More Companies Judge Claudia Silbar IGNORED that were Concealed by my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN who is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer-Think she ALSO has an agreement with him to get some of my concealed assets after some Statute of Limitations runs?

For Judge Claudia Silbar to expedite the hearing coming up soon: with the intent of reasonably addressing these concealed companies that were brought to her attention at the hearings on April 2, 2014 by the Private Investigator’s whose testimony was ignored and June 11, 2014 where they were ignored again along with many other concealed assets worth millions:

More Companies that were concealed by my ex-husband
MARK F. HASSMAN who is a Certified Public Accountant,
Chief Financial Executive and graduate of the Harvard Business School. These concealed companies are in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California.

It is quite telling that the Newport Beach Law Firm, SEASTROM & SEASTROM my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN hired to guide and represent him through the divorce process never disclosed these Companies and the Family Law Firm I hired to represent me the LAW OFFICES of ALAN SHIFMAN never disclosed them either thereby both showing a breach of their due diligence to say the least.

But after the divorce, the Private Investigator I hire did disclose these concealed companies for the post-judgment hearing my ex-husband filed to reduce my support to zero because he swore he is “insolvent.” At the hearing before you, Judge Silbar on April 2, 2014 the Private Investigator gave testimony regarding these concealed active companies he found.

Your Honor, do you think it shows my ex-husband is “credible” as you swore under oath that you “believe” he is; since he first, did not disclose these concealed active companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California and then; to make matters worse he filed a fraudulent and misleading complaint with the Private Investigators’ Licensing Bureau which was dismissed.
Furthermore, appears my ex-husband’s fraudulent and misleading allegations were filed in retaliation for the Private Investigator’s honest testimony.
You know it is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE to retaliate against a witness for his honest testimony. Said Investigator had to go to Sacramento to defend his license so he would have a livelihood and his license would not be revoked.

Your Honor; do you remember my ex-husband also induced the District Attorney to file a criminal lawsuit against me which was also dismissed due to his fraudulent and misleading allegations (Case #11HM10952, California Harbor-Newport Beach Facility).
This seems to be my ex-husband’s new hobby since he is showing a clear pattern of OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE.

I am sure, Judge Claudia Silbar; you realize my ex-husband’s acts do not show “credibility” which is what you based your judgment on to reduce my spousal support to zero; you “believed” him when he swore he was “unable” to pay it.

***Your Honor; you refused to look at how my ex-husband is paying his expenses and all those “others” who help pay his expense which he swore the amount “varies” each month. This is all on public records.
Why didn’t you order that he disclose this information regarding WHO is paying some of his monthly expenses each month and the AMOUNT, which I requested but my ex-husband never provided and you did not sanction him or order that he comply with discovery?

Are you afraid the agreements with Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and with Saddleback Church in Southern California and others backed by the concealed assets will then be disclosed?

Then you and others will not be able to get YOUR MONEY after some Statute of Limitation runs?

***If not and if I am wrong, Your Honor; then why, as the court records show have you granted many of my ex-husband’s motions by overriding the law and allowing other Officers of the Court to override the law thereby obstructing the interests of Justice in violation of the law and public policy?

Also, Why have you also not corrected or amended these judgments when I have brought these errors to your attention as I did on June 11, 2014 and at other times as I try to do when you allow me to talk and have Due Process and don’t tell me I am in contempt and talking over the court when the record shows you do not even provide me with Due Process and my opportunity to be heard?

Is that why; because you know I will put on the record your violations of the law and show you try to intimidate me and silence me with untrue statements like I am unruly when I am only trying to state the facts as I have a legal right to do as you know?
***This is quite evident by the court transcripts as many have concurred. Your demeanor along with your rulings do not show you are impartial as you are required to be.

Anyway, at the hearing on April 2, 2014 before you; the Private Investigator testified and provided documents showing that my ex-husband was listed as an Officer of several active Companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California however, these companies were concealed and not disclosed in the divorce proceedings. All this was discussed at the hearing in your courtroom on April 2, 2014.

You did not address these concealed and unadjudicated community Companies acquired during the marriage and instead as the transcript shows; you believed my ex-husband’s sworn testimony that the State of Pennsylvania made a “mistake.” Do you think it is reasonable to believe such an implausible story and also ignore the other concealed companies in Delaware and California?

I hope at the hearing in a few weeks you address these concealed active companies and other concealed assets and also allow me to talk and don’t keep telling me I am in contempt of court and talking over you when you do not even give me an opportunity to be heard as you are required by the law to do, as you know.

***You have the responsibility to promote justice for ALL, not to those you make agreements with or if I am wrong, then for some reason you refuse to be impartial and promote justice within the confines of the law.

Tomorrow, I will continue with the list of more concealed community assets by my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN who knew, along with you and the law firms, that I was in therapy and taking medication trying to recover from his well documented emotional abuse including the SUDDEN loss of relationships with my Children around the time of the divorce called Parental Alienation.

***As the facts show, my ex-husband with the help of you Judge Silbar, law firms, religious organizations and others took more advantage of me by concealing community assets worth millions in the community estate under my ex-husband’s control as I was recovering from his emotional abuse and the sudden loss of relations with my children.
Is this judicial or criminal?

Also, as an update; I received emails from several of the people/organizations I mentioned in my facebook post yesterday which is perfect since they acknowledged definitively that they have been clearly put on notice and are aware of the serious legal issues they are involved in.

As expected, they are not reasonable and just keep believing they are so powerful and well connected that they will never fall and will never be held accountable for their illegal and immoral acts, just like my Parents, Sister and their Lawyer when I sued them to resolve my fraudulent grantor trusts issues and changed the law. Truth and God will prevail and so will Love; not those who are so psychologically sick and immoral that they destroy the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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