More fun things I am doing in the Israeli desert, not only surviving but THRIVING AND WHY as I have proven, Jewish and other religions leaders WHO HAVE BEEN using RELIGION as a POLITICAL WEAPON to profit from Grand Theft; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Elder Abuse and other crimes of Parental Alienation should NOW use THEIR FREEWILL to change quickly because:

1) it is a MIRACLE I have survived all of this terror; 
2) every day I experience MORE MIRACLES in the desert AND; 
3) it appears PLAGUES may be next as history repeats itself. Stop refusing to “let my people go” meaning all those suffering from Parental Alienation. NOW use your education, influence and negotiation skills to End Parental Alienation OR your FREEWILL to proudly leave your “religious” post.

All those who have been promoting Parental Alienation including those who have remained silent instead of helping to stop it by merely BRINGING AWARENESS to this terror; NOW please USE YOUR FREEWILL and STOP CHOOSING to IGNORE PARENTAL ALIENATION.
I URGE all of you to do as I have done for the past eleven (11) years when my well documented Parental Alienation began. ***What I have done and continue to do is to TRUST that GOD will protect and provide for those of us under ALL circumstances who follow his loving, honest and compassionate ways; even if you should find yourself in the beautiful, historic Judean Desert of Israel ESCAPING PERSECUTION FROM AMERICAN, JEWISH AND OTHER LEADERS who claim to support: 
when they outrageously and shamefully HAVE REFUSED TO RECTIFY FOR ELEVEN YEARS NOW, taking CUSTODY AND VISITATION AWAY from MILLIONS OF US alienated Mothers and Fathers WITHOUT any tests or other reliable evidence.
They have NEVER PROVEN we have been anything but honest, loving, compassionate human beings who DILIGENTLY raised our children to have honest and moral values and develop character and skills to enable them to reach their beautiful potential as GOD intended AND ANY REASONABLE PERSON would intend.

????? How much longer do you think GOD is going to allow the activities, actions, and policies of American, Israeli and other leaders which are promoting and profiting from Parental Alienation to continue since this is destroying Humanity?????

History has proven that these tyrannical and evil leaders only last for a limited period of time and it appears to me that their evil reign is coming to an end for many reasons.
Accordingly, ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN PROMOTING AND PROFITING from PARENTAL ALIENATION should ADOPT A NEW WAY OF LIFE by becoming a LIVING EXAMPLE of a righteous, loving, compassionate person.
It is helpful to attend therapy with a well-qualified, honest professional who will hold you accountable for your progress, as I did as a VICTIM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION, TRYING TO COPE with this terror. 
It is a MIRACLE I found such a therapist in the large city of Los Angeles when I dreadfully needed one and a MIRACLE my insurance at the time covered all of my sessions.
It is ANOTHER MIRACLE I have the beautiful role models of my beloved GRANDFATHER BEN and beloved JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS whom I had the honor of clerking for, for many years and others too including authors, activists and those who have personally helped me throughout my life. You can follow their examples and mine too.

It is a MIRACLE I have survived the terror of Parental Alienation for over 11 years now and another MIRACLE my health and skills returned enough so I could file lawsuits THEREBY RECORDING ALL OF THIS TERROR IN PUBLIC RECORDS in America as EVIDENCE.

****I am quite sure these lawsuits AND ALL THE EVIDENCE in public records will be used to END PARENTAL ALIENATION when THE POLITICAL CLIMATE CHANGES which appears to be happening now.

It is a MIRACLE I am REALLY ENJOYING MY NEW LIFE IN THE JUDEAN DESERT IN SOUTHERN ISRAEL. The hot weather is very tolerable and probably NICER THAN THE WEATHER IN MANY STATES IN AMERICA which have terrible summer humidity, like Maryland. Maryland is where I grew up and began my marriage with my deceitful, betraying, very emotionally disturbed husband who began and continues the Parental Alienation. 
****[Can you believe he chose to destroy our loving family of 20 years and the beautiful character of our children whom I raised as their full-time stay-at-home Mother INSTEAD OF admitting that he overextended himself financially when the 2008 Housing Bubble popped. He had to save his own “face” but had no trouble causing me and our children VERY SEVERE infliction of emotional distress, financial and many other problems. What a guy.]****

It is a MIRACLE that I have this fraudulent divorce judgment which proves our INTENTION to be divorce (even though we are still legally married) AND that my health returned enough so I could file lawsuits to one day end this horrible terror of Parental Alienation which is an epidemic problem worldwide.

