Money, Power, Control and Buying Influence by Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations while harming others; this is TERRORISM not Judaism.

Money, power, control and influence no matter what it takes to get, even harming children of all ages by alienating them from their loving, kind, honest and compassionate Mother (father) at the time of divorce and stealing the loving Mother’s property and savings. This is not Judaism but TERRORISM.

BUYING INFLUENCE even if this means selling Israel down the river due to supporting Iran which wants to destroy Israel. 
This is not Judaism but TERRORISM.

Further, anyone who disagrees with these Jews and tries to expose the TRUTH of their abusive, terrorist ways; these Jews will try to intimidate and harm them unless they “cooperate.” These so called Jews do not believe in individualism, but only collectivism; even if the collective majority is corrupt and abusive.

***So, what have the so called Jewish leaders and organizations become since they: 
1) support and profit from parental alienation;

2) support those who want to destroy Israel and; 

3) have ties to those who pay them to destroy at the time of divorce the sacred and special relationship a mother shares with her children; which is a form of abuse called Parental Alienation.

These so called Jewish leaders and organizations are TERRORISTS who are TRYING to act like Jews but are really TERRORISTS.

THERE IS NO RATIONAL REASON for not discussing and writing about parental alienation and helping a loving, fit, law-abiding Mother (father) reunite with her children of all ages.

THERE IS NO RATIONAL REASON for not discussing and writing about the severe dangers to the world and Israel by choosing to support the Iran Nuclear Deal.

***SO DO YOU THINK DONALD TRUMP IS THE FOIL whereby his intention as he stated last night is to run as the 3rd party candidate so Hillary Clinton can be assured the presidency especially since many have recently found her to be distrustful, disgraceful and not having presidential qualities.

Do you think the Jewish leaders want to BUY INFLUENCE by supporting the Democratic Iran Nuclear Deal since they think it has been well planned, orchestrated and manipulated BEHIND CLOSED DOORS that Hillary will be the next president by the planned and deliberate manipulations of Donald Trump working with Hillary?

It appears the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION was written 70 years too early because TODAY Jewish leaders and organizations want money and control and have agreed to work with Hillary and all the foreign governments who have bought influence by making contributions to her various private foundations so they can ALL try to control the world.

As always time will tell and the truth will prevail.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based upon my knowledge and experience. This is reason and objectivity.

Why else would these so called Jewish leaders REFUSE TO FERVENTLY support Israel and REFUSE TO FERVENTLY reunite loving, fit parents with their Children of all ages?

Why instead are they choosing to destroy love, peace and democracy? This is what TERRORISTS do; not Jews.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
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