More great news for OUR REVOLUTION and also for the Dodgers and including why I no longer want my adult children’s contact information and that THE FEDS are getting involved in my legal matters due to CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.

First, the Dodgers shut out the Braves tonight. Way to go Dodgers!!!

Second, over the past several days, legal documents have been filed and served which continue to prove the evil and malicious INTENT of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to Promote Parental Alienation which includes carrying out many horrible crimes which are destroying love, family and humanity.
If judges, lawyers, executives, religious leaders, schools, nonprofits, the court-appointed therapist and others in this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE did not have an evil and malicious intent; they would have ALREADY used their education, skills and resources to help OUR REVOLUTION End the Epidemic problem of Parental Alienation instead of pretending it does not exist while profiting from it.

I want to mention that THE FEDS, specifically the CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION OF THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT have received my recently filed and served Petition for Review filed with the California Supreme Court and also my Request for Order and the Subpoenas for PAMELA SHAFFER, ESQ. and COMMISSIONER/JUDGE LON HURWITZ and the list of all my defendants who have been aiding and abetting them.
The California Supreme Court will now rule on whether the anti-SLAPP statute OVERRIDES California Community Property Laws and the United States Constitution which supports Equal Rights, not Slavery. In other words, not only am I allowed to know the net worth of the community estate, its division and its distribution; I MUST receive the FRUITS OF MY LABOR from my marriage because I am not a slave.
My evil, idiot still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, who controlled the community estate, is not allowed to take the community estate all for himself and is also not allowed to keep these legally required factors a secret from me. I must legally agree with them at the time of divorce.

So, if the California Supreme Court also treats me like a Slave claiming the California Community Property Laws and the United States Constitution do not apply to Me; then the next step will be to file a Writ with the U.S. Supreme Court. 
I am thrilled with all the exposure of these facts which clearly appear on documents. The documents itself prove civil rights violations, obstruction of justice, malicious prosecution, fraud, theft, money laundering, tax evasion and many other crimes including that there are NO EQUAL RIGHTS.

To follow up; JUDGE CHARLES MARGINES ruled that I could file my Request for a hearing where my evil and crooked attorney who is also a mother, PAMELA SHAFFER, ESQ., will have to come to court and bring the documents proving why she allowed me in 2009, at the time of the divorce, to have an Emergency Restraining Order issued against me, then made permanent, when I had no history of violence and even my evil, crooked still legal husband MARK HASSMAN swore that I was “an integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children.” 
Evil and crooked attorney who is also a mother, PAMELA SHAFFER, ESQ., will also have to explain why I was denied my Constitutional Rights to Custody and Visitation and some other matters regarding her representation as my legal counsel. THE FEDS, specifically the CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION OF THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT have received this information too. They have also received the subpoena of COMMISSIONER/JUDGE LON HURWITZ, who granted in 2009, this restraining order with the attached child custody and visitation order which intentionally and maliciously has violated my CIVIL RIGHTS which has caused me very severe harms as any reasonable person knows. They have also received the information that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR made this restraining order with the attached child custody and visitation order Permanent WITHOUT any legal or rational basis.
In addition, my right to due process was pre-empted because the request for this Ex Parte restraining order was not properly served, which THE FEDS are aware of too.

Women and Mothers have legal rights whether judges and attorneys and others want to ADMIT this and RECTIFY their mistakes or be punished for their crimes and malicious acts. Their choices will determine their destiny.

So with that being said, tomorrow I have a hearing because my evil, malicious, greedy and very angry, idiot still legal husband MARK HASSMAN claims I violated some restraining order when NONE HAVE EVER BEEN PROVEN TO HAVE ANY VALIDITY. I emailed him to please send me my assets because I recently lost my job of three years taking care of a woman with Parkinson’s disease and I want to reasonably mitigate my financial problems by RECEIVING WHAT IS LEGALLY MINE. 
****He claims by emailing him with this reasonable request that I violated some valid restraining order. Think he has many problems???
The divorce judgment PROVES THAT I RECEIVED NOTHING AND HE TOOK EVERYTHING. The Feds are aware of this too. Do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will try to send me to jail claiming the restraining orders are valid when she knows they are not and never have been proven to be valid?

What excuses do you think will be made so that the subpoenas will not be honored and this evil attorney PAMELA SHAFFER and judge LON HURWITZ will not have to testify?

Regardless, THE FEDS are aware of all this as these evil predators incriminate themselves and each other more and more. This is all part of obtaining justice.
Well, I will keep you posted.

I also decided that I no longer want MY CHILDREN’S CONTACT INFORMATION. If they want to contact me; they will figure out how to do it as they are all very resourceful. With all the documents, I do not need them to testify. Also, I do not want anyone in my life who thinks it is fine to be disrespectful, uncivil and not have kind and respectful conversations regarding any disagreements but to give ultimatums. People like this will only make me sick again and I am very happy living in the world of love with kind, caring and honest people. We have a lot of fun and make many worthwhile, positive accomplishments too, as a way of life; not just sometimes.
If my children want to live honestly and respectfully as we used to, then they know I will welcome them into my life. But, I will not let them make me sick again if they refuse to be reasonable, kind, compassionate and truthful as I raised them.
So, have a wonderful evening and I will keep you posted as to what happens on all these accounts. Go Truth, Love, Equal Rights and Justice and of course GOD.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)

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