Here are some MIRACLES in the Israeli Judean Desert. The morning weather in the Judean desert is sunny and beautiful with the desert wind (ruach midbar in Hebrew).We use the morning hours to exercise, hike, garden and do other outside activities. Then mid-morning we come inside for a snack sometimes with our homemade fresh herbal tea from the herbs grown here and to relax and do whatever needs to be done inside like cooking and watering the herbs and flowers.
It is fun and relaxing to sit in the open-air pavilion with amazing desert views with music even live piano music and a Bedouin instrument like the Sitar. We also have air conditioning, mist fans and regular fans it needed. I rarely use any of them and just enjoy the desert wind.

Don’t forget about the very fun (kef) Camel Crossings. I love to go see my favorite camels. As a matter of fact; we had a guest the other night who did not come with a car but came with his camel. As the attached photo shows; of course we were able to accommodate his camel who is enjoying his food and the view. The other photo is of a Bedouin donkey and dog which usually travel with the camels and I see at the Camel Crossings.
These photos give a glimpse of the fun and interesting CULTURES AND LIFESTYLES I am so fortunate to be able to observe WITH peace of mind and love in my heart too; despite all of the terror I have experienced and despite having very little money as a result. Another MIRACLE?

Money could never buy some of these experiences I have enjoyed. 
For example, the other day I went to town, the City of Arad, with my Israeli friend. He had some business to do and took me along which is always fun and enlightening. First, we went to a wonderful mushroom farm where the mushrooms are very white, flawless and fresh. The vegetables and fruits are fresh in Arad and in Israel in general because they are grown here.

The owner of the next shop we went to is a Bedouin and he was talking about his children, one daughter and one son, at the University in Cairo, Egypt. They are both studying to be doctors. 
He and his wife had saved their money to be able to send them to the University in Cairo. They live a simple life and unlike my Harvard Chief Financial Executive still legal husband; they would never start a student loan fraud scheme and Parental Alienation PRETENDING these are needed for their children’s college education. Instead, they are proud parents to HONESTLY send their children to the University in Cairo as he and his wife should be. Like I have said, GOD protects and provides for all of us who LIVE A LIFE supporting his ways of Truth, Love, Honesty and Compassion. When you have Love and Peace, you do not need a lot of material things.

Then at the next business in Arad, everyone was talking about the news of an angry and not respected Israeli Police Officer who unnecessarily shot and killed an Ethiopian and one year ago also unnecessarily shot and killed a Palestinian. Is this any different than the riots we had in American regarding how Blacks were being unnecessarily shot and killed by white police officers? Like America, there is now an investigation. 
With all of my life experiences, it appears to me that most people of this world want to live in peace and with love, while helping each other.

Then, back at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace we had some very well-traveled and interesting guests from Gibraltar with their two very well-behaved teenage sons. I had so much fun hearing about their travels in Africa and their life too.
They wanted to go out to eat so the owner of the lodge, who is a world traveler and tour guide himself, recommended a fun restaurant in Arad. It has a very large partially enclosed room outside decorated with license plates from all over the world and a very popular sports bar inside. The restaurant has been very busy every time I have been there and the Middle Eastern and the Americanized food is delicious with incredibly large portions. Since we were having a wonderful conversation, all of us went to the restaurant and had a great time. Who knows, maybe one day I will visit Gibraltar; I never expected to be having a great time living in the Judean Desert in Arad, Israel and in the summertime.

Later today, I am going to grill some fish which I bought yesterday and several of us may go again tonight to the Dead Sea. 
The evenings here are cool and beautiful and the Dead Sea is the perfect temperature. It is so amazing to just float with the moon, stars and palm trees in the background along with the very busy hotels and shops. Nighttime is my favorite time to go to the Dead Sea and “chill.”

Can you believe I found this great resort in the middle of the Israeli desert? Tell me this isn’t ANOTHER MIRACLE.
I love being surrounded by kind, caring and compassionate people who just want to live a life with love and peace and without unnecessary distractions and while helping each other.

So, I hope IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, you too will NOW CHOOSE to ADOPT A NEW WAY OF LIFE by being a LIVING EXAMPLE of a righteous, loving, compassionate person WHILE TRUSTING that GOD will protect and provide for you too. You have nothing to lose but a lot of anger, shame, grief, unhappiness and other dysfunctional emotions and… 
PARENTAL ALIENATION VICTIMS, continue to trust in GOD and continue living your life as a righteous, loving, compassionate person.

GO Peace, Love, Happiness, Facing the Truth, Compassion with GOD, my Grandfather Ben and Judge Sfekas all walking by our side. They have never left my side as my entire life OF MANY MIRACLES proves.

See my facebook page for the photos at :

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World. 
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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