More great news to ring in the New Year regarding OUR REVOLUTION along with a very meaningful song.

As expected, the defendants of my State, Federal and U.S. Supreme Court cases are feeling the heat and destroying themselves and each other: 1) with all of their lies and schemes which are PROVEN from the CONTEXT of documents already in public records, no witnesses are needed to prove the truth and; 2) also PROVEN from all the administrative changes they have recently made in order to try to avoid serious liability; jointly, severally and individually.

The following will prove that OUR REVOLUTION to end the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation and end all the crimes which commonly accompany this terror including crimes of theft; money laundering; fraudulent divorce judgments; forcing the alienated children to commit sex crimes; drug trafficking; student loan fraud; accepting fraudulent transfers and other crimes is THE WAY OF THE FUTURE.

WE ARE CUTTING THE GORDIAN KNOT. This means that WE like Alexander the Great, who was also faced with difficult challenges, cut the knot which meant he was to rule honestly, effectively, fairly and compassionately by abolishing the current crooked and evil leaders or as PRESIDENT TRUMP says; we are Draining the Swamp. 
WE are bravely, boldly and efficiently solving the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and the crimes listed above which commonly accompany this terror.

For example, the documents already in public records, many of which are signed under penalty of perjury, PROVE my defendants and those aiding them, which disgracefully appears to include MY THREE ADULT CHILDREN; are all hateful, angry, evil beasts who live so that they can prey on loving, law-abiding Mothers and/or their Children as their means and policy of profiting. 
They think they are ENTITLED to have BUSINESS POLICIES to use and abuse others for their livelihood. This is what living in the world of corruption is like: no love, friendship or trust exists; only betrayal, deceit and using and abusing others.

In this world of corruption, a person must not think but instead MUST OBEY. He or she must give up his or her CONSCIENCE or SOUL and carry out criminal and immoral acts even though he or she knows this IMPLICATES him or her, harms others AND IS WRONG.
You can never please evil predators unless you OBEDIENTLY BECOME EVIL YOURSELF so you stop thinking and just obey and risk going to jail for what you have done or your evil criminal conspiracy has done.

Predators refuse to face THEIR OWN hatred, anger, evil and obsessions and die in jail and/or as lost evil souls. Also, like the attached song explains by very astute, compassionate and talented Rod Stewart.

“So once you think you’re in you’re out
Cause you don’t mean a single thing without
The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old Granddad had to sweat to buy you.”

Gladrags mean trendy, fancy clothing and other luxuries. Once you think you are accepted by these evil predators who think they are “cool” and omniscient they will get rid of you once YOU ARE NO LONGER OF ANY VALUE TO THEM.
This is what evil predators do. Plus, they try to destroy you IF you refused to continue to be obedient and continue to be evil like them. 
This is what they have been trying to do to me. They want to silence me so they can continue to profit from all of their terror while PRETENDING to be honest and compassionate leaders and professionals.

It takes a strong, honest, compassionate person to fervently expose the truth and make our world a better place for those living in the World of Love. As my wonderful and wise GRANDFATHER BEN always said; without your good values and good character; you have nothing so you must always fight to defend them for yourself and others who are unable.

Thus, for MY CHILDREN to have NO APPRECIATION for all the love, kindness and wisdom I showered them with is disgraceful beyond words. Now, they think they can steal MY INCOME AND ASSETS without being held accountable. I don’t think so because the facts are already in public records and my lawsuits are not going away and neither are those in Congress who support or are FORCED TO SUPPORT Truth, Justice and Equal Rights for loving, law-abiding Mothers.

Also, please note, many of my defendants have CHANGED THEIR CORPORATE ENTITY NAME to try to avoid liability and to try to spread the potential liability to others. Some have also MOVED WITHOUT HAVING A FORWARDING ADDRESS, again to try to avoid potential liability and because they need a lower rent and other lower overhead costs. 
As expected, they do not return emails regarding their new contact information, even though their website still has the old information.
If they can’t even get their basic contact information consistent on the web and elsewhere; what kind of legal representation do you think they are providing? Thorough and competent? I doubt it.
One law firm is now only representing one of my defendants, not three anymore; probably because the firm finally realized there is a very serious conflict of interest and very serious liability.

In addition, one of my defendants in my U.S. Supreme Court case has chosen to WAIVE ITS RIGHT to file an opposition brief to my petition for writ of certiorari. 
As I stated in a prior post; I knew it would be difficult for my defendants to explain why they signed and promoted documents which denied me of custody and visitation WITHOUT any tests or any credible evidence proving I am anything but a loving, law-abiding Women, Mother and Person. 
Also, that the net worth of my community estate, worth many millions of dollars, was never disclosed; nor was its division and distribution. These facts are all part of public records. Thus, it is proven that I have and continue to be denied Equal Rights and Justice.

I am very confident 2018 will be a wonderful year for all of us living in the World of Love. 
Here is the very meaningful song sung by the very talented and compassionate Rod Stewart who is also trying to spread the truth using his own special skills, experiences, education and influence:
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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