them and eventually destroy themselves too with all of their destructive habits which they have ADOPTED AS THEIR OWN. 

 This is why I am nothing like MY MOTHER, LATE FATHER, SISTER AND OTHER RELATIVES because I chose to get away from all of them since 1985 when they became angry with me for refusing to be their SLAVE by allowing them to illegally use my social security number so they could evade taxes.

People like this do not care about you.  

THIS MAY BE A HARSH REALIZATION but the sooner you accept this TRUTH the sooner you can move forward in your life with people who DESERVE to be your friend and will not try to take advantage of you.

(Thus, Mothers like me suffering from Parental Alienation, realize that you are better off without your children in your life until they learn to appreciate themselves and you too and they stop trying to harm themselves and others who refuse to “obey” them.)

 I have legal rights as do other citizens of the United States and we are not to be forced to obey so that the Establishment, wealthy people, a father, any relative or anyone else can PROFIT AT OUR EXPENSE.

Slavery was abolished and I refuse to be anyone’s slave and instead will enforce my legal rights and once again set legal precedent so others and future generations will not suffer from this abuse, terror, torture and oppression and will have FREEDOM.

 My lawsuit in 1985 against my parents, sister and their attorney helped change the “kiddie trust” laws and I intend to change the laws regarding Parental Alienation and the Illegal Use of Nonprofit Agreements with my current pending cases against the Establishment and others involved.

 As we approach the JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS, and this year is extra special since it falls on Shabbos and extra prayers are said;

I hope all of my relatives, all the clergy, officers of Jewish organizations and Jews in general realize how you are NOT acting like JEWS or practicing Judaism because a Jew would NEVER refuse to help a loving, law-abiding Mother reunite with her children for over 8 years now AND would not continue to steal her assets and income which she, not they, should have received. This is corruption, immoral and unconscionable; not the values Judaism teaches.

 TO MY MOTHER, SISTER AND MY WEALTHY COUSINS AND FRIENDS AND MANY OTHER JEWS; the High Holidays are not about the new outfits you wear, your jewelry, the car you drive or your maid and others you can afford to hire to wait on you.  It is about your values and how you carry out your values and how you treat ALL others.

 ***I wish for the upcoming High Holidays that all of you come to your senses and practice Teshuva. (admit your mistakes, compensate those you have harmed and implement policies and obtain the necessary therapy so you do not repeat these mistakes.)

To think you are immune from using and abusing others will only cause you to destroy yourself instead of changing your ways so you can reach your potential. You are never too old to make positive changes which often revitalize your life.

 What you do is up to you as I continue to fight for truth and justice for myself and millions suffering like me as I make our world a better place for all.

***I am a Jew who acts like one, regardless of how other so-called “Jews” act. I can only control what I do;


I am grateful for my wonderful Grandfather Ben who also acted like a Jew and taught me many important lessons along with Judges and others who understood the importance of Freedom, Love and Justice for All.

 As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;




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