More About Understanding the Minds of those behind the Abuse of Parental Alienation.

I want to add to yesterday’s post regarding UNDERSTANDING THE MINDS of the parent and those who help the sick, greedy, power crazy parent destroy the relationship the Children have with their loving, nurturing, law abiding Mother (father) because they are FEARFUL OF OTHER’S HAPPINESS and WANT TO PROFIT FROM THE DIVORCE.

I want to make if very clear that they try to destroy the loving Mother and also the Children FINANCIALLY as wells as psychologically and emotionally.
As I explained in my post yesterday; the value of the community estate, under my ex-husband’s control who is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer and Financial Consultant who received his MBA from Harvard WAS NEVER DISCLOSED.

You CANNOT divide something EQUALLY if you have not established its value as is common sense. Obviously, it was reasonable that my ex-husband with all his knowledge and experience controlled the family finances and reasonably I trusted him as his wife of over 20 years. Healthy relationships are based on TRUST AND SHARING RESPONSIBILITIES; not going behind each others back to check on each other.

Well, he lied and cheated me and enlisted others to help him so ALL OF THEM can share MY community property and money because he moved the money to accounts WITH ALL OF THEIR HELP and the lawyers who had a fiduciary duty to disclose all of this went right along and concealed it along with the Judge who KNEW from the documents and lack of financial statements etc.; that the value of the community estate was never established as the laws mandate.

***Thus, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and all of the LAWYERS and my ex-husband who is a CPA and controlled the community estate KNEW as any REASONABLE PERSON WOULD TOO if the value is never established it cannot be PROVEN that it was divided equally. 
If you cannot PROVE what the law says you MUST, like the community estate was divided and distributed EQUALLY between the husband and wife at the time of divorce; the law has been VIOLATED and all those involved can be held ACCOUNTABLE.

As a result, my divorce is NOT FINAL AND NOT COMPLETE because the MARRIAGE CONTRACT has not been dissolved because the STEPS TO DISSOLVE IT HAVE NOT BEEN COMPLETED, which the law REQUIRES.

It is truly horrible that there was a custody and visitation clause that was not in the best interest of my Children and also my husband and myself because if you LOVE YOUR CHILDREN you want them to CONTINUE their companionship with their loving, nurturing, law-abiding Mother (father) and not destroy their bond.

But again, my ex-husband and others like him are THREATENED BY OUR HAPPINESS and have a sick need to control it and want to PROFIT for our vulnerabilities and inexperience and also that we would NEVER BELIEVE they are CAPABLE of committing such illegal and immoral acts.

So, to control our happiness and profit they create parental alienation with these secret, concealed clauses where they knew INFORMED CONSENT was never given. 
***A loving mother would NEVER agree to them as they knew; plus it is against the law to NOT do what is in the Child’s BEST INTEREST, HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE.

To make matter worse for these Children which includes teens and young adults; they REWARD the Children if they help them CHEAT THEIR OWN LOVING MOTHER, by threatening and bullying and abusing them so they don’t conceal where the money is and how luxuries are being bought like new Lexus vehicles and other luxuries when the ex-husband swears in court he is “struggling” and “insolvent” so he is “unable” to pay spousal support anymore. Then, WITHOUT PROOF of financially “struggling” and “insolvent” and “unable” Judge Claudia Silbar just eliminates the loving, law-abiding Mother’s support to zero. She says as the court transcripts show that because criminal law suits the ex-husband had filed against her WITH FALSE ALLEGATIONS which were DISMISSED is also a reason to eliminate her support. IT IS ALL BASED ON LIES WHICH I WILL PROVE AND ALREADY HAVE as the court transcripts and other court documents reflect. She just ignores repeatedly that the allegations were false and the cases were dismissed. She thinks she is ABOVE THE LAW and can rule as she wants in her own courtroom. This is corruption, not justice, and she will be held accountable as I will prove. This is not a threat, this is what a law-abiding, honest, caring person with the skills does so corruption is ENDED.

To make matter even worse; those who create and perpetuate parental alienation REWARD THE CHILDREN for going along with the corrupt by buying them things and participating in a STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME AND OTHER SCHEMES; like how my Daughter LIED on the Dr. Phil Show. It is truly horrible. They REWARD THEIR VICTIM so they become part of the corruption. Then they try to convince them if they go to the police or try to escape they can’t because they have committed crimes. 

Well, this cycle is being exposed by ME as I continue to forge forward bringing out more and more of the TRUTH behind the evil, immoral, corrupt acts of those who create and go along with Parental Alienation.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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