More great news showing that the evil, crooked, criminal Conspiracy is incriminating themselves in very harmful ways as they try to defame my beautiful character because I am exposing the FACTS about their crimes of Parental Alienation, stealing and laundering the assets of Mothers at the time of divorce and more.

My evil, crooked husband MARK HASSMAN not only incriminated himself very badly but so did JUDGE LINDA MILLER and PUBLIC DEFENDER BETTINA YANEZ because they all know or should know restraining orders issued against me never have been proven to have ANY VALIDITY which California CRIMINAL LAWS require before a restraining order can be issued.

Common sense, right?

However, they have all ignored the law along with JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who issued these invalid restraining orders against me and even RENEWED one on June 8, 2017. They really think they are above the law.
In February, Judge Miller held me in contempt for violating an invalid restraining order which was never proven to have any validity as public records show.
These are not jokes; these illegal, criminal and immoral acts by these judges are all part of public records in California Court of Appeal case #G054665 and #G055120.

To show more criminal and malicious behavior on their behalf; my evil husband MARK HASSMAN keeps making irrelevant arguments in his brief which are beyond ridiculous but outrageous, especially for a Harvard business school graduate who is supposed to have some COMMON SENSE. 
It is really pathetic how my evil, idiot husband lies and tries to mislead the court and others when the California Penal Code section 166 PC is very clear and so were Judge Miller’s instructions that the validity of a restraining order must be proven BEFORE a person can be held in contempt of violating the restraining order.

Well, I guess I am not considered a person and I am considered not to exist and therefore considered not to have any rights since Judge Miller did not even follow her own statements as the transcript shows which shows her malice. This is a very dangerous position to keep putting me in because these acts against me create more FEDERAL lawsuits. Denying me of Due Process and my other legal rights create more and more FEDERAL CASES and also SHOW A PATTERN OF CRIMINAL, MALICIOUS AND ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR.

Judge Miller’s illegal and criminal decision to hold me in contempt of an invalid restraining order flies in the face of many laws as she knows and stated herself on the transcript. My appeal will hold all of them liable along with others who are involved like PHILIP G. SEASTROM PERSONALLY who requested this restraining order as part of his family law firm’s “strategy” as he testified to on his personal declaration signed under the penalty of perjury.

To make matters even more corrupt; all the law firms at the oral arguments in the California Court of Appeal this week for case #B267984, DID NOT CONTEST THE FACT that all the restraining orders issued against Appellant, which is me, Sara Hassman, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother, were issued WITHOUT being proven to have any validity.

Public records have PROVEN that these evil, crooked parties are tripping over their own lies; as expected. Like I have always said, give corrupt, evil, and immoral people enough rope and time and watch them hang themselves and each other. They appear to be doing a great job.

I will keep you posted on more updates as we are getting closer and closer to obtaining FREEDOM for all; which includes loving, law-abiding Mothers like me who have been deprived of a legal divorce judgment and have also been inflicted with the terror and torture of Parental Alienation. WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS whether these evil, crooked judges and others in the evil Conspiracy what to open their eyes and enforce our laws. We are holding them accountable as we are supposed to do in our Democratic country so that truth, justice and equal rights will prevail. Happy 4th of July.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge
and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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