Millions of Wonderful Smart Alienated Children, like Mine, would NEVER Alienate their Loving Mother (father), unless being Threatened

Know that millions of wonderful, smart alienated Children, including adult Children, like mine, would never alienate their loving Mother (father) unless they were being threatened or forced. Also, most want to have a reasonable, civil discussion and reunite and enjoy fun times again.
Looking at old photos they remember how successful they were when you were in their life and all the fun and enriching times you had together. So know, as a loving Mother (father) that you gave your Children a great foundation to stand on and use THEIR beautiful mind, heart and soul to figure things out while you use YOUR beautiful mind, heart and soul to resolve things too; like in my case a fraudulent divorce.

Remember, sick, evil alienating parents and those who aid them will not stop until they are FORCED. They will not give up their life of lies and schemes and how they profit from harming others.
Do you know my “insolvent” ex-husband is paying for a new Lexus for his new wife, bought a car for his step-daughter but refuses to do the same for his OWN children?

He uses money to control his own children and only doles out a little at time to keep them under his control as do many alienating parents.
***He wants them to come begging so they worship him and he can feel important.
It is so sick.
I should have millions of dollars that my ex-husband stole from me, yes, stole from me as was discussed at the public hearing on June 11, 2014.
It was discussed how he concealed community assets and some he unilaterally RECLASSIFIED from community property to separate property and took all for himself.
***If I had my community assets and income like I should; I would help my children in a minute as I am sure my children know and yours do too.
My ex-husband knows I would too (and so does yours) which is why he caused the parental alienation and stole my money. This way he can harm me and our children ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
What a sick mind.

Don’t be amazed that those who aid the sick alienating parent, like “religious” organizations and schools think they can act like they are a private club and that the laws do not apply to them.
Well, time will tell as this world is changing and millions are feed up with the dictatorial, not democratic leaders and bureaucracy.

Also, other leaders are also not afraid to speak out against other current leaders and companies and demand justice for the general welfare.
***They don’t want to act like ISIS and other terrorist groups and watch millions suffer.
People are tired of being taken advantage; especially women and children.
However, don’t expect most current leaders to come forward and make positive changes until they are forced.

Well as a reasonable, responsible Mother; I am working on resolving my fraudulent divorce which includes the parental alienation. I am hopeful this will bring forth positive changes for millions.

As a friend of mine told me last night; one spark can create a fire. So be the SPARK in your family and community too by using your education, skills and special character to help others.
This is what true leaders do; they do not destroy the special Parent/Child relationship.

***True leaders make our world a better place for ALL; not just for some at the EXPENSE of others; that is abuse.
True leaders inspire others with the truth, respect, kindness and compassion.

***They hold strong to these values by setting their boundaries and only associating with those who respect their values and treat THEM with respect, honesty and kindness AND OTHERS TOO. This is their character.

My Children were all leaders at their schools because this is what they did.
I am sure the parental alienation is teaching my Children and millions of Children like them many important lessons that are helping them mature and understand that LOVE, RESPECT, HONESTY and KINDNESS make a person worthy of knowing and spending time with; NOT because they have MONEY.

We each have our own special character that shines like the beautiful individual colors of the Rainbow, if we CHOOSE to allow it to shine.

My daughter loves rainbows and I love her and her brothers very much and will never stop trying to help them and millions like them.

I AM their loving Mother, regardless of the lies people make up about me. The TRUTH speaks for itself with my ACTIONS which shows my loving, truthful and compassionate character.
So don’t worry and just show your loving, truthful and compassionate character too.

***I AM VERY PROUD OF MY BRAVE CHILDREN, WHO ARE NOW ADULTS. I HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE IN THEM AND KNOW THEY WOULD NEVER DO CORRUPT, HORRIBLE ACTS TO HARM OTHERS. This is NOT their character and I know as their loving Mother who raised them; it will never be.They are just trying to SURVIVE the best they can in this horrible war of Parental Alienation and without their Loving Mother.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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