More evidence showing Jewish Leaders and Saddleback Church are involved in the CONSPIRACY of Promoting Divorce and Parental Alienation

Stubbornness and having an entitled attitude are usually incompatible with honesty, righteousness and uprightness because a stubborn entitled person WILL NOT LISTEN TO REASON even when HIS or HER CONDUCT is wrong as the following email I sent to religious leaders clearly shows.
Sara Hassman <[email protected]>
to: [email protected]” <[email protected]>,
[email protected]” <[email protected]>,
Rabbi Daniel Nevins <[email protected]>,
[email protected]” <[email protected]>,
“Stanley P. Gold” <[email protected]>,
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“Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <[email protected]>,
Edward Garcia <[email protected]>,
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Rabbi Sorani <[email protected]>,
Rabbi Nicole Guzik <[email protected]>,
Rick Warren <[email protected]>,
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date: Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 12:50 PM
subject: The story of Joseph from the Bible and how this relates to Parental Alienation. Why not help me reunite with my Children, talk, write and have events about Parental Alienation?
Dear Jewish Leaders and Rick Warren and others at Saddleback Church, also please forward to Howard Lesner and other Jewish leaders who have blocked my emails for an unexplained reason,
Do you remember in the famous story from the Bible of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors where the Joseph’s brothers not only caused Joseph many years of grief but also Jacob his father, because they sold Joseph into slavery and the companionship between a Father and Son was destroyed? 
Joseph’s Mother Rachel had died but she would have been very distraught too at the loss of her companionship of her Son Joseph as many Bible commentators believe and I do too, don’t you? Rachel would have been very tormented that her relationship with her Son was destroyed as any loving, nurturing, compassionate Mother would be. 
Years later unbeknownst to all of them that Joseph became one of the King’s powerful leaders in Egypt and due to the famine in the land, Joseph requested that his brothers bring their youngest brother Benjamin to Egypt with them next time they come to Egypt if they want Joseph, one of the Egyptian leaders, to allow them to get any food.  
Joseph made this order due to his dream which was a message from God.
Joseph’s dream told him what God wanted him to request as a test for the brothers; to see if they learned their lesson of not destroying the companionship a Parent and their Son or Daughter share. God wanted to see if they learned to treat people honestly, fairly and with kindness and compassion and not to use and abuse them for their own selfish, greedy and corrupt reasons.
Thus, when Jacob realized he needed to send his son youngest Benjamin to Egypt with the brothers because they are running out of food; Jacob the father became very distraught as any loving, compassionate, nurturing parent would be.  
First this is a long and dangerous trip. Second, Jacob the father was also reasonably concerned and worried that something may happen to his youngest son Benjamin because he did not trust the brothers because he believed they killed Joseph years ago. 
Thus,Jacob assigns his son Judah with the responsibility of Benjamin’s well being on the journey to Egypt because JUDAH HAD LOST TWO CHILDREN and COULD APPRECIATE HIS FATHER’S GRIEF.
As religious leaders, can any of you understand my grief? 
Specifically, what about Howard Lesner? Julie Schonfeld? David Wolpe? Ralph Resnick? Daniel Nevins?  Rick Warren?
I know many of them personally and Daniel Nevins told me to contact Julie Schonfeld because she promotes Jewish policy and practices including the one encouraging parental alienation.  
Pastor Rick Warren, like Judah YOU LOST YOUR OWN SON. Rick Warren your own son committed suicide. I sent you a letter, a contribution and emails asking you to please discuss parental alienation and to please help me reunite with my Children; but you refused for some unexplained reason.
Like Jacob in the Bible, I though of course YOU would understand my grief due to the loss of your own son. My facts show you have some of my community property due to agreements you made with my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman which you also refuse to discuss with me. Why? This is not reasonable, nor is it compassionate and caring as you describe your Church to be.
Can any of you Religious Leaders understand MY grief and MY CHILDREN’S grief similar to that of Jacob and Joseph? 
If so,why have you allowed and continue to allow me and my Children to suffer just like Jacob and Joseph?
As the famous Bible story of Joseph continues: when Joseph brought his brothers to his private home to eat, the 10 brothers were afraid of one man Joseph. Zohar says that this is because they felt GUILT. They felt guilt for the sale of Joseph and they realized they could face Divine punishment so they lost all of their courage.
This what classic authors, experts and other intelligent, wise people have written and espoused; that SHAME will destroy those who are evil and corrupt.
The goblet Joseph placed in Benjamin’s sack based on God’s instructions was irrefutable evidence that Benjamin stole it and another test for the brothers. Would the brothers lie and harm their younger innocent brother Benjamin or try to help him? Had the brothers changed and learned their lesson?
I also have irrefutable evidence too that you and so many others stole my money and property from my community estate from my marriage of over 20 years and destroyed my beautiful, enriching, nurturing and positive companionship with my Children, all three. 
I am going to bring forth the TRUTH which will make all of you look very, very evil and despicable as you ARE. Your reputations will be forever tarnished and the foundations of many organizations are going to need to be rebuilt; since they do not promote Judaism or Christianity, but terror. 
As Jews, we do not believe in horoscopes even though Rabbi David Wolpe writes the one in the Los Angeles Times under an alias and appears to try to use it to manipulate the minds of loving Mothers suffering from parental alienation, particularly me as his horoscope today clearly shows along with others. It is a continuation of our email conversations.
What I believe the future holds for each of you and all the others in your conspiracy; unless you decide to use your free will to come forth and make a positive difference by getting rid of your secret policy and practice of ENCOURAGING divorce and ENCOURAGING Parental Alienation so all of you can PROFIT at the expense of Loving Mothers (fathers) and their Children; you will be faced with some severe punishments. Truth, Love and of course God always prevail as the famous story of Joseph shows as only one example.
I am sorry that you do not like the fact that I ACT LIKE A JEW by helping people see the TRUTH and STANDING UP against corruption even if this is among fellow Jews and other religious leaders. This is tikkun olam which is making our world a better place which Jews have an OBLIGATION to do.
What you and those in your conspiracy are doing to innocent children, teens and young adults and their loving Mother(father) which has been going on for decades is evil, sick and corrupt; is not practicing Judaism or any other civilized religion; this is terrorism. 
IT IS TERRORISM TO DESTROY THE COMPANIONSHIP BETWEEN A LOVING, NURTURING MOTHER (father) and their CHILDREN SO YOU CAN PROFIT; yes so you can PROFIT as my many facts show along with the famous story of Joseph.
As a result of your deliberation and repeated actions of corruption and immorality; you should have a problem with YOURSELF, not me. You should have a problem with the values YOU stand for and those of the organizations and leaders YOU promote.
Don’t take your frustrations out on me, go get help, change and use this as a wonderful OPPORTUNITY to bring forth change by profiting from REUNITING and STRENGTHENING  the bond and companionship between children of all ages and their loving Parent. Show you have learned your lesson and will CHANGE YOUR SECRET POLICY promoting parental alienation so you can profit.
REUNITING and STRENGTHENING  the bond and companionship between children of all ages and their loving Parent is Judaism and what all other civilized religions promote as any reasonable, kind, truthful, sane person knows. You can profit in many ways from helping to reunite loving Parents and their Children suffering from Parental Alienation, more they just in financial way. You can RESTORE LOVE.
So again, I am asking all of you to please talk, write, discuss, have classes and events about Parental Alienation and reunite those whose bonds have been destroyed by lies, schemes, manipulations and other acts of corruption which is the epidemic problem in our society called Parental Alienation. You an start with me and my Children.
Sara Hassman



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