Money Does Not Bring People Happiness if they Lack Good Values and a Positive Purpose in Life

Money does not bring people happiness; although many think it will. Look around at all the wealthy executives and other professionals you know and you will see not only are many unhappy but; many have very bad values, issues with control and power and do not know how to relax. They are so uptight and frustrated that they have trouble enjoying their money and their money gets them into trouble.

As we know from the news this week; many think they have a right to harm women and children and create domestic violence.
In a nutshell; many think their money gives them a sense of “entitlement” to control others and behave as they please regardless of what is moral and legal.
Many try to forget their past instead of addressing their issues of shame and other issues in their subconscious from their past.
Then they take out their anger and frustration on those who are vulnerable which are often women and children.
No one should ever live in fear of being physically or emotionally abused.

***Many really do not like the people they have chosen to become and hide behind their money, titles and “influence” in their circles.
Deep inside many are very insecure, sad souls.
With a righteous and moral purpose and consistent behaviors of honesty, kindness and respect; many of these people could use their money and influence to bring about positive changes in this world as well as to themselves.
The problem is that many do not want to expend the effort and face the expected criticism which comes with change.
So they live with their shame and hide behind their money and influence creating problems like parental alienation, domestic violence and other abuses for many in this world.

***So before you TRUST someone, look at how they act and treat others and if they are willing to learn new things and grow in positive ways; not how much money they appear to have. If you do this then you will find happiness, true friendships and love. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a dark world filled with unhappiness, control and a lot of unnecessary problems.
Yes, people change and at one time may have had good values and were happy but then became weak and allowed themselves to be negatively influenced. Sometimes this is also due to money which they think gives them a right to abuse others in many ways.

***If you are reasonable and use the wonderful, special skills you have and stay focused on your positive goals; you will find peace, happiness, love and be proud of the person you have become.
You will also understand that money does not bring someone happiness when he or she lacks positive values, inner peace and important positive goals in life.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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